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Jeepney Modernization

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Does anyone agree with this article?

How the Clueless Duterte is Destroying the Philippine’s Culture and Art

Does President Rodrigo “PI” Duterte really knows what he is doing, or is he just relying on his incompetent and opportunist DOTR employees? Saying “guguyurin ko ang mga jeep nyo” is an overstatement and everyone knows that already. Mahilig si PI magsinungaling, so bakit ako maniniwala sa mga pinagsasabi niya? Come January 1st and he will eat his words, believe me. No one takes the **** out of his mouth seriously.

But before anything else, let’s examine how the clueless and senile President is set to destroy the big part of Philippine’s culture and art – the jeepney.

Let’s borrow a passage from Wikipedia:

Jeepneys (Filipino: Dyipni), sometimes called simply jeeps (Filipino: dyip), are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. They are known for their crowded seating and kitsch decorations, which have become a ubiquitous symbol of Philippine culture and art. A Sarao jeepney was exhibited at the Philippine pavilion at the 1964 New York World’s Fair as a national image for the Filipinos.

People, especially from Luzon, where jeepney is the primary means of transportation, are in favor of jeepney modernization program, but not the way Duterte wanted. The PI president want to totally erase the face of jeepney from Earth’s surface by introducing different designs like mini-bus, cimaron-type AUVs, multicab-look, and other vehicles with ridiculous designs. The reason is simple – replace jeepneys with euro4 compliant engines.

Okay, engine lang pala ang problema so bakit kailangang palitan lahat? Explain that to Duterte trolls.

Most of Duterte supporters are coming from Mindanao (I won’t mention Visayas anymore because the PI president angered Ilonggos several weeks ago). Unlike Metro Manila, there are few jeepneys running on the streets of Mindanao (multicab marami). They have these AUVs (fierra) as what they call it, instead of conventional willys-looked jeepneys. In short, these people do not understand the Jeepney Icon as the Philippine’s face of public transportation. Duterte supporters are synonymous to the film “The Shallows”.

Set aside the culture and arts, we are talking about people’s safety and comfort. Of course I agree with this, but still not convincing enough to erase the face of jeepney from Earth’s surface. Besides, Duterte is asking jeepney operators to shell-out upto P1.6 million for every e-jeepney. Duterte is talking impossibility here.

So, what are Duterte’s options (kung gusto niyang making)

We have dozens of local jeepney body assemblers here in Laguna, Batangas, and Cavite. We have Sarao Motors, Celeste, Lawin, Armak, Malagueña, Laceta, Berong, etc, that are ready to assemble high-quality and even air-conditioned jeepneys.

Right now, the cost of full-stainless 26-seater jeepney with 4BC2 Isuzu or 4D32-33 Fuso engine, is around P1M. I said full stainless right? Make it galvanized and you can lower the price to around P500 for body only (without engine). Put a brand new euro-4 engine for about P360,000 and there you have a full-operational jeepney for only P850k. Invest another P150k in electronics and air-conditioned and you have P1M jeepney having all what the PI president wanted. And the big catch here is that, hundreds to even thousands of jobs will be available to jeepney assembly shops.

So, nawala ba ng mukha ng jeepney? Of course hindi. Nacomply ba yong gusto ni Duterte na euro-4, malinis dapat, komportable, etc? Yes of course. Ang hindi lang natupad dito ay ang ibubulsa sana ng mga taga DOTR sa overseas contracts.

These old jeepneys can also be upgraded instead of total replacement for half the price (P500k). Magagaling ang mga assembly shops natin. Kung pwede pang gamitin ang frame assembly, bakit itatapon lahat?

I don’t see what the arguments of Duterte supporters would be, but only one thing is certain. Pag sinabi ni Pres. Duterte dapat sumunod ka!

Source: http://www.dutertard.info/clueless-duterte-destroying-philippines-culture-art/
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