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Joey Potter= Pacey or Dawson?

HAve you been watching Dawsons Creek( mondays,8:00 - 9:00 ch.23)
Sino ang sa tingin nyong mas bagay kay Joey? si Pacey or si Dawson? Bket?
For me, Pacey is much much sweeter than of Dawson. MAs bagay clang 2!!!
Pero mas kilig ang relationship ni Jen and Henry!!! hoping that 1 day ill find my own Henry!!!! hayyyyyyyyy!!! blush.gif blush.gif blush.gif blush.gif blush.gif blush.gif


  • kiraykiray Member PExer
    Before, kilig na kilig ako sa relationship ni Joey at ni Dawson. But, as days passed, naiinis na ako kay Dawson kasi he tends to over analyze everything. Every part ng relationship nila ni Joey, inaanalyze niya. Tapos, ang dami pa niyang hang-ups sa sarili. I believe that Joey deserves so much more from a guy. Naaawa na ako sa kanya kasi siya yung madalas masaktan. It's a good thing na nandyan si Pacey. Joey deserves to be happy, and I think it's Pacey who can give her that!
    Kiray, gender bias aside, i think it was joey who was too immersed with herself! she even had the gal to say in Dawson's face that shell never forgive Dawson ever for turning her father in (final episode Season 2). Though of course theyll end up still together...
    I prefer Pacey for Joey. I dunno, maybe for now... Pacey's character is well crafted. He's spontaneous, funny, witty, sarcastic yet thoughtful, and most importantly, sensitive.
    Dawson has plenty of conflicts within himself to solve (not that he's gay or anything) it's just that he wants too many things at a limited time and space (including Joey).
    Whatever. :cool:
  • WiNChEsTeRWiNChEsTeR Member PExer
    eversince gusto ko Joey-Pacey talaga :) ...lalo na kapag nag-aaway sila... ang cute nilang tingnan, nakakaaliw :D mas kinilig pa ako lalo sa episode last monday... sweet nila...grabe!!! sweet.gif
  • virgo14virgo14 Member PExer
    i don't like joey much pero between the two PACEY shempre! dawson is too self-absorbed. he can't deal with joey's emotional needs. and he lacks the capacity to understand where joey is coming from.
  • imogenimogen drama queen PExer
    PACEY OF COURSE. mas bagay sila. love.gif

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