SC Homes Inc. Review

first and foremost i am going to start with how i found out SC Homes Inc.
I was searching for jobs both call center jobs and architect jobs, since I'm an architect graduate. Then I resigned with my prev job which was call center agent and then SC Homes sent me an invitation in Jobstreet. And I grabbed it bcs I really need a job since I am self supporting person with family. So I went to the interview, and my wife that time was very happy bcs i finished arch so i need to work with it. Then another reason why I grabbed it bcs it is really near to our house. The day of interview, my wife supported me so she was with me that time., and for the first time we went there it is surrounded by residentials and huge gates of industrial buildings, and the street is really quite, you will see more industrial factories there. And one is SC Homes. Its owner is chinese, at first I didnt really harbor anger against chinese but when I got the job after the interview, since the next day they called me and to go to work the next day I got interviewed. I put their my expected salary and on but the system is ****ed up. I swear, I forced them to let me sign the contract, I even forced them to tell me the break down of my salary, and what's worst is they put the expected salary on my contract and all i got is minimum without OT pay and allowance. **** right? so pls if you're planning to apply here dont ever pursue it. You will not like it. The office also is surrounded by cats and the worst part is you are required to clean their ****. They are the worst company I ever had. hope you read my reveiw.

ps. some newbies never go back to work on the next day,
pps. you are NOT allowed to go out during lunch break (they dont even have pantry there or canteen so you can buy food)
ppps. alot of ****** rules
PPPPS. all guards are *****
*** akala mo sila nagpapasweldo sayo.


  • Thank you for this. I actually have interviews to their office tomorrow. Guess I'm not going after all. This is a great help thanks.
  • Gosh! Im about to attend their interview invitation but Im kinda curious about their company background. Thank God that Ive read this I might end up unemployed if ever I resign on my current job and hired by SC homes. lolZ!!! Thanks for the info Kimnorae.
  • wish i read it before i signed the contract
  • Thanks for the review. I will never attend the interview anymore.

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