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Remember Mark-Paul Grosselaar?

Mark-Paul is in the original cast of Saved by the Bell...he resurrected a few years back with "Dead Man On Campus"...

He looks great with dark hair. :)


  • tRiNtRiN PExer
    of course i remember him!!!! =) i liked him a lot during his saved by the bell days. i think na he looks better with blonde hair even though it isn't his natural hair color. so do u have any idea what he's been up to these days? wala lang. i haven't heard about him in a long time kasi
  • nowlnowl PExer
    Isn't this the guy who's gonna play the teenaged Anakin Skywalker in Episode 2? He was in Saved By The Bell? Daym....
  • nope... never did have time to watch the show
  • YoshiYoshi PExer
    nowl: Nope, he's not the guy who's playing Anakin. Hayden Christensen is. Check out this thread.

    Who's gonna play Anakin ba talaga?

    Anyway, I think it's Gosselaar. :)

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  • He plays on D.C. now doesn't he?
  • my goodness! Of course, I remember Mark-Paul! I mean, who could forget Zack Morris?!! I loved Saved By The Bell!!! Yeah, what is he doing now?? He used to have a TV series on WB, but I think it didn't get good ratings so they had to take it off air. What was that called again? Hyperion Bay??
  • Copied and Pasted from the thread's title...

    Remember Mark-Paul Grosselaar?

    Uh... I was never a fan of his, but I read his name a lot to be pretty sure that he's not 'Grosselaar. It's Gosselaar, isn't it? Or did you intend the pun, sugar-a? Hehehehe
  • dagnydagny PExer
    I saw him in one of those cheapo made for TV movies HBO loves to show so often. He was a rapist I think.
  • haha i thought he was really cute :) most especially when he dated Kelly (Tiffany-Amber Thiessen -->; probably the only one who made it "big", excluding Elizabeth Berkley who starred in Showgirls). whatever happened to the others from SBtB? i thought a.c. slater (mario?) was cute too... sheesh. i know my stuff, dont i? :P
  • Yup Mark-Paul Gosselaar... He was so cute on Saved By The Bell! dagny's right, he was on a made for TV movie with Candace Cameron (the kid from Full House, and sister of Kirk hehe). Wonder what he's up to now...
  • I didn't really find him THAT cute. And I agree with Calypso and Yoshi about the spelling.
  • yeah he's now on this WB flick called D.C. (having sex with sales consultants in fitting rooms, big step from the adorable, happy-go-lucky Zach Morris) :D)... and yeah, before, he was on another WB show called Hyperion Bay which didn't even last 2 seasons (i think)...
  • Sorry...no pun intended on the spelling actually-just a simple typographical error...
    Mark-Paul's on a show entitled "D.C."
    That's all I know right now.
    Mario Lopez (the guy who loves to wear those sandos)----I don't know where he is right now. It sure looks funny to wear sandos to school in the nineties.

  • NibsNibs PExer
    Yeah, I know that guy from saved by the bell
    the original cast, I like the original one rather than the new class. He's so cute and witty, clever too, principal's pet pa, nalulusutan kahit anong gulo, saan na ba siya ngayon? ano ba mga movies niya? how old is he right now? I watch saved by the bell in studio 23 at 5 pm. I never miss it, I really try to catch it and watch every episode. Kahit na re-run, ok lang, cool naman ang story, I also like screech, kahit na dork, ok lang naman.
  • NibsNibs PExer
    Sino ba siya sa "Dead Man On Campus"????
    Ano role niya? What's his name there????
  • hmmm...he's Cooper on Dead Man, yung makulit na kasama ni Tom Everett Scott.
    btw, he's married already to a girl named Liza (i totally forgot her maiden name)...
    i guess he's around 23 yrs.old.
  • Mario Lopez (the guy who loves to wear those sandos)----

    he's the cute one - with matching dimples pa.
    i liked him. :Dblush.gif

    last i heard of him, he is/was dating ally landry.

  • Yup.
    I loved Saved by the Bell, the old series in grade school...never missed an episode in the afternoon, then the saturday morning thing on NBC...it was really fun to watch, but when i see the reruns now, it seems really shallow!
  • To anyone who's interested, here's some info about Mark-Paul Gosselaar... (man I'm soooo bored! crazy.gif )

    Birth Name: Mark-Paul Henry Gosselaar
    Birthdate: March 01, 1974
    Birthplace: Panorama, CA
    Occupations: Actor, Model

    Claim to Fame: 1989-93: We watched him grow up--and beef up--as Zach Morris on the series Saved by the Bell

    Significant Other(s):
    Wife: Lisa Anne Russell; married August 26, 1996, in Hawaii; appeared together in the 1996 film Kounterfeit, though they met when she guested on Saved by the Bell: The College Years in '93

    Father: Hans
    Mother: Paula; manages her son's career
    Brother: Michael; older
    Sister: Linda; older
    Sister: Sylvia; older

    Has competed as a celebrity race-car driver;
    he's Dutch and Indonesian and was born in the Netherlands

    Dead Man on Campus (1998)
    Kounterfeit (1997)
    Dying to Belong (1997)
    Specimen (1996)
    She Cried No (1996)
    Brothers of the Frontier (1996)
    Freshman Fall (1996)
    Twisted Love (1995)
    The St. Tammany Miracle (1994)
    Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas (1994)
    For the Love of Nancy (1994)
    White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild II (1993)
    Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style (1992)
    Necessary Parties (1988)

    sugar_a: You were right...he's married na pala... I didn't really know that! :eek: But he's 26...not 23... And I knew he was part Dutch but I didn't know he was part Indonesian! :D
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