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DEBATE vs Dong Puno live

jackjack Cebu Blogger PExer
What's the better show?



    debate is exagerated sometimes. nakukuba na si winnie monsod at mukha na siyang rapper sa kakapose w/ her arms stretched (like what rappers do)
  • GenevieveGenevieve Member PExer
    i think i like debate better, it's because of the topics dat they're discussing though like what KRA_PENN said, d show sometimes tend to exaggerate pero cool pa rin. Nakakaaliw when d side u dont like is medyo nagmumukha ng kawawa hehehe ?
  • Carlos AgassiCarlos Agassi Kamag-anak ni Andre PExer
    Unfortunately, Debate oftentimes degenerates into a heckling contest. Sayang. :(
  • CesarJCesarJ Member PExer
    On DEBATE: "Debate ba 'yon? NOBODY on that show cares for the issue at hand. EVERYBODY on that show just cares to hear his/her voice for his/her 15 milliseconds of fame. And so we are regaled with all that kicking and screaming and jumping up and down until the circus ends."

    Any show is better than Debate.

    So, it's Dong Puno Live (and Probe, and the talk show with Teddy Boy Locsin, Jessica Zafra [even if it includes Mo Twister and Cher Calvin...sigh]).

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  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    wala ng dong puno diba??
  • CesarJCesarJ Member PExer
  • NewtoNNewtoN RE-MEMBER PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Magkaiba naman yata ang format ng shows nila 'di ba, hindi kasi ako gaanong nanood ng DPL e, laging DEBATE ang pinapanood ko pero hindi laging maganda ang topics. Pero gusto ko pareho 'yung mga hosts, they're all very intelligent, mas magaling nga lang mag-host si Dong Puno kasi kahit tagalog or english, magaling siya magsalita, si Winnie Monsod & Oscar Orbos nahihirapan mag tagalog. Mas gusto ko 'yung mga dating shows nila, 'yung Viewpoint(Puno) & Firing Line (Orbos).

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