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BDO Cards (Equitable Cards) | CLG (Sinulid 4)

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BANCO DE ORO UNIBANK is the Philippines’ largest card issuer and merchant acquirer in the industry with unparalelled experience and service. It is also the ONLY bank in the Philippines that lets you accept ALL ATM DEBIT/PREPAID CARDS of BANCNET (even EXPRESSNET, VISA ELECTRON, VISA PLUS, MASTERCARD CIRRUS, MASTERCARD MAESTRO, DISCOVER PULSE) and all major credit card brands - MASTERCARD, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, JAPAN CREDIT BUREAU, CHINA UNION PAY, DINERS CLUB INTERNATIONAL and DISCOVER.PEXBDO_ECNcardsjpg


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    Email: [email protected]
    Landline: (+632)631-8000
    Location: 7899 Makati Avenue, Makati City 0726, Philippines (Corporate Center)

    Domestic Toll Free Hotline
    1800-8-631-8000 [Globe/Touch Mobile/ABS-CBN/Cherry]
    1800-5-631-8000 [Bayan]
    1800-3-631-8000 [Digitel]

    Visa Travel Money Card
    Metro Manila: (+632) 688-1488; DTF: 1800-10-688-1488; ITF: IAC +800-8-688-1488

    American Express Philippines
    Concierge: (+632) 8407800
    Cathay Pacific: (+632) 8144777

    Fraud Management
    (+632) 7026888
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    Banco De Oro Universal Bank, Inc., through its consumer credit division Consumer Lending Group, is the largest Card Issuer and Merchant Acquirer in the Philippines issuing all existing card brands – MC, Visa, AX, JCB, CUP, and DCI.

    Equitable Banking Corporation (EBC) received its foreign currency license from the BSP in 1977 and issued its first credit cards under the Visa brand in 1980.

    In 1989, Equitable Bank turned its credit card department into a wholly owned subsidiary, Equitable Card Network (ECN, stylized as Equitable CardNetwork). It was the Philippines’ leading credit card company and also had the distinction of being the only card issuer which carried the four major global credit card brands at that time – VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Japan Credit Bureau.

    Its former bank competitor, PCIBank organized Philippine Commercial Credit Card, Inc. (PCCCI) in 1981 and was later renamed as Bankard, Inc. in 1992. PCCCI's affiliation with PCIBank gave it the distinction of being the first credit card in the Philippines issued by a commercial bank.

    In ATM/POS switch operator, EBC/ECN, with three other banks, formed MegaLink in 1989, then the Philippines' largest ATM network. Meanwhile, PCIBank formed BancNet along with seven other banks in 1990.

    In 1995, when Equitable Bank took over Philippine Commercial Industrial/International Bank, the new Equitable PCI Bank (EPCI Bank) chose to keep Equitable Bank's credit card arm, Equitable CardNetwork, rather than to incorporate Bankard, Inc. into ECN’s operations. Bankard was then sold in May 2000 to Yuchengco Group of Companies – best known as the owner of the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation or RCBC.

    Also note in March 1995, Bankard, Inc. became the first credit card company to offer both dollar (PCIBank MasterCard) and peso (Bankard MasterCard) payment billing options

    In 2002, Banco de Oro Universal Bank first decided to launch a credit card in 2002 and MasterCard was the first card brand to carry.

    In 2004, AMEX tied-up with ECN to introduce The EPCI American Express Gold Credit Card.

    From 2005 to 2007, BDO strategized in buying Equitable PCI Bank, Inc. including its subsidiary Equitable CardNetwork. Then, in 2006, the entity was known for a while as Banco de Oro-EPCI, Inc, and the following year, it was changed to its current name, Banco de Oro Unibank, Inc. or BDO Unibank, Inc. After the completion of the purchase to BDO, the Equitable CardNetwork and Equitable Bank founder established a thrift bank known as Equicom Savings Bank in 2008.

    When BDO took over EPCI, it assumed the operation and issuance of The EPCI American Express Credit Card and The EPCI American Express Gold Credit Card. By December 2007, BDO also became the Issuer of all American Express Cards (Credit, Charge, Corporate) in the Philippines issued out by American Express International, Inc. (AEII) and American Express Savings Bank (A Savings Bank), Inc. (AESBI). Since then, BDO has continued to enhance these products and develop new ones to satisfy customer requirements.

    In 2010, then-Philippines largest lender by assets, Banco de Oro, has partnered with the biggest credit card company in China, China UnionPay or CUP.

    In 2013 and 2015, BDO launched Blue from American Express and The American Express Cashback Credit Card.

    In 2014, BDO introduced BDO World Elite Card, a by-invitation card.

    In 2016, BDO added Diners Club to card portfolio after it has accepted the offer of the SB Cards Corporation (SB Cards), which is a subsidiary of Security Bank Corp., to sell its rights as the exclusive issuer and acquirer of Diners Club International (DCI) credit cards in the country, as well as its cardholder base.

    In 2017, BDO started issuing JCB Platinum.

    Today, BDO, is the largest Credit Cards Issuer and Merchant Acquirer in the Philippines in terms of card brands and card circulation, and cardholders’ base.

    ***Equitable Bank was the first to issue Visa, and Visa Electron; and became the largest Visa credit and debit card issuer in the country. Bankard, Inc. was the first to issue MasterCard, JCB, and CUP. AMEX Philippines was the first to issue AMEX. Security Bank and Trust Company was the first to issue Diners Club International.

    ***In ATM Alliance, ExpressNet was once the BDO ATM Network. BancNet was once the PCI Bank Network. And MegaLink was once the Equitable Bank ATM Network. In 2015, BancNet and MegaLink merged and the BancNet was the surviving brand.
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    Introducing BDO Basic Cards

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    Introducing BDO Premium Cards


    BDO Gold Cards (MasterCard, Visa, JCB, China UnionPay)
    The American Express® Credit Card (”Centurion Green”)
    The American Express® Gold Credit Card (”Centurion Gold”)
    The American Express® Cashback Credit Card
    BDO Dual Gold American Express® Card (”Dual Gold AMEX”)
    The Cathay Pacific American Express® Credit Card (”CX”)
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    Introducing BDO Elite Cards


    Titanium MasterCard
    Platinum MasterCard
    Visa Platinum
    JCB Platinum
    The American Express® Platinum Credit Card (”Centurion Platinum”/”Platinum”)
    The Cathay Pacific American Express® Elite Credit Card (”CX Elite”)
    Diner Club International Premiere
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    Banco De Oro Credit Cards
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    -Forever 21
    -Simple Installment Card
    -World Elite
    -ATM Debit Card
    -ATM Cash Card
    -Corporate Card
    -Distribution Card
    -Proprietary Card

    -ATM Debit
    -Travel Card
    -Corporate Card
    -Distribution Card
    -Proprietary Card

    -Lucky Cat ("Standard")
    -Gold ("Premiere")

    -The American Express® Card (”IDC Green”)
    -The American Express® Gold Card (”IDC Gold”)
    -The American Express® Corporate Card®
    -The American Express® Gold Corporate Card
    -The Platinum Express®
    -Blue from American Express® (”Blue”)
    -The American Express® Credit Card (”Centurion Green”)
    -The American Express® Gold Credit Card (”Centurion Gold”)
    -The American Express® Platinum Credit Card (”Centurion Platinum”/”Platinum”)
    -The American Express® Cashback Credit Card
    -BDO Dual Gold American Express® Card (”Dual Gold AMEX”)
    -The Cathay Pacific American Express® Credit Card (”CX”)
    -The Cathay Pacific American Express® Elite Credit Card (”CX Elite”)


    -International ("Classic" / "Standard")
    -Premiere ("Elite")

    -BDO MasterCard (SMAC)
    -BDO MasterCard Prestige (SMAC)
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    BDO's Loyalty Program. Emerald. Sapphire. Diamond.
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    AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY's Operations in the Philippines
    American Express opened its first office in Asia at 36 Escolta in Manila, Philippines in 1916 – first started its business by offering a variety of shipping services, custom brokerage and traveler’s checks.
    In 1991, The Platinum Card.® was introduced to the Philippines where it continues to maintain its status as one of the most desired cards in the market.

    AMEXCO partnered Equitable Card Network in the late 1990s.

    When BDO took over EPCIB, it assumed the operation and issuance of The EPCI American Express Credit Card and The EPCI American Express Gold Credit Card. By December 2007, BDO also became the Issuer of all American Express Cards in the Philippines issued out by American Express International, Inc. (AEII) and American Express Savings Bank (A Savings Bank), Inc. (AESBI). Since then, BDO has continued to enhance these products and develop new ones to satisfy customer requirements.

    AMEXCO continues to operate its other businesses in the Philippines, including the American Express Bank Ltd. Offshore Banking Unit (OBU) and the American Express Travel Joint Venture-American Express Transnational Inc. The American Express Travel representative offices of Adventure International Tours Inc. will likewise continue operating.

    In 2012, Globe Telecommunications’s G-Xchange Inc’s and AMEX launched GCASH American Express Virtual Card. It is s a virtual card linked to a user's GCASH wallet that allows a secure way of shopping from online retail sites that accept American Express as mode of payment.

    In 2016, AMEXCO and BDO celebrated the 100 Years of American Express in the Philippines

    Today, American Express has jointly launched with our local issuing partners a total of 14 products, which are sought after by frequent travellers, digital-savvy mobile wallet users and corporate clients in the Philippine market. American Express has also established through local partnerships a network of affiliated merchants that span the whole country.

    In the Philippines, AMEXCO caters to the premium or high-valued market especially the P1-million and above annual earners.

    AMEXCO said the premium market in the Philippines was underserved by the current list of competitors, and that its mission is to become the world’s most respected service brand.

    DINERS CLUB INTERNATIONAL's Operations in the Philippines
    In the 1970s, Security Bank issued its first credit card, introducing the Philippines to Diners Club. DCI is also the first credit card to be issued in the Filipino market. However, stiff competition occurred as local & international credit card providers established and other payment network/card brands entered in the country in the latter years.

    Through the years, the growth of merchant acceptance and purchase volume for DCI remained slow-moving or no little progress, as compared to other card brands such as AMEX and JCB.

    Not until 2016, the Philippines’ largest lender became the answer to the growth problems of Diners Club International, as Security Bank, through SB Cards, has sold its rights as the exclusive issuer and acquirer of Diners Club International (DCI) credit cards in the country to Banco de Oro Unibank Inc.

    BDO opens up new opportunities in the Philippines for Diners Club and Discover cardholders through a large base of merchant acceptance locations and access to over 1,000 operating branches. As a franchise, BDO will enable Diners Club to extend its global merchant footprint and issuing while solidifying its position as a premier card option for consumers in the Philippines by providing them access to merchants all over the world wherever Diners Club is accepted.

    Today, DINERS CLUB PH has jointly launched with our local issuing partners a total of two products, which are sought after by frequent travelers.

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    BDO Credit Cards
    BDO Basic Cards (Standard, Classic, Lucky Cat, Bench, F21, Laus, ShopMore, International) – 20,000
    BDO Gold Cards (MC,Visa, JCB) – 50,000
    BDO Gold China UnionPay – 100,000
    BDO Titanium MasterCard – 200,000
    BDO DCI Premiere – 200,000
    BDO Platinum (MasterCard, Visa, JCB) – 300,000
    BDO Diamond China UnionPay – 500,000

    PH-issued AXP Credit Cards
    Blue from American Express (Blue) - 20,000
    BDO Dual Gold Cards (Dual Golds) - 50,000
    The American Express Cashback Credit Card (Cashback) - 50,000
    The American Express Credit Card (Green Centurion) - 60,000
    The American Express Cathay Pacific Credit Card (CX Standard) - 60,000
    The American Express Gold Credit Card (Gold Centurion) - 100,000
    The American Express Cathay Pacific Elite Credit Card (CX Elite) - 300,000
    The American Express Platinum Credit Card (Platinum Centurion) - 450,000

    NOTE: As of this writing, this is the standard policy on starting CL, and may change without prior notice. Upon the Issuer’s sole discretion, the Issuer may give a lesser credit limit with higher-tier cards if bank’s initiative. For example: Titanium MC with only 95K CL, AMEX Centurion Green only with 20K, or AMEX Platinum Credit with only 170K.
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    SPEND REQUIREMENT for Automatic Waiver of Membership Fees

    BDO Gold Cards (MC, VISA, JCB, CUP) - 180,000
    BDO Titanium MC - 300,000
    BDO Platinum MC/Visa/JCB - 420,000
    BDO Diamond CUP - 500,000

    AMEX Blue - 10,000 (monthly)
    AMEX Centurion Green - 120,000
    BDO Dual Gold Cards (AMEX and MasterCard Companion Cards) - 180,000
    AMEX Cashback/Centurion Gold - 200,000
    AMEX Centurion Platinum - 450,000
    AMEX CX Standard - 250,000
    AMEX CX Elite - 500,000

    As of this writing, it's still easy to ask BDO for AMF reversal even you didn't meet the spend requirement.
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    Ni Strong7Power

    -SA MADALING PARAAN. Kung gusto magka-credit card: mag-impok. Bigyan ng sapat na panahon (sabihin nating 3-6 mga buwan o depende sa sangay) at magpaendorso sa sangay (BOA) ng iyong savings and checking account (CASA). Maliban na lang kung milyun-miyon ang ilalagak mo o may malaking Ugnayang Buong Balanse (TRB) ka sa Banco De Oro.

    -PAGTAGUYOD NG MAGANDANG UGNAYAN. Gumawa ng mga hakbangin para mapalago ang ugnayang pagbabangko sa iyong sangay. Maganda sana kung lagi ka nakikita ng mga bangkero lalo na ang Tagapamahala ng Sangay (BM) at maging ang katuwang nito (ABM). Huwag puro OTC ang gawin sa bangko; kundi magkipagkuwentuhan sa mga bangkero sa anupamang paksa; at maging sa iba pang tagabangko tulad ng gwardya at utusan.

    -PAMIMILI NG SANGAY. Kung mamarapatin, mainam magbukas ng CASA sa sangay na may kategoryang “mall branch” (halimbawa, mga sangay na nasa SM Supermall, SM Savemore, SM HyperMarket, Waltermart, Fishermall, Citimall, SM Cherry Foodarama, SM Residences, Ayala Malls, Robinsons Places) kasi may “salik na X” ang mga ganitong sangay ng BDO. Kumbaga, “may sabi” ang mga ganitong sangay. MAY MALALAKAS AT MAY MAHIHINANG SANGAY.

    -SA SANGAY KA MUNA MAGTANONG. Kung naiiinip sa kahinatnan ng pag-eendorso, unang makipag-ugnayan sa iyong sangay bago sa linya ng Serbisyong Parokya (C.S.).

    -MAGPAKUMBABA KA MUNA. Kung unang credit card ang a-apply-an sa BDO, huwag muna pangarapin ang AMEX sa simula dahil mahirap mapasakamay o ma-approve kahit AMEX Blue. Piliin ang ShopMore MC o anupamang “basic cards.” Saka na ang AMEX kapag malaki na ang CL mo o kung pangalawang card application mo na.

    -HINAY-HINAY SA PAGTAWAG. Ang labis na pakikipag-ugnayan ay hindi rin mabuti; kasi, sa paningin ng bangko, lumalabas na ikaw ay atat o desperado sa pangungutang (kahit hindi naman talaga).

    -PANUNTUNAN KASI PINAIIRAL NG MGA AHENTE NG SERBISYO PAROKYA. SA ATIN, DISKARTE. Hindi totoo ang panuntunang änim na buwan na paghihintay sa mga hinihiling natin tulad ng credit card application at pagtaas ng linya sa pautang (ICL). Ito lamang ay para sa matatagal ng gumagamit ng credit card.

    -REPERENSIYA. Ang gustong reperensiyang card ng BDO ay MCC/Metrobank, BPI, Citi, at HSBC. Sa ngayon, mas may dating ang Metrobank kaysa BPI. Gayunpaman, may naa-approve pa rin kahit wala sa apat na bangkong ito.

    -HINGI NG TULONG SA BISOR. Para mapabilis ang hinihiling na serbisyo, kumausap ng Tagasiyasat ng Serbisyong Parokya, na tinatawag din itong “Supervisor Call o SupCall.”

    -DISIPLINADO KA DAPAT! Maging responsable o managot sa paggamit ng credit cards. Kung maaari, maging “transactor” o taong palagiang magbayad ng buo kaysa “revolver” o taong nagbabayad lang ng minimum o higit pa.

    -DAGDAG-TIPS. Sang-ayon sa tagaloob o insider (pero hindi kumpirmado), ang paghiling na taasan ang linya sa pautang (ICL) ay ipinagkakaloob kahit wala pang 6 buwan ang edad ng card, e basta kadalasang nagagamit sa maraming uri ng paggastos, halimbawa ng utilidad, pagkain, gamit elektroniko, gasolina, at pagbiyahe. Alinsunod pa, ang may-ari ng card ay inuusisa sa ugali ng paggamit at kung naipapakita na ang BDO card ay pangunahing card sa lahat ng Tagapag-isyu ng “salaping supot.”. Samahan pa nito ng laging pagbabayad ng buo na nasa tamang oras, nang sa gayon ay mapagbigyan ka sa hinihiling mong ICL. Pero huwag umasa ng malaking CL. Pero may iba namang napagbibigyan na kasingtaas ng kwitis pamhimpapawid.

    -PAGKUSA NG TAGAPAG-ISYU. Mas bongga ang ICL kapag bangko mismo ang nagbigay at hindi mo hiniling.

    -ANG PAGHIHINTAY AY BIRTUD. Huwag mainip kung mababa pa ang CL mo ngayon. Kasi tataas naman iyan kalaunan. Kailangan talaga ng tiyaga sa paghihintay at panday ng panahon. Basta ba pagandahin ang kasaysayan ng utang at repustasyon mo o ang pangalan mo (credit history and credit worthiness). [Ako nga, tatlong taon bago makakuha ng unang ICL. Sa iba, wala pang isang taon, may ICL na!). KAILANGAN AY DISIPLINA.

    -BASA, BASA RIN. Panghuli, sumubaybay sa PINOY EXCHANGE DOT COM, sa pangkat ng Credit Cards sa ilalim ng Personal Investing and Money Management sa mga bagong balita para sa diskarte. Balikan ang mga unang paskil (backread). Huwag puro tanong e.

    Pahabol: Para maging klaro, uminom ng SPRITE. Para klaro ang diskarte. Haha.

    Pahabol pa ulit: Ang pananaw at kuro-kuro na naipahayag ng tagapaskil ay di nangangahulugang kalagayan o nanalamin ng mga ibang tagapaskil. Gayundin, ang pananaw at kuro-kuro na naipapahayag ng iba pang tagapaskil ay di sumasalamin sa wari ng tagapaskil, ng Pinoy Echange Dot Com, at ng mga Tagapag-Isyu ng instrumentong pananalapi.

    Pahabol ulit! Pangako, panghuli na ‘to: Karamihan ng mga impormasyong aking pinagtagpi-tagpi rito ay natutunan ko rin sa PEX.
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    If the cut off date falls on a Friday, it will be moved in advance, which is Thursday.
    If the cut off date falls on a Saturday, it will be moved on the next weekday which is Monday.
    In BDO’s system, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are considered weekend; thus, no generation of Monthly Billing Statement (MBS).
    MBS generates only between Monday to Thursday.

    *Sa cutoff date sa BDO, lahat ng transactions mo hanggang cut-off date ay papasok na sa madye-generate na MBS. (Halimbawa ang Statement/Cutoff Date mo ay tuwing ika-7 na araw, lahat ng transactions mo – hanggang ika-7 na araw ay kasama na sa madye-generate na MBS. Kinabukasan, ika-8, already generated na ang MBS.)
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    AMEX & BDO as REFRENCE CARD to other Card Issuer
    jaywa1ker wrote: »
    Ang 7-month-old AmEx ko lang pala makakapapagpa-oo sa Unionbank Platinum. Nakadalawang busted din ako sa UBP kahit na ang lagi ko ginagawang reference ay ang pinakamatagal na BDO card ko.
    Same experience with other ISSUER.

    Kapag "BDO" cards, declined.

    Pero kapag "AMEX" (in spite being BDO issued), approved agad.

    GIBSONFAN: If stricter ang process ng AmEx, then yeah it really should be a good reference card kasi it will show na nakapasa ka sa AmEx processing. Higher ang requirements nito compared to similar cards in BDO (AXP Platinum Credit vs other BDO Platinum Cards for example).

    Better use AMEX than BDO branded cards, for card references.

    BDO don’t share info kasi.
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    CARD DOWNGRADE - change of card type in lower tier within the same card brand. (e.g. AMEX Platinum Credit to AMEX Blue)

    CARD UPGRADE - change of card type in higher tier within the same card brand. (e.g. DCI Standard Credit to DCI Premiere)

    CARD CONVERSION - change of card type between two card payment brands. (e.g. MasterCard Credit to Diners Club International)

    In BDO, there's P400 replacement card fee for card/down/upgrade.


    Sang-ayon sa karanasan ko,

    Mananatili ang taon ng MEMBERS SINCE once na na-down/upgrade o conversion ang card regardless of card brands.

    This may be applicable to BDO Cards ONLY.
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    Cash Loan: CASH-IT-EASY

    This is open to pre-qualified Principal credit cardholders (again, take note, pre-qualified Principal credit cardholders) of MasterCard, Visa, CUP, JCB, DCI, and The American Express Credit Card issued by BDO (“Cardholder”), whose accounts are active & current at the time of application and have received an SMS (“Communication”) from BDO about the Promo.

    In short, (sad to say), this is NOT for everyone. It is ONLY for pre-qualified Principal credit cardholders who have received SMS/text.

    CASH-IT-EASY is different from EasyPay Cash, EasyPay Convert, and Cash Advances that are readily available as credit card features in an instant and BDO Simple Installment Card

    For more info, contact BDO CLG: (+632) 6671680.
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    cccc wrote: »
    Kasi pareho lang ang spend to points ratio, pati ang rewards catalog ng classic and Gold. Sa Platinum kasi, lower spends to points ratio, different rewards catalog din. That's why if you have both Gold MasterCard and Visa or Classic to Gold upgrade, pwede mag-combine ng points to redeem subalit kapag may Titanium/Platinum na, you can't combine.

    You got it, @cccc! Retain naman ang cards points kapag pareho ng spend to points ratio, rewards at catalog.

    Sa BDO: non-Elite cards kasi PhP50 spend per CC point. Sa Elite cards, PhP40 spend per point.
    Sa AMEX, may Cashback, MR Points, at Asia miles, so iba-iba rin ang bawat category.
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    You need to contact BDO to know. Pero huwag puro follow-up baka maging indication ito na desparado at gigil na gigil kang makuha ang credit card o matamis na oo ng bangko.

    Kapag endorsement, karamihan ng applications ay hindi makikita sa Online Quick Inquiry.
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