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anak o azucena?



  • NibsNibs PExer
    I think kung yan rin naman ang options, I'd choose "Anak" kaysa sa "Azucena". Name pa lang ang baduy and ang sama ng dating. :eek:

    Yung "Anak", ok ang actors and ok pa ang title. Lots to learn pa from the movie. :D
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    haven't seen azucena yet, pero it's good daw....

    anak was ok....

  • ANAK for me!!!! hindi ko na watch ang azucena pero kahit na iv'e watched that mas gusto ko parin siguro ang ANAK! it made me cry ng konti! super ganda then story eh! 2thumbs up! hooooray! :D
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    maganda sila both....pero mas maganda acting sa azucena, saka mas maganda pagkaka-gawa ng azucena....
  • I'd pick Azucena anytime.
  • RöttenMindRöttenMind PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    azucena.. :)

    grabe, naiyak ako talaga.. crying.gif

    and ganda ng ending! lol.gif
  • cguro 'anak' ...pero pareho naman ok eh
  • Thanks to those who've seen Azucena. Please continue to support Filipino films. If at all you criticize——and you're free to——please watch the movie first before you do. Remember, we only get the movies that we deserve. Thanks again.
  • azucena....
  • Hi Ms. Bibeth Orteza. I like Azucena but i think that you should have promoted it more to more people who do not usually watch these kinds of films.

    What would be your next assignment? Is it "Larawan"?
  • i liked both movies. they offered something new and unique, and i don't think they targeted the same segment of the audience. magkaiba sila, pero parehong maganda! i'll watch both films again anytime soon! :D
  • I agree with matte. They are movies of different "caliber", but both are good! Anak's forte was in the drama scenes, and the acting. Azucena is best in storyline (not that the actors aren't good here --- they are great!), the whole flow of the movie's plot. But personally, I still liked Azucena better. :)
  • Hi, all. Hi, Tough Guy. I took note of your tip about "Azucena," that we "should have promoted it more to people who do not usually watch these kinds of films." When we do our promo, we basically just focus on the merits of the film and the ones who did it, i.e., the director, the actors, the writer (I didn't write "Azucena," Eric Ramos did). And then we pray and hope that people will watch regardless of whether they're A-crowd or B, or B-C. But then again, we still get response (no offense meant) like "Azucena" can't be a good film because the title is baduy. I find it incomprehensible to have, in this day and age of computer technology that makes communication like this possible, value judgment on a film without first seeing it. I suppose even something like "Larawan," if one were to react to the title alone, would be baduy to some people. But yes, we're doing "Larawan" although the hubby has some offers to do something in between. "Larawan" is scheduled to shoot in January of next year.
  • iyak yata ako at i missed asuzena....

    i guessed i missed out on both since i already know the general story line... iyon...

    kung may oras, i would have watched asuzena than anak.... i dont think i would be able to relate to anak...
  • rorsrors PExer
    i haven't watched both. when will they be shown in pinoyblockbuster? :D
  • Magaling sina Vilma, Amy, at Cherrie Pie! Juskopo, pagpahingahin muna ninyo si Claudine Barreto. Sa tingin ko ang anak ay hindi isang "pelikula", kundi isang episode ng "Maalaala Mo Kaya" na blown-out sa screen! Ganun! Sorry ha, pero ang laki-laki ng expectation ko sa pelikula. Hindi na kasi ako nasanay sa Star Cinema. Madadala ka sa promo, wala namang laman ang pelikula.

    Okey ang Azucena. But I don't agree that it's Carlitos best!
  • Felix: Azucena is one of the best Filipino movies I've watched so far, but I agree that it's not Carlito's best. For me his best work yet is SELYA.

  • i like both films although they were also quite disappointing.
    in terms of stylistic elements, hats off ako sa azucena. kaya lang i don't like its working ideology. (i wouldn't elaborate on this na. baka mamya ma-tsugi pa ako na feeling film critic.)
    anak naman, its strongest point is its being close to Filipino culture. The film vividly depicts our family life. Kaya lang, halos two hours yatang nag-iiyakan at nagsisigawan si Claudine and Vilma. At bakit naman si Baron? Marami namang iba dyan :sily:
    and yes, let's not judge a film on its title alone. I personally think azucena's a great title. isang tingin mo pa lang, you know it's very Filipino na.
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