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favorite ALLY McBEAL episode/line

Don't you just love Ally McBeal? It's my make-my-week show. 8pm Tuesdays are thus sacred in my heart. So, let's have an Ally McBeal forum here. =)


  • I love all the Ally McBeal episodes! Especially when that guy dances. He just cracks me up! Btw, what is that song he usually dances to?
  • i think it's a barry white song...there was a time when he was trying to get close to nelle , the song they played was sexual healing..hahaha..sobrang galing! i love ally mcbeal! did u see them all dance to that song during ally's and john's bday last episode? =)
  • my favorit scene;

    all 4 ladies (ally, georgia, nelle, & ling) were wrestling each other while elaine watches/worse took a video of them .

    favorite line (i'm not sure of the exact words)--- ally on billy&georgia:

    when people come together, they stick together, and that i have to bring with me when i go to sleep.
  • i just love ally!!! i mean, it makes my day... :)

    yup it's barry white! and oh btw, i saw that episode too! i think it's the best episode i've seen so far-very nice!!! lalo na when they all danced. ang galing ng chereography. i wonder how they come up with ideas like that!?!
  • LQ714...
    yeah, I saw that episode too. really funny!
  • ally mc beal's d best !! :) my sister used to tape it...and there was this tym when she asked me to tape an episode for her...and luckily the episode that night was really funny...i watched that same episode 3x...cant remember what it was though.. :)
  • MiSTeRYoSA
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    Just like u guys, I love Ally McBeal! The show is really worth watching for.

    Here's what I like from "The Green Monster" episode:

    "This is about me wanting a partner, okay? A partner to go through life with. And since I happen to be heterosexual, that limits the field to men, at least if I want to have sex, and I do! I like sex. And if that makes weak, tough, then I want to be weak. I want a partner. I want sex. I want a house with furniture. I want to have a baby. I want to have all of it. I want to get fat. I want to wear maternity dresses. I want to stick my legs up in stirrups, takes to shots of pitosin, and spit the little thing right out between my thighs and then have him sucks on my breasts. With daddy standing right there the whole time pointing the camcorder. And instead of sitting back hoping for it to happen, I'm gonna make it happen, you think you can deal with that?"
  • i saw this episode where the curly-haired lawyer meets up with his college love... how this woman was the only one who really 'got him' and thought of him as different in a special way... (guys, remember subic?!)

    i didn't really watch ally mcbeal til then...
  • remember that episode wherein Ally tripped this woman in the grocery and she was accused of stealing a spermicide? That was a cool episode. I also like the one where this fat guy fell in love with Ally (when he was about to get married!) and he said he was going to marry the girl, not because she's the one, but because she's the only one. Sad! I cried that night!
  • my favorite ally mc beal episode is that one where ally have this gay prostitute client and ally took him home for a week to prevent him from going out on the streets. the guy ended up being murdered.it was the saddest ally mc beal episode for me...pero yon din ang pinaka-memorable.

    next to that episode is the season ender nong first season..esp the last part where vonda sheppard sang 'Alone Again Naturally'

    favorite line by john cage:
    'if you look back and count your years and it doesnt bring you smiles or tears..consider those years wasted.'

    (im not really sure if those were the exact words..pero yon yong thought..) :-)
  • The Rock
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    The Rock says that his favorite McBeal moment was last week when Barry White came out to sing "You're the First, My Last, My Everything" for John and Ally's birthdays. The "Boy to the World" episode about the transvestite prostitute who was killed was very sad yet very poignant. And all those episodes with The Biscuit's frog Stefan, the show really went overboard with those!
  • I also loved the John Cage birthday episode. I actually felt excited for John as he met his hero! And who could have thought that the Sub-Zero lady could do something sweet like that?
  • Ally McBeal's the best!! I used to tape every episode. I hope Ally and Billy will end up with each other! Any objections? :)

    I've several favorite episodes! I like the ones with Ally's therapist (Tracy)in it! She's hilarious.

    My favorite line? Gosh there are a lot! One is when Ally said something like, "Whoever said that there are many a lot of fish in the ocean is a fool.." or something like that! Boy is that true! Well at least for me :) There are a lot of good lines actually but I forgot the exacts words...basta Ally's the best show!

    Is Calista Flockhart really anorexic?
  • Ally McBeal's the best!! I used to tape it every week! I hope Ally and Billy will end up together! Any objections?

    Every episode's my favorite, especially when Ally and Billy get mushy and everything.. :)I also like the episodes with Ally's therapist, Tracy, in it. She's hilarious.
  • CaRaMBa
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    I also loved the John Cage birthday episode, especially the part when they all danced.
  • "bygones!"...richard fish

    as for fave episode...i liked the one where fish was calling ling all kinds of food as a term of endearment...he called her "porkchop","bacon bits" because ling didn't want to be called sweetheart or something but she said, "food...you can call me food!"
  • I also love Ally McBeal!
    ...and there are a lot of nice lessons we can all learn from it. as for lines i like what ally said to dr. tracy when ally confeses she's fantasizing about jason (the 16-yr-old boy who had sex with a 30++ yr old woman), ally said...
    "It can't last forever, but who made up the rule that the best loves do?"
  • bunny
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    I loved it when Ally said something like...
    "Whoever said that there were plenty of fish in the sea was lying...trust me..there's only one fish.."


    "Men are like chewing gum, you chew them long enough and they lose their flavor.."

    It goes something like that..hee-hee :)
  • LING is hot!

    Remember that episode where she does a finger-lickin' good act with her "impatient" bf?


  • GeePers
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    Peeps - u mean 2 say the episode where Ally & Ling locked lips in a very sensual/erotic way - has not yet been shown in Pinas? Well...it was shown last Nov. here in US & it was da talk of the town. After u see it - u'all will change ur minds 'bout favorite episode - guaranteed. :) And on last nite's epi - Ally almost fell in luv w/ a homeless person - abangan na lang n'yo ang paglabas d'yan, k?

    FYI - Lucy Liu is appearing in a new movie - Play It To the Bone - w/ Antonio Banderas/Woody Harrelson - on exclusive engagement @ select theaters. Oh, and she's also one of the new Charlie's Angels in da movie version.

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