Dinosaur by Walt Disney Pictures

Hi everyone! This is my first time on PEX. I run a movie-related web site called Movies Online Philippines (http://www.moviesonline.com.ph) and I just made and posted the review of Dinosaur (the comupter generated animated feature of Disney).

I just wanted to ask if anyone can confirm or clarify what I heard - some people are saying that Pixar (makers of Toy Story, A Bug's Life and Dinosaur) have established a studio here (in Mandaluyong, to be exact, according to the rumor) - and that Dinosaur, and parts of Toy Story 2 were actually made here. Anyone know?

P.S. Hi to Ada! "Mike" was taken, kaya "Galahad" na lang. Please, please don't call me Galahad sa EB. =)

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  • mattematte Member PExer
    hi rin galahad! :)

    maganda ba talaga yung dinosaur? based sa trailer mukhang ok! galing talaga ng disney! pero feeling ko parang land before time yung story
  • imogenimogen drama queen PExer
    we rented a pirated vcd and i let my dad watch it. lol.gif ok naman daw.
  • GalahadGalahad Member PExer
    hi din matte! maganda yung movie, but mostly because sobrang galing ng visuals... yung story halos rip-off nga ng land before time (like i said in the review i made) but then again... ano pa kaya ang magiging kwento ng mga dinosaur? =)

    imogen... pambata ang dinosaur, hehe bakit sa daddy mo pinapanood? =P
  • imogenimogen drama queen PExer
    Galahad... tinamad akong panuorin! tsaka dad ko naman nag rent nun eh. ;)

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