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Because of Pex . . .

SweetkaySweetkay PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
Life is a little bit sweeter . . .

The Internet becomes a whole new world and I have a new family.

I met my baby iggy . . . .





What about you?


  • We were able to Relate ! :)
  • I met people whose experiences, ideals, goals and personalities enriched my life...

    They are called...friends.
  • i find time to laugh with funny posts, get deep with insightful thoughts, mabuwiset minsan, matakam sa mga pagkaing pinag-uusapan nila, know recipes, gain friends, marame...
  • parating nauubos ko ang hours ko from my ISP.What can I say it's very addictive.
  • SweetkaySweetkay PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    mintymalone i totally agree. . . nung nawala yung pex for awhile feeling ko lang kwenta yung pex

    deng2001 it happens to me too . . .

    angel_princess friends are indeed what you can call the people from pex though there are some whose existence you just want to forget

    sunofmunky relate to what?

  • avonleaavonlea PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Nagkaroon ng saysay ang boring kong trabaho... mag-internet 8 hours a day.
  • :spinstar: through PEx, i've been able to...

    :glee: laugh at funny posts..
    :rotflmao: make fun of others posts (hehehe)
    :confused4: think real hard (ei, this is a tough thing to do!)
    :whatthe: read shocking posts (nyahaha)
    *pexadik* do something when im bored
    :stolenkiss: and use really cute smilies!

  • Because of PEx I was able to spend my online time wisely.
  • Because of PEx...

    I was able to..

    - Meet new friends who share the same interests and preferences like me..

    - Have fun over the net.. Don't enjoy chatting at mIRC anymore because of PEx..

    - Keep in touch with new friends I enjoy PExing with...

    - Keep in mind it's fun to be PINOY!

    - Share my sentiments and opinions in a different medium...


    Off Topic: Hello Sweetkay! Kilala mo ba me?!

    :bounce: :babyeat:
  • ...i gained even more friends.

    ...i gained some enemies...and to those enemies: "i will still continue to ***** you up" :evil_lol:

    ...i gained even more gimmicks

    ...i gained even more weight by having more drinking sessions with them

    ...i gained more writing skills

    ...i gained more knowledge in expressing myself...

    ...i gained a lot of knowledge about myself that i didn't notice before...

    ...i gained more activities to do whenever i'm bored

    ...and i'm still hoping to gain more...after being here for more than a year now...:D

    "Embrace The Darkness"
  • ...naging magulo ang buhay ko...

    ...i lost more than 10 lbs. i became underweight...

    ...and i have my financial statements to worry about...

    ...i became more anxious...

    ...and :glee: !
  • i gained friends and lost one of them :(
  • rains_delightrains_delight PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Because of pex...

    1. I wake up as early as 3 am to share and to learn something.

    2. I met "real" friends in pex.

    3. My sex life was reduced because of pex. ( nakatambay siya palagi sa pex survivor).

    4. Pex helps me refresh my college and graduate school days.

  • :: i met new friends...
    :: i learned many new infos regarding many different things
    :: i was able to loosen up when im really stressed
    :: i was able to laugh and have soOo much fun reading posts
    :: i feel like im still in Manila... *okay*

    but also.... :uhhuh:

    :: lagi na lang akong nasa harap ng computer
    :: taas ng bill namin sa electricity
    :: instead na natatapos ko kaagad assignments and projects ko, nasa PEx ako.. kaya cramming lagi!
    :: instead na nagbabasa ako ng books ko, andito ako!
    :: instead na nasa work ako ngayon, being productive, andito ako sa PEx
    :: lagi na lang akong late matulog at kulang sa tulog :smoker:
  • because of pex...

    ...it takes me longer to get my work done. hehehehe :D
    ...maraming may crush sa akin :rotflmao:
    ...I was exposed to numerous smilies. My favorites: :glee: :evil_lol: :naughty:
    ...I made new friends :)
  • i met my boyfriend. ;)
  • because of pex...

    i learned new things....
    i met new people....
    i laughed at some posts, cried over others....
    i lack sleep, like right now....
    i forget about reviewing for the bar because anyway, the legal thread here is like reviewing for the bar....

  • - nauubos sweldo ko kakabili ng prepaid internet card.
    - panay ang petix ko sa opisina para lang makasilip sa mga forums.
    - napupuyat ako dahil imbes na matulog na ako pag-uwi ay nago-onlyn pa me
    - pero higit sa lahat, i found an outlet for my insights, thoughts and feelings, and this kinda gives me a sense of belongingness. :D
  • Because of PEx

    -- I got decided to finally resign from my job!! Andami kong nakuhang insights about the issue e! :D
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