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PNB Philippine National Bank : Cards (Sinulid 2)

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  • Strong7PowerStrong7Power Member PEx Moderator
    1538_pnb_article1.jpg-Allied Mabuhay Miles WORLD MasterCard.-PNB Visa Gold-PNB Platinum MasterCard-Allied Bank Premium MasterCard
  • Strong7PowerStrong7Power Member PEx Moderator
  • Strong7PowerStrong7Power Member PEx Moderator
    Contact Details:
    Website: https://www.pnbcards.com.ph/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pnbcards/
    Landline: 818-9-818
    Location: PNB Financial Center, 8/F Cards Banking Solutions Group, Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Blvd.,Pasay City, Philippines

    The Allied Banking Corporation (Allied Bank) started and launched credit card business in early 2008. Its flagship cards are Allied Essential MasterCard and Allied Premium MasterCard.

    In the midst of 2008, the Philippine Airlines (PAL) and MasterCard locked arms with Allied Bank to introduce the Platinum Class and World Class plastic money said to be the most premium class designed to outweigh competition – Allied Mabuhay Miles PLATINUM MasterCard and Allied Mabuhay Miles WORLD MasterCard. Also, the bank issued China UnionPay cards in the latter years.

    Meanwhile, the Philippine National Bank issued credit cards with the Visa brand – PNB Visa Classic (Silver) and PNB Visa Gold.


    Starting 2007, PNB and ABC was in the process of merger. On February 9, 2013, the PNB-ABC merger was completed, with Philippine National Bank as the surviving brand. The merged bank became the 4th largest private domestic bank.

    Before the completion of the merger, ABC’s credit card arm issued MasterCard and China UnionPay; while PNB Cards issued Visa.

    As the merger of ABC and PNB completed in 2013, PNB introduces its brand new credit card designs and enhanced card features to give cardholders miles and miles of perks, benefits and security. This initiative further builds momentum for the upcoming centennial celebration of Philippine National Bank in the year of 2016. With this merger, PNB Cards made the third largest Card Issuer issuing Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay after BDO CLG and RCBC Bankard in terms of card electronic brands.

    The New Surviving Entity (Merged Bank) paved the way to offer numerous credit cards with MasterCard, Visa, and UnionPay as their card electronic brands, as well as tie-up partner credit cards with PAL Mabuhay Miles, The Travel Club, Alturas, Alumni Association of Asian Institute of Management, Jewelmer Joaillerie, Alumni Association of Xavier School, De La Salle Zobel Alumni Association, and Immaculate Conception Academy Alumnae Association (ICAAA).
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    FIRST CARD THREADS of Allied Bank and PNB:
    ABC: https://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=355701
    PNB: https://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/threads/591751-pnb-credit-card

    -Allied Bank-Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles World MasterCard.
    -PNB Visa Gold
    -PNB Platinum MasterCard
    -Allied Bank Premium MasterCard
  • Strong7PowerStrong7Power Member PEx Moderator
    FLASHBACK: Old Card Designs, in times of PNB-ABC merger process.


    *Allied Essential MasterCard became PNB Essential MasterCard
    *Allied Premium MasterCard. became PNB Platinum MasterCard
    *Allied-PAL Mabuhay Miles World MasterCard became PNB Mabuhay Miles World MasterCard (PNB M3 World)
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    edited May 2019

    Essentials Mastercard - 1,500
    Platinum Mastercard - 3,000
    Classic Visa - 300
    Gold Visa - 600
    The Travel Club Mastercad - NAFFL
    Mabuhay Miles Now MC - 1,000 but free for the first 3 years.
  • ArkimanArkiman Artist PEx Expert 🎖️
    edited January 25

    Hi! This is Braian Canlas, relationship officer of Philippine National Bank. I am here to give you a personalized assistance in applying for a PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles NOW Mastercard.

    • Only ONE valid government-issued ID is required if you have an existing credit card with other banks*
    • Free 1,000 Mabuhay Miles welcome gift upon card activation for first time PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles Mastercard principal cardholders
    • Free Annual Membership Fee for THREE (3) YEARS!
    • Free Travel Insurance of Up to P1,000,000.00
    • Free Purchase Protection Insurance of Up to P250,000.00
    • Cash Advance up to 30% of total available credit limit

    Your PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles NOW Mastercard also gives you convenience and leverage because of its unique features:

    • CONVERT-TO-CASH! Convert your credit limit into cash and pay the same installment terms at low interest rates
    • Zero % Affordable Payment Plan
    • Get exclusive 5% discount on selected PAL international flights when you book using your PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles NOW Mastercard.

     To process your application, kindly email me your FULL NAME at [email protected] . Application form will be sent on a separate e-mail.

    Instructions for applicants with existing credit cards*:
    1. Fill out the application form that will be sent to you via e-mail.
    2. Attach the scanned copy of your fully accomplished application form together with your valid government-issued ID (e.g. UMID, SSS, Passport, Driver’s License) to [email protected]

    *active credit cards for one year and in good credit standing

    For any inquiries, you may send me an email at [email protected]

    Page 176 - PNB Philippine National Bank : Cards (Sinulid 2)


  • Strong7PowerStrong7Power Member PEx Moderator
    Arkiman wrote: »
    ^Nice! Petmalu talagang to png PNB. Werpa!
    Mga Lodi dito na naten icontinue kaadikan sa cc puno na yung old thread.

    @ARKIMAN, millenial na millenial ang dating.

    5 YEARS ding itinagal ang PNB Thread, at idagdag pa ang naunang ALLIED BANK CARDS thread.

    Humahabol na rin ang PNB sa Big Three (private banks) at baka malampasan pa nito ang BPI at mapunta sa Top 3.

    Overall, Landbank is being in the Top 3.


    Tara, mga LODI/TERMAS, tuloy ang talakayan natin.
  • Strong7PowerStrong7Power Member PEx Moderator
    Ayaw ng Email Support Analyst akong iendorso sa ICL dahil kakataas lang nitong Agosto ang CL ko. Tumugon ako ng di naman pinaiiral ang 6-month-rule at tingan ang ICL history ko. Hihintayin ko naman ang tugon ng mga nasa Email CS sa kanilang pag-eendorso sa akin.
    joytuling wrote: »
    Mdjo natagalan master.. kasi sept. 15 ako ngrequest sa email. Tas cut off ko every 23rd. Pagka receive ko ng soa sa cut off sa sept. di pa na.increase limit ko. Ngayun lang oct. 23 na cut off na check ko soa ko na increase na limit ko. Di rin kasi ako tumawag hotline nila after sa request ko sa email. Kakatamad na kasi. Palagi busy cs nila. Hehehe
  • Strong7PowerStrong7Power Member PEx Moderator
    jhet3 wrote: »
    Nag apply po ako sa pnb thru email just today mga paps. Ask ko lang sana if paano processing sa kanila? Sinend ko kasi sa email *** scanned application form. Need ko ba magsend narin agad ng supporting docs or may tatawag sakin? Mostly po gaano kaya katagal processing nila sa mga application? Thanks
    chevie03 wrote: »
    dapat sinabay mo na yung send ng income docs requirements and valid ids para once they receive it diretsyo na kagad sa department na mag eevaluate ng application mo. ako still on process parin ang application ko october 8 ako nagsend sa email nila received confirmation ng ocotber 10, naka received naren ako ng isang CI call pero till now wala paren verdict.

    Agree with CHEVIE03.
  • Strong7PowerStrong7Power Member PEx Moderator
    Question po, mahigpit ba si PNB in terms of credit card? Nag-apply ako last Oct. 12 then nung 19 nagreply sila na 7 to 10 banking days ang evaluation. May ref cc naman ako from BDO. Para bang si BPI at Security Bank to na mahigpit? Late kasing naapprove yung Citibank ko kaya hindi ko naisama sa ref cc (well hindi ko rin naman siguro dapat ilagay kasi bago lang at sa nov 3 pa dadating yun card). Anyway, gusto ko lang malaman dun sa may PNB CC kung mahigpit ba sila or what. TIA :)

    Maluwag sila pero dapat masagot mga tawag nila, at ng pasok sa criteria nila.

    IMHO, BPI at BDO lang ang mahigpit sa CC applications.
  • Strong7PowerStrong7Power Member PEx Moderator
    jhet3 wrote: »
    Maswerte lang siguro ako paps sa BPI kasi once lang sila tumawag sakin nun. Asking me my work address then after two days dumating na *** card without telling me na approved. Pero sa ibang bank hirap ako ma approve like citi and metrobank.

    Kaya maganda kung masasagot mo ang mga tawag ng mga nasa CREDIT INVESTIGATION and EVALUATION TEAM.
  • Ilang araw po ba ang verdict ng ng request sa credit limit ng PNB?
  • Strong7PowerStrong7Power Member PEx Moderator
    Ana Mariam wrote: »
    Ilang araw po ba ang verdict ng ng request sa credit limit ng PNB?
    May umaabot na raw ngayon ng isang buwan. Basta dapat natanggap nila o na-endorse na nila ang ICL Form sa email. With CONFIRMATION.
  • Strong7PowerStrong7Power Member PEx Moderator
    Ayos! Sana maapprove ako sa PNB, ito na lang at Eastwest ang hinihintay ko e. Hindi ko akalain na madedecline ako sa AUB ang weird pero naapprove ako sa BDO at Citibank. Anyway, baka kakaiba talaga ang evaluation process nila at baka wala sa hawak na card ang basis or what. Anyway, hintayin ko pa rin sa PNB at Eastwest. Wala pa rin akong tawag na narereceive galing kay PNB :D

    @ADLERIAN: Iba-iba naman kasi mga criteria ng mga bangko ayon sa kani-kanilang parameters; idagdag pa ang mood ng Evaluator, Credit Investigator, Approving Officer o anupamang tawag sa kanila. Isa iyan sa mga salik na dapat nating isaalang-alang.

    Nawa mapa-OO mo ang PNB-ALLIED CARDS.
  • Strong7PowerStrong7Power Member PEx Moderator

    FINAL VERDICT: PNB World M3 vs DCI Premiere

    Best lounge access:
    DCI Premiere

    Best Mabuhay Miles Earning:
    DCI Premiere

    Best insurance:
    DCI Premiere (PHP20 Million)

    Best for additional perks, privileges, benefits:
    PNB Mabuhay Miles World MasterCard
    -Elite Concierge
    -Purchase Protection
    -Priority Check-in at PAL Business Class Counters @ NAIA 2
    -Free 10,000 Mabuhay Miles when you make P100K-worth of transactions at PAL during your first year )
    -Credit Card Insurance Option
  • ArkimanArkiman Artist PEx Expert 🎖️
    Finally! in 4 banking days may result na ICL.
    Tinapatan si reference cc from 440k>>>510k!
    Wow big thanks PNB knowing na kakaincreased lang din last month (sa imbentong reference cc courtesy of MCC hehe)
    PNB M3 World MC here we come hehehehe to apply or not
  • May umaabot na raw ngayon ng isang buwan. Basta dapat natanggap nila o na-endorse na nila ang ICL Form sa email. With CONFIRMATION.

    Pag declined po ba ang request ng credit limit mageemail ba ang pnb o hindi na. 5 days na kasi simula ng magsend sila sakin ng confirmation email na natanggap nila request ko.
  • Arkiman wrote: »
    Finally! in 4 banking days may result na ICL.
    Tinapatan si reference cc from 440k>>>510k!
    Wow big thanks PNB knowing na kakaincreased lang din last month (sa imbentong reference cc courtesy of MCC hehe)
    PNB M3 World MC here we come hehehehe to apply or not

    Nagemail ba sila o nagcheck kalang sa online.
  • Strong7PowerStrong7Power Member PEx Moderator
    Arkiman wrote: »
    Finally! in 4 banking days may result na ICL.
    Tinapatan si reference cc from 440k>>>510k!
    Wow big thanks PNB knowing na kakaincreased lang din last month (sa imbentong reference cc courtesy of MCC hehe)
    PNB M3 World MC here we come hehehehe to apply or not

    Congrats, @ARKIMAN.

    Na-endorse na rin ang akin sa ICL.

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