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night spots in baguio?

hey my freinds and i are planning on spending the summer in baguio, i just wanted to know where in baguio could you have the most fun (i.e. bars, restos, etc.)


  • where else in baguio?
  • gimbals! just across golden pines hotel. i'm sure the taxi drivers there would know when u say "gimbals." great band! enjoy!
  • padi's point.
    cafe by the ruins. i heard they have good rice wine there.
    safari lodge...tama ba yun?

  • if you want quite music good enough for lounging and conversation go to the following:
    a. brewyard bar and grill
    b. rumors
    c. pilgrim's cafe

    if you want live bands and upbeat music try:
    a. cafe san luis
    b. gimbals
    c. alberto's
    d. skybox
    e. padis point

    for discos try

    sorry can't give you infos on KTV joints here.
  • msnmsn PExer
    haven't tried this but my friends from Baguio said CACTUS BAR is a nice place to try. it is along Legarda rd..near Gimbals. Just don't go to the bars on weekdays coz you won't enjoy it really. Baguio people usually go out on weekends only - Fridays & Saturdays.
  • for me, cactus bar and padi's point are the good night spots sa baguio...i got bored at gimbal's...maybe because the bands that performed when we went there weren't good at all...:) skybox, ok lang...but i haven't been to spirits yet kasi may entrance fee...my cousin who lives in baguio said it wasn't worth it daw...o well, that's his opinion, might try spirits one time. :)
  • nok33nok33 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    try nyo cactus bar...saya din dun...i think pag weekdays half yung prices nung beers nila ngayon kaya medyo marami ring pumupunta ...and besides pag maraming tao dun lapit lang yung 18bc...sa tapat lang nun...medyo lapit din dun yung gimbals and merx pero i don't like gimbals that much na...i think medyo boring na dun e...yung bars na yun sa legarda road...spirits and shadow ok din...yung shadow disco sa concorde hotel.

    para sa food...try dencio's sa john hay or sa forest house near nevada square along loakan road.

    o pala try swagman din...most of the people are foreigners pero k din tumambay dun sa may deck nila...malay nyo makita nyo pa ko dun...:glee:
  • g0dg0d PExer
    Cafe San Luis - Its near Calderon St. Very near Jollibee ( Session Road ). Above Dragons Den.

    Vines - Its at Nevada Square. Near the former John Hay 'main gate'.

    But personally, I think Baguio has virtually no nightlife.
  • maganda sa papaparty computers sa juniper bldg. umuulan ng gin pomelo!

    kung gusto niyo ng gimik na bastos, subukan niyo sa zeus,flamingo,star city 1&2,jecks,korphil 1&2 o sa bahay namin...

  • If youre looking for something different, try Wild West .

    I dont know exactly where it is but Im sure if you ask the cab drivers, theyd know. Its very popular among locals. They have live bands that play, get ready for this.... country music!

    Im not into country music but it was such a trip! At least its not like your usual Manila bars and clubs that play nothing but pop and jazz.

    But if you do go there, just try not to look too "manilaey", dont call attention to yourselves and try to blend in. Wear cowboy boots and hat! ;)
  • If you want to have a nice conversation, here are the list;

    If you want to paint the town red;
    cafe san luis
    cactus bar

    for guys;
    there are a lot here....try jecks...zeus...strawberry garden...etc...just tell the taxi driver where you want to go....hehehe
  • k3rwink3rwin PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    i think its forest inn cafe located at loakan road.. nice place to talk to..

    and [/b]cafe by the ruins[/b]


    located at juniper building... bonifacio st.

  • this is what i need!

    my friends and i will be there on the last week of this month and this is very useful as most of us have never been gone to baguio. i hope that the places you mentioned are really good.

  • Shadow's
    Cactus Bar
    La Azotea

  • Originally posted by esofagus
    this is what i need!

    my friends and i will be there on the last week of this month and this is very useful as most of us have never been gone to baguio. i hope that the places you mentioned are really good.


    hey i hope you have a wonderful time here. Mabuhay and welcome to the cleanest & greenest city of the Philippines; the city of flowers and the city of lights. :beam:
  • MoonStruckMoonStruck PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    been here for more than six months & i only had seen few bars at night:
    chill out
    red lion
    the gay bar in session (forgot the name)
    blue notes
    kwago bar
    v lounge
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