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Mars84 Member
What do you guys think of her? She's the only local celeb I've admired for a long time. She's so refined and classy. By the way she behaves, you can tell na she comes from a good family. She also doesn't act like a 'showbiz persona.' She doesn't call attention upon herself and unlike other actresses, she's not over the top. Her simplicity is what makes her stand out.

I just think it's so rare to find a celebrity like her. She's been in the entertainment industry for a long time pero wala pa akong nababalitaan na nakakaaway niya. She seems so humble. I have nothing but respect for her. D


  • nakikipost_po!!
    nakikipost_po!! witch,w/ capital B
    elegance personified. :)
  • Mickey2000
    Mickey2000 TheFoodBlogger
    When I saw her a few yrs ago sa Concert ni Randy, napaka-classy ng dating niya,by the way she dress,and she have some similarity with Julia Roberts, minus the sex appeal.
  • Charming siya at alam niyang i-handle ang fame. I like her but her singing career is not that good.
  • damnright
    damnright I feel it in my fingers.. ♫
    ok lang sya sakin.:)
  • PiayA
    PiayA kidd...
    yeah i agree.... agot is so natural and simple..... she looks even prettier in person... pero eto ha, not to make sira sa kanya or something, i saw her one time with a couple of friends, lately lang to, and she smokes! natural lang naman mag-smoke eh.... pro i guess that's a factor kung baket di pa sya napre-preggy... i dont know lang kung plan talaga nila ng husband nya yun.... :*)
  • she's okay but she can't speak of any success or achievement as far as being an sold concerts/shows or blockbuster solo movies, no top-rating TV show, no multi-platinum albums, no big product endorsements, etc...parang lagi lang syang pang-sahog but never the main ingredient...i guess there are people who are not really bound for stardom, those who don't really make it big pero andyan lang lagi...kaya she has no reason den naman to act bigger than she is...
  • Thanks for your opinions, guys. I'm glad a lot of people like her.

    Keep 'em coming.
  • oris
    oris Member
    she's a good singer b4 kaya lang naging Alanis wannabe kaya bumagsak singing career. sayang... :(
  • oops double post. :shutup:
  • she's very refined and she knows how to project herself without looking maarte or trying-hard. she exudes elegance and beauty.
  • audra
    audra gamma girl
    i like her, simple saka sophisticated dating. she doesn't need to have her breasts augmented or flash her skin para maging pretty. pinay na pinay ang beauty.
  • avonlea
    avonlea Moderator
    I like her!
  • She's ok. I like the way she dresses. Binabagay niya sa edad niya ang sinusuot niya.
  • CandyCushnip
    CandyCushnip Banned by Admin
    all i can say is that i love her since "sa isip ko" times. i have her first album. :)
  • i like her too! simple, classy and elegant. i like the way she carries herself. i saw her one time sa mall, akala ko morena sya but no! she's maputi pala in person. but you know what? i used to work in a telecoms co. and was able to get her call... she was like... "si agot isidro to! iko-complain ko lang yung nagpa-prank dito blah blah..." hello?!??! i wasn't asking for her name yet! and so what if she's agot isidro?!? i got turned off. but i still like her looks.
  • margaret
    margaret Registered User
    i heard most of the staff of the defunct show, sa linggo na po sila hate her. di raw maganda ang ugali...sabi lang ng friend ko na former staff din.
  • I just saw the new show of Aga Muhlach, inalis na pala na ABS and Okatokat and Attagirl! So what will happen kay Ms Agot? Will she have another show? Hope the network will give her a new show na bagay sa kanya. Maybe isang lifestlye o all about fashion na show which I think she will do well. Hope to see her often on tv. Its been quite a while since I saw her live eh!:rolleyes: :( :D:cool:
  • keroppi
    keroppi (",)
    i like her din... i like some of her songs :)
  • leeann
    leeann born to fly
    she's not just pretty, she's also very smart. she took interior design in U.P. and some of my teachers were her ka-barkada back then. they said she's really good but mas inclined talaga siya sa music. i heard she does projects with ariel rivera sometimes, coz he's an architect as well. but mostly sa friends lang daw nila.
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