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[center-hidden]In The Service Of The Filipino Worldwide. Welcome To Our 573rd Thread, Kapamilya!

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[highlight]Kapamilya Thread Line-up 2003-2004-2005[/highlight]

Speak Up! Global ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExers Unite! by 4MER_Pexer
175,427 posts

Speak Up Now! ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite! III
acidlemon 5,415 posts

Speak Up Now! ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite! IV by acidlemon 5,252 posts

Speak Up Now! ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite! Part V
by acidlemon 5,103 posts

Speak Up Now! ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite! Part VI
by acidlemon 5,038 posts

Speak up Global ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite Part VII
by ashley26ph2004 5,227 posts

Speak up Global ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite Part VIII ( Part 8 )
by khakiskrt 5,087 posts

Speak up Global ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite Part IX ( Part 9 )
by manddy_lei 5,082 posts

Speak Up! Global ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite! Part X (10)
by sicked&tired 5,246 posts

Speak up Global ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite Part XI (Part 11)
by sapat 5,040 posts

Global Kapamilya Voice: United (ABSCBN Kapamilya Thread Part XII)
by iRebirth 5,021 posts

GlobaL KAPAMILYA PexErs: FuLL fOrCE @ 13th thReAd
by XCLUSIVEperson 5,066 posts

The 14th Avenue: Global Kapamilya PExers, WELCOME!
by mykel14 5,022 posts

Speak Up: Nakatikim Na Sila - Kapamilya 15th Thread [merged]
by kryptonite_819 5,056 posts

Kapamilya 16th Thread: Mula sa una mong minahal at patuloy na mamahalin...
by tfc_subscriber 5,033 posts

by ashley26ph2004 5,034 posts

Speak Up! Bawat Pilipino Kapamilya! The ABS-CBN 18th Thread
by mhie mhie 5,015 posts

Speak Up Kapamilya 19th Thread:ABS-CBN "Kapamilya ng Bawat Pinoy at Pusong Pinoy"
by summoned_dead 5,024 posts

Speak Up Kapamilya 20th thread : Katibok ng bawat Puso, Kapamilya, Saan Man sa Mundo!
by pilipinas_2005 5,028 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk 21: Saanman Sa Mundo, Tunay na "Pinoy TV" ng Bawat Pilipino
by Johnston 5,033 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk 22: Great Shows! Great Values! Saan ka man sa Mundo!
by MY_maka_mandag 5,009 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk 23: Exceedingly clever,sets the hook-of-all-hooks worldwide
by MY_maka_mandag 5,046 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXTalk 24: Setting the Greatest Innovations in Philippine TV!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,035 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk Turns Silver: Sparkling and Stunning! <Thread 25>
by Johnston 5,026 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXTALK 26: Bringing the PHENOMENAL SHOWS in Philippine TV!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,013 posts

by MY_maka_mandag 5,092 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk [28] - Epitome of Filipino Brilliance and Values
by Johnston 5,019 posts

by MY_maka_mandag 5,025 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 30: Ang pumasok dito, CUTE!
by Johnston 5,027 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 31: Ang Sarap ng Samahang Hinubog ng Panahon
by meijunji 5,020 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Christmas Thread 32 - [The Merry FAMILY Gatherings]
by leorainj 5,010 posts

[highlight]Kapamilya Thread Line-up 2006[/highlight]

abs-cbn kapamilya Thread 33 - pamilyang sama-sama ngayong 2006
by Boy_Tumador 5,019 posts

Abs-cbn Thread 34: Iba Tayo! Kabarkada Mo! Kapuso Na, Kapamilya Pa!!!!
by hollywood_03 5,023 posts

AbS-CbN Official Thread 35: Magkasama sa LUNGKOT at SAYA!!! Bangon KAPAMILYA!!!
by crazp 5,055 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 36: Summerrrrrific Thread! Have Fun Under the Sun!
by Johnston 5, 020 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 37: CHILL! Iba ang Galing, Iba ang Dating! Saan Ka Pa?!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,016 posts

ABS CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 38: Hotter Than Summer's Heat!! Still CHILLING!!!!
by rhandz_karel 5,026 posts

ABSCBN Kapamilya Pextalk 39:KAPAMILYA! Summer Na! Sama Ka! Dito Ka Na Sa Mas Masaya!
by rhandz_karel 5,013 posts

Kapamilya PExtalk 40: Sa Nagmamahalang Magka-Kapamilya,WONDERFUL ang LIFE dis SUMMER!
by sheikdc_18 5,019 posts

ABS-CBN Pextalk41: Tara na sa Kapamilya Summer Grand Eyeball, Sama Ka!?...LET'S GO!!
by crazp 5,036 posts

ABS-CBN Pextalk42: Kabataang Pinoy, Maging Sino Ka Man. Let's GO! Sabay Tayo!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,007 posts

ABS-CBN Pextalk43: This Thread doesn't get any better than this.
by MY_maka_ma 5,006 posts

ABS-CBN PextalkBida44:Ang Numero Uno sa Buong Bansa at sa Buong Mundo[Premium Thread]
by MY_maka_ma 5,015 posts

ABS-CBN Pextalk45: Naabot na ng Kapamilya ang Tugatog ng Daigdig at Tagumpay!
by masangsang 5,014 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk46: Iba ang SAYA, Iba ang LIGAYA sa PUSO ng Bawat KAPAMILYA!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,015 posts

ABS-CBN PEXtalk47: All About FUN,All About LOVE, Not Just About MAGIC! Aha! Aha!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,017 posts

ABS-CBN PEXtalk48: Ating Alamin! by MY_maka_mandag
5,005 posts

ABSCBN PEXtalk49: Angat sa PUSO ng Bawat Pilipino, Magpakailanman! Oh, Ano ha?
by marycrumb2 5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk Golden Thread of PEX Champions and PEX Idols- Part 50 -
by MY_maka_mandag 5,003 posts

5,008 posts

ABS-CBN PexTalk52: Angat sa Puso't Diwa ng Bawat Pilipino, Mula Noon Hanggang Ngayon!
by johnnebula 5,013 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk53: Angat ang BANDILA ng Pinoy, Saan Man sa Mundo!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Pextalk 54: MAGING SINO KA MAN, naging SAKSI ka sa pagmamahal ng KAPAMILYA!
5,005 posts

ABS-CBN Pextalk 55: Wherever you are...still the best and number 1 Phil TV Station!
by TT BOY 5,021 posts

ABSCBN Pextalk56: TAMA at SAKTO. Walang Dagdag sa Ratings at Thread Number. Tagos ba?
by joRtybRat 5,010 posts

ABSCBN PexTalk57: KAPAMILYA, Saan Man sa Mundo... Ito ang Tahanan Mo!!!
5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk58: Ang DRAMA sa Likod ng PANGARAP! Blentungan Na!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,011 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk59: People are getting crazy because ABS-CBN is still # 1
by TT BOY 5,006 posts

ABSCBN Kapamilya PEXTalk60: MAGING SINO KA MAN, Kapamilya Ka!
by Correct! 5,005 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk61: ALL-TIME BIGTIME sa SAYA. BIDA sa PUSO ng Bawat Pamilya!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,015 posts

Kapamilya PEXTalk62: Nangunguna, Walang Duda! Ang Kokontra, Giba!!!
by johnnebula 5,012 posts

by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,011 posts

ABS-CBN PEXTalk64: Nobody Does It Better than the Undisputed No. 1 Network & PEXTropa
by johnnebula 5,034 posts

by MY_maka_mandag 5,011 posts

ABS-CBN PExtalk66: ALL-TIME BIGTIME sa Noontime. BIDANG-BIDA sa Primetime!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,011 posts

ABS-CBN PExtalk67: Angat ang Ligaya ng Pasko sa Puso ng Bawat Kapamilya!
by rexsolar/rasHiko_dHeNz 5,011 posts

ABS-CBN Pextalk 68: BULAGA! Tuloy na Tuloy pa rin ang Pasko ng iyong Kapamilya!
by Potter_Forever! 5,042 posts

Kapamilya PEXTalk69:Walang Kasing-Sayang Pasko sa Kapamilyang "NO DEAL" sa Prinsipyo!
by johnnebula 5,153 posts

KaPaMiLyA pExTaLk70: NgAyOnG pAsKo, MaGbUbUhAy "RoYaLtY" kA! yOuR hIgHnEsS...
by rexsolar 5,089 posts

KaPaMiLyA pExTaLk71: Ang Pinaka MAsayang Pasko ay nandito sa ABS-CBN!!
by 8_inches_cut 5,018 posts

Kapamilya PEXTalk 72 - Angat na Angat, Tuloy na Tuloy ang Pasko!
by Correct! 5,038 posts

[highlight]Kapamilya Thread Line-up 2007[/highlight]

KaPaMiLyApExTaLk73:dahil NUMBER 1 tayo NATIONWIDE,patuloy tayong aarangkada sa 2007!!
by vuchidnax 5,052 posts

KaPaMiLyApExTaLk74: 2007 - ABS-CBN still the #1 and the only 1, Best Station!
by Corrics 5,109 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk75:Always There & Always Will Be AT THE BEGINNING With YOU!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,028 posts

KAPAMILYA PEXTALK76: Can't Stop This Thing We've Started!!! Woooohoooo!!!!!
by orlino 5,027 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk77: Hot na Hot na Summer! Hot na Hot na Kapamilya!-Hubad na!
5,123 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXTalk78: Ang Bahay ng Pambansang Kuya - Si Pinoy Big Brother!
by johnnebula 5,016 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXTalk79: Choose Happiness, Choose Wellness, Choose ABS-CBN!!!
by johnnebula 5,006 posts

Kapamilya Pextalk # 80: Sa Inyo Ang Mega, Sa Amin Ang Pilipinas!!!
by hollywood_03 5,004 posts

Kapamilya Pextalk # 81: One Nation, One Station, One Family!!!
by kcinmor 5,020 posts

Kapamilya Usapang PEX 82: Isang Bansa, Isang Istasyon, Isang Pamilya....!
by *****_you 5,016 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk83: Magkasama sa Pagsalubong ng Isang Umagang Kayganda!?
by ashley26ph2004 5,021 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 84: Sa Bawat Salita, Pinag-iisa Ang Kapamilyang Pilipino!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,008 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk85: Humanda na sa Pagbabago, dahil mas MASAYA ka DITO!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,002 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk86: The ANGEL is Finally Home Where She Truly Belongs!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,011 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk87: Isang Karangalan sa Ngalan ng Nag-iisa nating BANDILA!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,013 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk88: Sa Bawat Hamon ng Buhay, KAPAMILYA ang Laging Kaagapay!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,031 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk89: Okey ipambida ang Walastik na saya!
by rexsolar 5,005 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk 90: One "Nation", One "Preferred Station", One "Kapamilya"!
by kapamilya#1 5,008 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk91: Isang PAMILYA, Isang PUSO sa DIWA ng PASKO!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,015 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTalk92: Walang mag-iisa ngayong Pasko basta KAPAMILYA ang kasama
by kpamilya4lyf 5,005 posts

abs-cbn Kapamilya PextTalk 93: Sama-sama Tayong Lahat sa Pasko sa ABS-CBN
by 8_inches_cut 5,005 posts

[highlight]Kapamilya Thread Line-up 2008[/highlight]

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTalk 94: 55 Na! Patuloy pa rin sa Paglilingkod at Pagtatagumpay
by gulf_dude 5,015 posts

by Meecah_05 5,006 posts

ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA PEXTALK 96:One Nation,One Station,1 Love This Season of Hearts!
by itspaybacktime 5,005 posts

ABS-CBN Team Kapamilya PExTalk 97: Jump High & Celebrate, Congratulations Batch 2008!
by gulf_dude 5,055 posts

by JoeyThe_Leon 5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PexTalk 99: The Gateway to a New ERA of Usapang Kapamilya!
by cmsc_ako 5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PexTalk 100: Another Milestone - Team Kapamilya Hits Century Mark!
by colorblind84 5,001 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk101: The Home of World-Class Excellence!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 5,685 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk102: Iba't-Iba man ang GALAW, Iisa kung HUMATAW!
by rasHiko_dHeNz 6,213 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk103:the most ADMIRED and INNOVATIVE kapamilya reunites AGAIN
by 100%wagi 5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk104: BER is to Dream Big, Be Bettyful, and Celebrates 55
by gulf_dude 5,365 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk105: D'Great Comeback of One TEAM! One WORLD! One KAPAMILYA!
by Meecah_05 5,083 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 106:Para Sa Katotohanan at Serbisyong Bayan, WALANG IWANAN!
by machaka 5,242 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 107:Merry ang X'MAS sa BAGONG TAON na may BAGONG SIMULA
by kcinmor 5,015 posts

[highlight]Kapamilya Thread Line-up 2009[/highlight]

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTalk 108: A Fresh Start & New Beginning, All The BEST Beyond TV
by gulf_dude 5,013 posts

ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA Pextalk 109: Luzon,Visayas & Mindanao,TY So Much For Making Us #1!

by itspaybacktime
5,892 post

ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA PExtalk 110: Galaw-galaw sa Tag-araw, Welcome back Pacquiao!

by Kathy Punan
5,269 posts

ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA PExtalk 111: Galaw-Galaw sa Tag-araw, Hataw parin Araw-araw!

by Kathy Punan
5,715 posts


by angelafrica18
5,098 posts

ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA PEXtalk 113: Huling Hirit ngayong Tag-init!
by _kiba_ / JoeyThe_Leon 5,644 posts

ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA PEXtalk 114: UULAN ng saya mula sa PINAKAMASARAP panoorin! SUKOB na!
by kurt_01 5,374 posts

by bluexy84 5,493 posts

ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA Pextalk 116:ABS-CBN pa rin ang MAS pinapanood sa BUONG BANSA!wohoo!
by _kiba_ 5,025 posts

Kapamilya Pextalk 117 : ABS-CBN ang tunay na NO. 1 : Walang daya, walang duda!
by angelafrica18 5,020 posts

by _kiba_ 5,253 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 119: Bringing top quality, Living supremacy, Going beyond TV
by _kiba_ 5,002 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTalk 120: Pioneer in Broadcasting, Leads the Future of Phil.TV
by gulf_cute 5,152 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PeXtalk 121: Sa Tahanan Kung Saan Una ang Damdaming Pinoy!
by kurt_01 5,057 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTalk 123: We Have the Best & Quality, What More Can U Ask For?
by itspaybacktime 5,009 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk124: A Network with Soul,Thats what ABS is All About
by kiba 5,058 posts

KAPAMILYA PEXTALK 127:BRO ikaw ang tunay na magpapaningning at magpapakislap ng Pasko
by jaceeness16

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTalk 128: Tunay na Star, Kahit Anong Okasyon Sa Lahat ng Panahon
by gulf_dude 5010 posts

by hackerz_macky 5,040 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PeXTalk 130: Wala ng Kokontra, ngayong 2010 ABS-CBN parin ang Bida!
by Sexy kathy 5,040 posts

[highlight]Kapamilya Thread Line-up 2010[/highlight]

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PeXTalk 131: No one else comes Close! Not Even d 2nd Largest Network
by jann_croix 5,000 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 132:WINNER sa Saya, WINNER sa Ganda, WINNER tayo Kapamilya
by SEXY KATHY 5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 133:Wala Nang Bibitiw! NO GUARDS Can Stop Us From Making You Happy!

by fanstatic 5,007 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXTalk 134: Ang Tahanan ng mga Sikat at Tunay na Wagi sa Anumang Larangan!

by jaceeness16 5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXTalk 135: Mas Titindi Mas Madarama pa ang Tunay na Drama ng buhay
by hackerz_macky 5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXTalk 136: Home of the Most Acclaimed Pinoy Soap Operas for 60Yrs
by jann_croix 5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PeXTalk 137:Tuloy pa rin ang Ligaya!Sa Tahanan ng mga TUNAY na BIDA
by hackerz_macky 5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 138: Ngayong Buwan ng FEB-IBIG, BIG ang Pag-ibig!
by jddumawa 5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk 139: Over sa Drama at Saya. Over sa Lahat, Actually!!!
by maldito_ako 5,023 posts

by fanstatic 5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 141: TAYO ang Simula: Himig ng TUNAY na Pagbabago
by hackers_macky 5,001 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXTalk142: Kapamilyas, beat the Heat. Magpasikat ngayong tag-init!
by jann_croix 5,040 posts

Kapamilya PEXtalk 143: Wala ng KOKONTRA,We GOT it!..YES na YES, ONLY THE BEST!!!
by kawawawe 5,040 posts

by hackerz_macky 5,002 posts

Kapamilya PExtalk 145: It's Official, Summer Na! Arriba Kapamilya, Tayo'y Magsaya!
by thebottomline 5,000 posts

Kapamilya PExtalk 146: Summer ang Simula ng Pagbabago,Kapamilya Sama-sama Tayo!
by santino_kokey 5,034 posts

Kapamilya PExtalk 147: Summer Ang Simula, Pagka-Pinoy Ating i-Bandila
by gulf_dude 5,000 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 148: Feel the Summer Heat sa ang Istasyong Hit na Hit, Pak!
by Sexy_Kathy 5,087 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 149: Kasiyahang Hindi Pilit Sa Dos Ngayong Tag-init!
by kabaklaan 5,004 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 150: We are not Bitter. We are just Better, Hitler!
by jann_croix 5,024 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 151: Don’t cha wish your network was hot like ours!
by punchkid 5,017 posts

ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA PExtalk152:This is it!Simula na ng Face2Face na Laban!Its Showtime!
by ScareYouOften 5,006 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTALK 153: Simulan na ang PAGBABAGO! AKO ang SIMULA!!
by maldita2006 5,006 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTalk 154:This Election, I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror!
by vuchidnax 5,098 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTalk 155: Ngayon na ang Simula ng Tunay na Pagbabago!
5009 posts by FvcktarD

ABS CBN Kapamilya PExTalk 156: Tayo ang Simula, Tayo Pa rin ang Magpapatuloy!
by ScareYouOften
5037 posts

ABS-CBN PExtalk 157: Paalam Tard,Vuchidnax at Illusyon! See You in 2011. Char!
by ScareYouOften 5025 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 158: Stars come and go, but the institution stays.
by xKarma 5132 posts

ABS-CBN PExtalk 159: Bakit ako papatol sa mga talunan na bitter ngayon? - Krissy
by Sexy_Kathy 5005 posts

ABS-CBN PExtalk 160: HALA BIDA, Tuloy tuloy ang Saya! Sukob na!
by wariha 5002 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk 161: Sabay-sabay sa Pagrampa, Kapamilya Sukob Na!
by punchkid 5004 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk: OUT with the old, IN with the new @ 162
by AguaMaldita 5032 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk: The Unveiling of a New Beginning @ 163
by Sexy_Kathy 5009 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 164 : ABS-CBN Corporation, Beyond Media Broadcasting by
5005 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXTalk 165:Wala Nang Sasarap pa sa Tag-Ulan ng Kapamilya,Sukob Na!
by ScareYouOften 5005 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PeXtalk 166 : Always Raising the bar, leaving OTHERS behind !! by
5017 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 167 : Full Kapamilya Power Ngayong Third Quarter! by
5000 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 168 : Mula Umaga Hanggang Gabi, Kapamilya WIN na WIN! by marscious 5000 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXTalk 169:Sa inyo na ang People!Amin ang HH,NUTAM at Advertisers!
by ScareYouOften 5000 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 170: Aja! Aja! Aja! More Kapamilya Shows, Bibida Na!! by
5000 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk : Too Hot To Handle ! @ 171 by `hackerz_macky 5000 posts

ABS-CBN PEXTalk 172:Owvherr?!Bibida na si iDOL in a Major,Major Teleserye! by ScareYouOften5000 posts

ABS-CBN PExtalk 173: All-STAR POWER shows ng mga Supah-IDOL na PARTY-PARTY sa Saya! by `hackerz_macky 5035 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 174: I LIKE! ? by Sexy Kathy 5018 posts

ABS-CBN PExTalk 175: Listen! by hydrangea 5018 posts

ABS-CBN PExTalk 176 : Imortal! by marscious 5018 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 177: Kitang-kita ang Star Power! It's all yours! ? by ScareYouOften 5001 posts

ABS-CBN PexTalk 178: We BUILD names. Where DREAMS are made real. WAPAK! by Pythos 5001 posts

ABS-CBN PExTalk 179: Advertisers, Investors & Ratings. We've Got It All! by LaGuardian 5055 posts

ABS-CBN PExTalk 180: #1 Noon, #1 pa din Ngayon. 'Nuff Said. by LaGuardian
5931 posts

ABS-CBN PExTalk 181: The One and Only Star Network ? by JunreyCio
5354 posts

ABS-CBN PExTalk 182 : Ang Patrol ng Pilipino, Bumabandila sa Buong Mundo! by
5001 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTalk 183 : Ngayon Pasko , Magniningning ang mga Pilipino !! by
5011 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTalk 184 : Patuloy ang Pagningning ng Pilipino Ngayong Pasko!
by marscious
5011 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXTalk 185: Kapamilya! Saan Man sa Mundo,Tanaw ang Liwanag mo! by ScareYouOften 5300 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXTalk 186: Saan man sa Mundo, Angat ang Pilipino ngayong Pasko!
by `hackerz_macky 5050 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 187: Araw-araw, Pasko! Dahil from AM to PM, BIDA Kapamilya!
by siKATH 5050 posts

Kapamilya PExtalk 188: Ibang level ang SAYA ng PASKO, kapag KAPAMILYA ang kapiling mo by usttigershark 5390 posts

Kapamilya PExtalk 189: Peace.Love.Joy.Kapamilya.Christmas.Rocks. by marscious 5246 posts

ABS-CBN PEXTalk 190:Ngayong PASKO,Wala Ka Nang Hahanapin Pa Basta't Kasama,KAPAMILYA! by rej_miller18 5469 posts

ABS-CBN PEXTalk 191: Ngayong PASKO,Walang Pagsidlan ang TUWA at SAYA ng mga KAPAMILYA! by heartbeatREJ 5,137+ posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 192: This 2011, KAPAMILYA first before others! ? by ChiKATH 5,127 posts

[highlight]Kapamilya Thread Line-up 2011[/highlight]

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 193 : Kapamilya BIDABest at its FINEST! by marscious
5,042 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 194: Sa Nagkakaisang Damdamin Walang Mahirap Gawin. by
5, 107 posts

ABSCBN PEXTalk 195:BidaBEST sa Tagisan ng Galing,Labanan ng Talino't,Lakasan ng Loob! by rej_miller18 5, 301 posts

ABS-CBN#196: We don't stop till the GOOD gets BETTER and the BETTER becomes BIDABEST! by usttigershark 5, 240 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 197: Istasyon kung Saan ang BIDA ay laging the BEST !! by
5, 499 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 198 : BIDABEST Fever ngayong FebEver! by marscious 5, 209 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 199: Kapit na sa Pinaka-BIDABEST mong FEBrero EVER!!!! by rej_miller19 5, 006 posts

ABS-CBN PExtalk 200 : Phil na Phil ang FEB-IBIG dahil Angel ang maging Kapamilya! by
5, 006 posts

ABS-CBN PExtalk 201:Tuloy ang Feb-Ever sa Istasyong Talagang Ramdam Nationwide ! by @hackerz_macky 5, 156 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk 202: Dito, RAMDAM ang Pagiging WAGI sa Anumang Larangan! by @FreakWhenSee 5, 389 posts

Kapamilya PExtalk 203: Ang katotohanang mahirap itanggi — ABS-CBN ang tunay na NO.1!
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Kapamilya PExtalk 204 : Ang Istasyong Hindi Ipinagpapalit ng Bayan...ABS CBN! by spiez 6, 374 posts

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Classic ABS-CBN soap na gusto mong gawan/ulit ng remake

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    Official Trailer | 'Seven Sundays'
    ABS-CBN Star Cinema
    Published on Oct 3, 2017
    Will the Bonifacios survive 7 Sundays together?

    Here's the trailer for the upcoming family comedy-drama [#]SevenSundays[/#]! Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina and starring Ronaldo Valdez, Dingdong Dantes, Enrique Gil, Cristine Reyes, and Aga Muhlach, it opens in cinemas October 11!
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    Mula sa Puso
    Is John Lloyd Cruz quitting show biz for good?
    By: Dolly Anne Carvajal - @inquirerdotnetPhilippine Daily Inquirer / 12:08 AM October 09, 2017


    Could it be true that John Lloyd Cruz is quitting show biz and leaving the country for good? How true is it that the actor left a special power of attorney for his family’s needs?

    Reports have it that some of his endorsements have allegedly already pulled the plug.

    Last Friday, ABS-CBN issued a press statement announcing that the network and John Lloyd “have agreed for him to take an indefinite leave of absence to attend to personal matters.”

    “John Lloyd will be taking a break outside the country and will return to ABS-CBN after his leave of absence,” the statement said.

    A network insider insists that the actor has allegedly not reported for the taping of his show, “Home Sweetie Home,” for two weeks now.

    Has John Lloyd decided on his exit strategy after his controversial Cebu-escapade videos (which went viral) with Ellen Adarna and their friends were generally perceived as “foolish and strange” behavior?

    Maybe he got so drained and just wanted to enjoy his hard-earned money away from prying eyes and the maddening show biz circus.

    Hopefully, John Lloyd will just take a brief hiatus, so after being “burned out,” he’ll be all fired up to act again.
  • steelebardancersteelebardancer Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Mula sa Puso
    Satisfaction, trust ratings of Duterte down — SWS
    By: the Inquirer staff - @inquirerdotnet
    Philippine Daily Inquirer / 07:28 AM October 09, 2017


    Public satisfaction and trust in President Duterte saw double-digit declines in the third week of September, a slump in his 15-month-old presidency that gave him the lowest ratings since he came to power, according to the latest survey by Social Weather Stations (SWS).

    The biggest decline in public satisfaction was recorded among Class E, the poor who are mainly the victims of Mr. Duterte’s bloody war on drugs.

    Net public satisfaction with Mr. Duterte plunged 18 points from +66 to +48, according to SWS. His net trust rating declined 15 points to +60 from +75 in June.

    SWS conducted the noncommissioned survey just days after rallies were staged nationwide on Sept. 21 to protest street killings related to Mr. Duterte’s war on drugs and threats of one-man rule.

    The survey from Sept. 23 to 27 covered 1,500 adult respondents nationwide and had a margin of error of plus-or-minus 3 percentage points for national percentages.

    Despite the huge declines, SWS still considered the President’s net satisfaction rating “good” and his trust rating “very good.”

    SWS considers a rating of +70 and above “excellent”; +50 to +69, “very good”; +30 to +49, “good”; +10 to +29, “moderate”; +9 to -9, “neutral”; -10 to -29, “poor.”

    Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella had not responded to text messages as of press time when sought for comments on the results of the SWS survey.

    ‘Honeymoon is over’

    The opposition coalition, [#]TindigPilipinas[/#], said the two-digit decline in Mr. Duterte’s net satisfaction rating showed that “the honeymoon is over.”

    In a statement, the group called on the President “to heed the people’s call to stop extrajudicial killings, rethink the war on drugs and desist from weakening our democratic institutions.”

    It reiterated its call for him to sign a bank waiver to prove that he did not have any unexplained wealth.


    The drop in the President’s ratings is “expected,” given the recent controversies involving the administration, according to Sen. Francis Pangilinan.

    “The administration has been embroiled in corruption scandals, such as P6.4-billion Davao group-Bureau of Customs ‘shabu’ (crystal meth) smuggling controversy, and the daily extrajudicial killings and murders of minors by abusive policemen,” Pangilinan said in a text message.

    ‘Bound to happen’

    Sen. Panfilo Lacson said the drop in the ratings of the President was “bound to happen sooner or later.”

    “The excitement and adulation that a new leader gets after getting his fresh mandate normally dissipate the moment the people start seeing some predictability in his brand of leadership,” Lacson said in a text message.

    Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV said people were beginning to see Mr. Duterte as a “lying, rude, amoral, corrupt and oppressive former mayor.”

    “To think that this survey was done just before the Ombudsman confirmed Mr. Duterte’s billion-peso bank deposits, so the next survey results are expected to be worse,” Trillanes said in a text message.

    Except in Mindanao

    The President’s satisfaction rating fell in all areas, except in Mindanao.

    The biggest decline of 30 points from +73 to +43 was recorded in the Visayas, followed by 22 points in Luzon outside Metro Manila from +58 to +36. The decline in Metro Manila was 19 points (from +63 to +44).

    Mindanao gave the President a rating of +76.

    His satisfaction ratings slumped in all social classes, with the biggest drop of 32 points recorded among class E from +67 to +35. His net rating dropped from +59 to +57 among class ABC.

    Caloocan Rep. Edgar Erice said the results of the survey “should be taken by the President as a wake-up call. It’s time that he should also listen to his critics, specially on the issue of war on drugs.”

    Gabriela Rep. Emmi de Jesus said the administration’s “wrong moves” were to blame for the President’s slide in ratings. —Reports from Christine O. Avendaño, Vince F. Nonato, Nikko Dizon, and Inquirer Research

    ^Fake news :wondering: :hmm:
  • steelebardancersteelebardancer Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Mula sa Puso
    Malaca?ang welcomes ?constructive? SWS survey
    By: Nestor Corrales - Reporter / @NCorrales / 10:49 AM October 09, 2017


    Malaca?ang on Monday said the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey showing a decline in the net satisfaction and trust ratings of President Rodrigo Duterte was a ?barometer? on how to improve the programs of the government.

    ?We accept this as a barometer, as a guide post, for all of us in government to work harder, to focus on what we are doing and of course also to accept criticisms constructively; and this is good because this is a scientific survey,? Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said in an interview with dwFM radio.

    Duterte?s net satisfaction rating fell to ?good? from June?s ?very good rating in the September survey of the SWS.

    The President got a net satisfaction rating of +48 compared to June?s +66.
    ?This will only be a guide for government to continue doing its programs for change,? Andanar said.

    The noncommissioned survey was conducted from Sept. 23 to 27, just days after the nationwide rally on Sept. 21 to protest street killings and alleged human rights violations under the administration?s war on drugs.

    ?Alam naman natin na surveys are taken as snapshots of that particular moment at siyempre maingay ang politika during that time, maraming mga issues ang pinag-uusapan,? Andanar said.

    ?We respect SWS and we know the SWS is scientific. Like what I mentioned, surveys are the snapshot of a particular given time. At alam naman natin during that time, two days after the National Day of Protest talagang maingay po talaga ang ating media environment, at politikahan mula doon sa oposisyon hanggang sa administrasyon batuhan ng putik,? he added.

    Andanar said Malaca?ang viewed the recent survey as a ?constructive criticism from the public.

    ?We have to accept criticisms constructively and all of these criticisms should serve as a guide post, as a lighthouse for everyone in government to focus on their jobs and also kung merong mga pagkakamali, dapat two steps backward and then three steps forward,? he said.

    The Palace official assured the public it would study details of the survey to address the concerns of the public.

    ?Ating pag-aaralan itong survey. Titingnan natin kung saan nagkamali. Titingnan natin kung saan tayo puwedeng mag-improve,? he said.

    ?We accept criticisms and surveys constructively, and it is really what the present administration is all about it. It?s about moving forward. Make adjustments and move forward. And we are very positive na in the coming months tataas na naman ang satisfaction and trust rating ng ating Pangulo,? he said. /cbb
  • leiraleira Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    ^ Unless you finally listen to the people and not act like you own the country, expect the ratings to drop further. Normally naman talaga pag first year, hopeful pa ang mga tao. Even PNoy enjoyed very high ratings on his first year. Tapos dami na may hate sa kanya on his last year. Eh sa lagay ng PDuts admin, mas malala pa sa mga nagawa ni PNoy. Sobrang divisive pa. Kaya don't expect people to throw in some sympathy later on. I blame this admin for unleashing the barbaric and violent nature of Filipinos.
  • steelebardancersteelebardancer Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Mula sa Puso
    People are realizing change isn’t coming, says solon on Duterte’s ratings drop
    By: Vince F. Nonato - Reporter / @VinceNonato
    INQPhilippine Daily Inquirer / 09:04 PM October 08, 2017

    Rep. Emmi de Jesus (Photo from her Facebook account)

    It seems people are starting to realize change won’t be coming after all, contrary to the promise of President Rodrigo Duterte. That’s why his net satisfaction rating dropped from “very good” to “good” in a third quarter survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations (SWS).

    READ: SWS: Duterte’s net satisfaction rating down from ‘very good’ to ‘good’

    That at least was the reaction of Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Emmi de Jesus, a former Duterte ally, blaming the dip in the President’s ratings on what she called “palpak moves.”

    Among these wrong moves, she cited the thousands of extrajudicial killings hounding the administration’s campaign against illegal drugs, the declaration of martial law in Mindanao due to the five-month long Marawi City conflict, and the unresolved issue of P6.4-billion worth of shabu (crystal meth) smuggled in through the Bureau of Customs last May.

    “People are now seeing how those moves, ‘nega’ ang impact sa majority [the impact is negative on the majority,” De Jesus sad.

    “Coupled with soaring prices of practically all commodities, dami na natauhan na [more people are realizing] change is not coming,” De Jesus said. “In fact, PRRD’s more than a year government made lives of the majority/poor worse than before.”

    PRRD is short for President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

    De Jesus, a member of the Makabayan party-list bloc, broke away from administration-controlled supermajority bloc of the House of Representatives last September.

    Another Makabayan bloc member, ACT Teachers Rep. Antonio Tinio, foresees Duterte’s ratings dropping even more.

    “Lalo pa itong bubulusok sa pagsisikap niyang supilin ang mga imbestigasyon sa umano’y nakatagong kayamanan niya at ng kanyang pamilya; pagpapatuloy ng extrajudicial killings; at pagpapatupad ng mga kontra-mahirap na patakaran lalo na ang kanyang tax reform,” he said.

    [This will plummet even more because of his attempts to repress investigations into the alleged hidden wealth that he and his family has, because of the unabated extrajudicial killings, and because of the anti-poor policies, especially his tax reform.]

    Unfavorable recent weeks

    In a statement, Bagong Henerasyon Rep. Bernadette Herrera-Dy said the developments of recent weeks had “not been been generally favorable to President Duterte.”

    She said, however, that public opinion would be “quite a malleable, clay dough-like easily shaped by twists and turns in current events.”

    “A few or several remedial measures here and there on the crime and peace and order front can result in recovery of those lost points,” Herrera-Dy said. “The end of the battle for Marawi is on the horizon. More Duterte points there.”

    “His base of support remains solid, in my view,” she added. “The 16 million who voted for him in May 2016, I believe, are still there.”

    ‘Wake-up call’

    Caloocan City Rep. Edgar Erice, a member of the so-called Magnificent Seven opposition bloc said: “This should be taken by the president as a wake up call. It’s time that he should also listen to his critics, especially on the issue of war on drugs.”

    “It already a cause of embarrassment not only here but all over the world,” Erice added. “The war on drugs is a losing proposition it is doomed to fail as similar template had been tried by many many countries and the results were the same: failure, police brutality and impunity and the collateral damage of innocent civilians.”
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    Nagpo-post pa ba dito sina jag and henry? I haven't seen them since Friday. Was traveling for most days for the past 7 weeks kaya nahirapan din ako mag-post here sa KPEx. Hopefully, no more travels for me until Dec para maging active ulit here. :glee:
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    SYO, :wave:

    Nakapag kape ka na? :glee:
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    People are realizing change isn’t coming, says solon on Duterte’s ratings drop
    By: Vince F. Nonato - Reporter / @VinceNonatoINQPhilippine Daily Inquirer / 09:04 PM October 08, 2017
    Caloocan City Rep. Edgar Erice, a member of the so-called Magnificent Seven opposition bloc said: “This should be taken by the president as a wake up call. It’s time that he should also listen to his critics, especially on the issue of war on drugs.”

    “It already a cause of embarrassment not only here but all over the world,” Erice added. “The war on drugs is a losing proposition it is doomed to fail as similar template had been tried by many many countries and the results were the same: failure, police brutality and impunity and the collateral damage of innocent civilians.”

    Kung pwede lang repost and retweet yung bolded parts over and over again.
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    Trillanes applauds drop in Duterte ratings; Gatchalian not bothered
    By: Julliane Love De Jesus - Reporter / @JLDejesus / 09:15 AM October 09, 2017


    Filipinos are beginning to see the light, according to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV after the satisfaction rating of President Duterte dropped in the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

    “It’s very encouraging to know that the Filipino people are beginning to see the light,” Trillanes said in a statement.

    “They are now seeing Duterte for who he really is: a lying, rude, amoral, corrupt and oppressive former mayor who is totally incompetent about governance at the national level,” he said.

    President Rodrigo Duterte’s net satisfaction rating fell to “good” based on an SWS survey conducted from Sept. 23 to 27.

    In the survey last June, Duterte enjoyed a “very good” rating.

    According to the third quarter survey, 67 percent of adult Filipinos, or about 7 out of 10, were satisfied with Duterte’s performance, while 14 percent were undecided, and 19 percent were dissatisfied.

    Compared to the June 23 to 26 survey, the number of dissatisfied rose from 12 percent, a seven-point increase. The number of undecided also went up four points from only 10 percent in June.

    Compared to June’s +66 or very good rating, the recent survey showed a net satisfaction rating of +48, classified by SWS as good.

    Trillanes, one of Duterte’s vocal critics, said the President’s bloody war on drugs, which he said killed thousands of Filipinos “created a climate of fear across the country.”

    Duterte’s performance in the following surveys are expected to be worse, said Trillanes.

    “To think that this survey was done just before the Ombudsman confirmed Duterte’s billion peso bank deposits, so the next survey results are expected to be worse,” he said.

    The claim of the Ombudsman cited by Trillanes was belied by the Anti-Money Laundering Council, which declared that it never gave the anti-graft body any details of Duterte’s bank accounts.

    Trillanes has accused Duterte of having billions in his bank accounts even before the 2016 elections. Despite this, Duterte won a landslide election victory and maintained “very good” satisfaction and trust rating until June 2017.

    For Senator Win Gatchalian, the dip in Duterte’s ratings was just “part of the cycle of politics.”

    Gatchalian, who is part of the majority bloc in the Senate, said it should not be a cause of concern for the Duterte administration.

    “Historical data shows that presidents usually experience a dip in trust and approval ratings after their first year in office,” Gatchalian said in a separate statement.

    “It’s just a part of the cycle of politics, and it shouldn’t be a cause for concern in Malacañang. What is clear in the survey results is that the Filipino people continue to trust the President and approve of his performance, despite the ratings dip,” he said.

    But the senator advised that the executive branch should not become complacent.

    “I encourage the President and his administration to view these survey results as a constructive challenge to do more for the Filipino people. Corruption, poverty, and police impunity are three important issues in particular which deserve more attention from the executive branch,” he said. /cbb
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    Mula sa Puso

    Xander Ford apologizes for hurting Ogie Diaz's feelings
    by Rachelle Siazon posted on October 8, 2017

    IMAGE Xander Ford Facebook / Noel Orsal

    Pormal na humingi ng dispensa ang social media sensation na si Xander Ford sa talent manager/actor/radio host na si Ogie Diaz.

    Sa kanyang Facebook post ngayong Linggo ng gabi, Oktubre 8, binawi ni Xander ang alegasyong panghuhusga at paninira diumano sa kanya ni Ogie.

    Kaugnay ito ng napabalitang insidente kunsaan sinigawan umano ni Xander ang isang security marshall sa pagpupumilit na makapasok ito at ang kanyang mga kasama sa loob ng ABS-CBN compound.

    Si Xander, na dating kilala bilang Marlou Arizala, ay ang Teen Trends member na naging usap-usapan sa social media dahil sa pagsailalim niya sa cosmetic surgery ilang linggo na ang nakakaraan.

    Pahayag ni Xander, “Lesson Learned. Nakausap po ng mga managers ko kanina si Tito Ogie Diaz tungkol po sa issue.

    “Sorry po tito ogie kasi may mga nasabi po ako sa post ko kagabi na di naman dapat sabihin at makakasakit sa damdamin mo.

    “Kasi po nasaktan din ako sa mga ibang nasabi nyo sakin.

    “Pero binasa ko po mabuti post mo ngayon at naramdaman ko naman po na concern ka lang din sakin.

    “Susundin ko po ang mga payo nyo at payo ng mga managers ko dahil yun ang tama.

    “Pero po pagpaumanhin nyo po at sa mga ibang tao kung ang tingin nyo nagtataas po ako ng boses dahil natural ko pong boses medyo malakas at basag.”

    Noong Biyernes, Oktubre 6, inihayag ni Ogie, sa pamamagitan ng Facebook, ang kuwento ng mga kaibigan niyang nasaksihan umano ang pag-aastang “mayabang” at ang hindi magandang pag-uugali ni Xander.

    Nangyari raw ito, ayon kay Ogie, nang tumungtong si Xander sa ABS-CBN compound para sa taping ng Gandang Gabi Vice (GGV).

    Kinabukasan, Oktubre 7, ay naglabas si Xander ng hinaing laban sa mga pahayag ni Ogie.

    Nanindigan naman si Ogie na pawang katotohanan lamang ang inilibas niyang impormasyon at pinayuhan pa si Xander na “always practice humility” upang maging positibo ang dating nito sa tao.

    Matapos nito, tila nakapag-isip-isip si Xander o dili kaya'y nakakuha ng payo.
    Nangakong aayusin ang sarili, hindi lamang sa panlabas na kaanyuan, kundi pati na rin sa pag-uugali.

    Patuloy ng 20-year-old dancer, “Hayaan nyo po dodoblehin ko po ang efort ko na mabago lahat ng dapat ayusin para narin matanggap din ako ng mga taong namimisunderstand ang ugali ko.

    “Parehas po tayo tito ogie na komedyante rin na gusto lang magpasaya ng tao.

    “Masaya po ako dahil maganda naging usapan at nagkalinawan po kayo ng mga managers ko.

    “Salamat po sa advice. Sorry po ulit.”

    OFFICIAL STATEMENT. Kalakip ng Facebook post ni Xander ay nirepost din ng binata ang official statement mula sa kanyang talent management, ang Star Image Artist Management (SIAM).

    Dito ay nakasaad na "exaggerated" ang naiulat tungkol sa pagiging "mayabang" ni Xander.

    Nakipagbiruan pa raw ang dancer sa marshall ng ABS-CBN at sinabing, ""Kuya kilala mo ko? Ako si Xander Ford, pogi ko no?"

    Pagkatapos ay nakiusap daw nang maayos si Xander na papasukin siya, pati na rin ang kanyang ama at managers na bahagi ng kanyang team.

    Ayon pa sa official statement ng SIAM, nagtakip ng hoodie sa mukha ang binata nang may magtangkang magpa-picture rito dahil wala pa itong makeup at hindi pa "presentable."

    Sabi rito, "Actually his face is not yet 100% healed.

    "His management suggested him as much as possible to avoid having pictures if he is not yet presentable like without make up and when his hair is not yet fixed.

    "Lahat naman siguro ng tao conscious magpapicture especially with other people if he/she feels na di sya nakapag-ayos man lang.

    "And again, the story has been exaggerated," his manager said.

    Ang sinabi raw nila ay, "Wait lang po, mag-aayos lang si Xander," habang papuntang dressing room si Xander.
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    October 5 (Thu) TV Ratings / AGB Nielsen NUTAM People in TV Homes: Unang Hirit 2.1% vs Umagang Kay Ganda 1.6%; Jackie Chan Adventures 3.3% / Slam Dunk 3.6% / Daimos 3.4% vs Magandang Buhay 1.8%; Kapuso Movie Festival: Night at the Museum 4% / My Daughter Geum Sa-Weol 3.6% / Let's Fight Ghost! 3.6% vs Kapamilya Blockbusters: So Close 3.8%; The Lolas' Beautiful Show 4.6% vs Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin 5.3%; Eat Bulaga 6.8% / Ika-6 Na Utos 7.4% vs It's Showtime 5.5%; Impostora 6% vs Pusong Ligaw 4.7%; Haplos 5.7% vs The Promise of Forever 3.9%; Wowowin 7% vs My Dearest Intruder 3.6% / Wildflower 9.2%; 24 Oras 9.5% vs TV Patrol 10.3%; Super Ma'am 9.7% vs FPJ's Ang Probinsyano 12.4%; Alyas Robin Hood 7.9% vs La Luna Sangre 11.1%; My Korean Jagiya 6.5% vs The Good Son 6.3%; Strong Girl Bong Soon 4.8% vs Legend of the Blue Sea 2.9%; Saksi 2.4% vs Tonight With Boy Abunda 1.6%; Reporter's Notebook 1.5% vs Bandila 1.1%; The 700 Club Asia 0.8% vs Sports U Ikaw Ang Panalo! 0.6% / O Shopping 0.3%
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