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Enter on Work Visa, Get work & residence permit, Turkey


If it is some dificult for some travellers to get a TOURISTIC VISA from Turkish Consulate / Embassy abroad, to come to Turkey and work, You can come with a Turkish company who is willing to sponsor you with a LABOR CONTRACT. On the other hand it requires just your original passport and 2 photos to apply for WORK VISA and 10-15 days for APPROVAL.

After you come to Turkey your WORK VISA converts to WORK PERMIT and RESIDENCE PERMIT, both. The FOREIGNERS WORK PERMIT in Turkey is valid for 1 year the first time. Next year you can renew for 2 year and 3 years on the year after. The 8 year work permits are infinitive and never renewed.

If any of you want to come to Turkey under economical terms PLAN B, the LABOR CONTRACT for WORK VISA is easy to look for a sponsor here http://residencepermitturkey.com/invitiation-letter-visa-deny-and-deported-from-turkey/

Before you apply, Your passport should be valid 12 months + 60 days as the first condition.

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