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Men's Fashion Basics

What are the men's fashion basics in terms of clothing?


  • gooseberrygooseberry 🐯 Tiger Squad🥈
    Navy blue suit - not black (reserve black for funerals, other than that, black does not have any use for anything).
    crisp white dress shirt.
    white tshirt
    oxford shoes.
    white lace up sneakers.

    a watch.
  • Hi Kristof, the fashion depends on your style and preference. Don't be afraid to apply your own style and keep it unique and simple.
  • A black coat,
    a dress shirt,
    a t-shirt,
    a tie/ bow-tie,
    a pair of denims
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  • It actually depends on the situation for what purpose you are wearing. also depends on weather condition.
    But the basic n cool outfit for the good physic men will be
    A denim
    white slim fit shirt
    stylish semi funky loffers
    a trendy watch
    cool shades.
    leather belt.

    That will really make any men look like male fashion model.
  • gooseberrygooseberry 🐯 Tiger Squad🥈
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  • I think male are born fashionable that's why I don't need any tips like girls, who are seraching for fashion:p tips everytime.. :)
  • Kristof1 wrote: »
    What are the men's fashion basics in terms of clothing?

    I guess if you are going on a date, I would suggest a nice shirt, a pair of pants maybe a blazer.
    I've observed that watches impress girls a lot, but it might not be true for everyone.
    Try a casual look with these items.
  • T-shirt
    long sleeve or leather jacket(brown)
    black t-shirt (fit}
    necklace (dog tag)
    bracelet (black)
    watch (leather brown or black strap)
    jeans (dark blue)
    brown belt(buckle belt)
    high cut boots(brown)
    motorcycle (backbone)

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