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More Jologs Trivia

Here's some more qs for all the baduy ppl out there (I've used most of these as qs in one of the trivia channels on SKY)

1. Sino pumalit kay Janice de Belen sa 'Flordeluna'?
2. Which famous Hollywood actor appeared as Nora Aunor's lover in the film 'Lollipops and Roses'?
3. What do the Sharon Cuneta flicks 'Bukas Luluhod ang mga Tala' and 'Bituing Walang Ningning' have in common (aside from being blockbuster hits for the Megastar)?
4. The same time Snooky got paired with a foreign actor (Tom Babauta), her rival Maricel Soriano also got paired with another foreign actor? Name him.
5. What is the name of that ***** in the morning program 'Cafeteria Aroma'?
6. Which famous newscaster used to be the voice over announcer of Inday Badiday in the TV show 'See True'?
7. Sino unang ka loveteam ni Ruffa Gutierrez?
8. Who sang the theme from the movie '14 Going Steady'?
9. Ano ang pangalan nung doll na naging simbolo ng pag-iibigan ni Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III?
10. Which 3 PBA players appeared in the film 'Last 2 Minutes'?
11. Who played Mario in the TV series 'Yagit'?
12. Ano pangalan nung masungit na matanda na nanay ni Mario sa 'Yagit'?
13. What is Janice Jurado's character name in 'Duplex'?
14. Which former Shell model vanished from the entertainment industry after being allegedly impregnated by Robin Padilla?
15. What movie had this line: 'ang hirap sa iyo Delfin masyado kang maagang pinanganak'?


  • Medyo kuha na ni PePs yung iba, pero ito lang additions ko:

    10. Jerry Codinera, Paul Alvarez, Alvin Patrimonio
    15. Kahit Konting Pagtingin (with Sharon and FPJ)

    Yung sa 14 ba yung sa "Get out of my dreams, get into my car" na Shell commercial?
  • Pass ako, ang hirap naman! LOL
  • sisingit lang ako ha.

    3. Cherie Gil
    5. Apeng Daldal?
    7. Dennis de Silva
    10. Codinera, Alvarz, Patrimonio
    15. kahit konting pagtingin
  • 1.
    2. don johnson
    4. danny vanni
    7. aljon jimenez?
    9. maria leonora theresa
    10. alvin patrimonio, jerry codinera, bong alvarez
    13. liweng
    14. _____ orosa
  • st james, are there people who actually have been able to answer (or are capable of answering) ALL these questions?
  • greeneagle: see PePs :) (she's an ace when it comes to these kinds of questions)

    *waves at ria*
  • WHEW! hirap naman yan! hindi ko na naabutan yah ah!

    Diba naging katambal din ni Ruffa si Aljon Jimenez? tapos naging sila ni Zoren Legaspi?
  • Whoa! Where did this thread come from???

    This pales in comparison with that lonnnnnnggg baduy trivia that came out couple of months ago. You may still wanna try answering some though. :D

    [This message has been edited by StJames (edited 06-08-2000).]
  • 11. Ernie Garcia
    12. Aling Claudia

    hehehe.... lol.gif
  • 6. noli de castro

    yan ang sobrang trivia....

    "... come on down...." (noli de castro)
  • kelan answers?
  • Answers:

    1. Yani de Vera
    2. Don Johnson
    3. Cherie Gil appeared in them as well / They were both serialized in 'Pilipino Komiks'
    4. Dani Diovanni
    5. Rene Johnson
    6. Noli de Castro
    7. Jigo Garcia
    8. Gretchen Barreto
    9. Ma Leonora Teresa
    10. Alvin Patrimonio, Jerry Codinera, Bong Alvarez
    11. Ernie Garcia
    12. Dona Claudia
    13. Liweng
    14. Leah Orosa
    15. Kahit Konting Pagtingin

    and the undisputed Queen of Jologism...PePs /me curtsies lol.gif

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  • What early 80s afternoon drama show starred the young Herbert Bautista, Gretchen Barretto, and Freddie Webb?
  • ano ang JOLOGS? is it synonymous to hipster?
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