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Miriam Quiambao or Nina Alagao

tough one!


  • uh.... hus nina alagao? sowee. blush.gif
  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    that's a toughie! let's see how Nina Alagao fares in the coming Ms. Universe. :)
  • Unlike Miriam Quiambao, Nina Alagao is an early favorite for this year's Miss Universe crown. The people who avidly follow the pageant say that it will be a contest between Alagao and Miss India, Lara Dutta.

    You can check out some of the candidates (wearing their opening number dresses) ar www.missuniverse.com . All I can say is that I have high hopes for her, and given the exposure Miriam's win has given the Philippines, Nina would certainly be thrust into the spotlight. :)
  • Yoshi - is Nina a favorite? Paano?
  • king_jesse ako na lang ang sasagot. yes, she's among the favorites together with Ms. Venezuela, Ms. India, Ms. Mexico (whoa! :eek: ), Ms. USA (duh! :rolleyes: ) and Ms. Colombia. :)

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  • costarica.jpg

    GO MISS COSTA RICA!!! Sorry guys I have to root for her because I know her personally. :)

    But, Good luck to Nina tambien.


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  • hmmmn..i think, Nina Ricci Alagao is quite intelligent. She has the looks as well, at 1st glance, u'd think that she's not really pretty but as u stare at her, u'll finally realize that she is...not to mention that she has the talent as well...

    syempre, c miriam, may na-prove na rin...kaya lang cguro, when it comes to appearance, parang snob sya...that's what i think lang cuz i haven't seen her yet. =)
  • yoshi and tristan,
    paano nyo nalaman na favorite si nina?
    well, between miriam and nina ricci....
    hirap naman. pwede both na lang?
  • This is an independent website that ranks and rates different beauty pageants and things of that nature.

    For the Miss Universe pageant, Nina Alagao has been installed as a favorite, so here's hoping!

    And Nina's specific write-up reads here:

    Let's pray that Nina takes it all! :D
  • §inned™: Uhm, personally? Ows? ;) Eh nasaan na si Ms. Chile? Aren't you rooting for her too? :)

    To those looking for pictures on the Miss Universe website, click on "Interact" (found at the top right of the page. Click on "Photo Gallery".
  • Last year pa pala sumali si Arianna ('yung nasa pic). Yup Yoshi kapitbahay ko at kapitpuso ko pa :D. Her bro is one of my best buddies here. :)

    This year's Miss Costa Rica is Laura Mata, a schoolmate of mine, medyo mulatto.


  • §inned™ send my regards to her na lang lol.gif
  • if you look at the roster of Asians for this year's pageant, Nina, Miss Japan, and Miss India have the potential of making it. Sana makapasok si Nina sa 10.
  • Miriam Quiambao!!!
  • miriam has poise and elegance
    nina has poise, elegance, and confidence
  • toughie nga! lets just say mas bibo si nina kesa kay miriam :) impression ko lang un ha.
    sana nga, mapantayan o mahigitan ni nina ang nagawa ni miriam. :)
  • mark_markmark_mark PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    miriam is ust.
    nina is up.
    saan ka?
  • ebtgebtg PExer
    Miriam Quiambao. I can never get her pose out of my mind. Does everyone else remember how she looked like when she modelled her swimsuit and evening gown? Geez, especially the gown. When she got to the center of the stage, and then struck that pose with both hands on her waist...wow.
  • in terms of looks, miriam. i mean, nina is not even the least bit pretty! huge mouth, large ears..nice body though! but i guess they're both intelligent and articulate, so...ok na rin si nina, although objectively, her looks don't stand a chance in miss u!
  • i think that are both great! to answer the question of how nina became an early favorite... it's because as soon as the airplane landed in cyprus, nina greeted everyone in greek. who won't be impressed if some foreigner spoke to you in you own language? nina is also famous among the candidates because she "paints" thier face well... as in pinag-pipilahan siya para lang magpa-makeup! and also... magaling din siyang mag-sketch!

    i think they are both great... miriam is more simple and nina has more experience in modelling. :D
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