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USTET Chance?

Hello! I took the USTET a few hours ago (2-6pm) and I was able to answer all subtests with utmost confidence. However, not with Mathematics - had a medium difficulty through it. I am very confident to pass Science, English and the IQ test though!
considering that this is a question common to all impatient CET-takers (including me):

Will I have a chance to pass USTET with my preferred program choices?
Priority Program: Medical Technology
Alternative Program: BS Biology

high school grades will affect my overall USTET grade (since the application form required the Grade-11 grades for English, Science and Math - of which I garnered 94.5, 95.5, and 94.5 respectively during grade 11)


  • gooseberrygooseberry 🐯 Tiger Squad🥈
    For Science based courses, they are all weighed in. Your chances of making it is still there.

    USTET is very easy. If you're having difficulty with this, don't bother with UP, AdMU and DLSU's.
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