What if Astrology is Real?

Astrologer Asks: What if Astrology is Real?
“Astrology is the most misunderstood subject of all human knowledge. It is not about knowing your future…it is about knowing yourself. It is about the journey of your soul through this world and what this is all about. And it is about the process of self-awareness and what is true for you,” he observes.
“What if astrology is real? It is not only a multi-trillion dollar question; it is a life or death issue. It is the missing element in all the fumbling disciplines of quasi-knowledge being taught in the universities today. Without this missing element, not only can the institutions not solve the current problems we are facing, they are actually creating them.



  • Who's saying its not real? Siguro yung mga zodiac signs o mga hula hula di naman talaga kapanipaniwala. Pero ang atrology totoo naman talaga, and naniniwala ako jan as a Christian. Para sa akin mas magaling at matatalino ang mga tao noon kesa ngayon. Lalo na sa part ng supernatural. May mga nabuhay siguro noon na talagang magaling bumasa at mag interpret ng mga nasa sky. May mga meaning ang mga pagbabago o mga kakaibang event sa sky. Remember nung isilang si Jesus Christ? May nag pakitang bright star na nagamit ng tatlong pantas para mahanap si Jesus?
  • Mga skeptic po, athiest, at marami pang iba.
  • Skeptics get into trouble when they try to discredit astrology because they fail to keep things simple.
    All they have to say to astrologers is: “Please provide evidence to prove astrology works”.
    The burden of proof is ALWAYS on the people who claim that something is true.
    The ball is now in the astrologer’s court and discussion can begin.
    Question : “Why is the moment of birth, rather than conception, crucial for astrology?
    Answer: The reason astrologers use the time of birth is because birth gives us a completely formed human being. After conception, all we have is a fertilized egg. But notice the subtle shift here.
    The real issue is “Does astrology work and can the assertions of astrologers be tested”. Dr. Franknoi seems to change this to “Well, it doesn’t sound right so it must not be true”.
    When quantum mechanics was first proposed, it didn’t sound right either. It took years for it to be accepted. Opponents called it “Quacker Mechanics”. Whether something sounds right or not is not proof one way or another.
  • Mga skeptic po, athiest, at marami pang iba.

    Ganun ba. Hayaan mo na sila. Iba iba ang mga paniniwala ng tao at may kanya kanya tayong choice kung ano ang paniniwalaan.

    Gaya ng sinabi ko, mas matatalino talaga ang mga tao noon. Sa panahon kasi ngayon, lalo na nung mga recent na mga milleniums nag boom ang Science which is study ng natural things. Mas lumawak at dumami ang kaalaman tungkol sa Science which is tungkol sa natural things. At ang mga gunggong ginagamit ang Science para sabihin na hindi totoo yumg mga super naturals na ayaw nila paniwalaan. Which is very wrong kasi hindi naman lahat kaya i-explain ng Science. Ang reason lang nila e, sa future daw "possible" na maexplain. Gaya nga ng sa Astrology, wala daw Scientific explanation kaya sa isip nila "NO" agad. Tinatanggal agad nila yung posibbility na pwedeng totoo. Pero pag cool kagaya ng aliens, sabihin nila posible na may mga ibang nabubuhay sa ibang planeta kahit wala naman Scientific explanation. Kasi gusto nila paniwalaan yun. Pero sa totoo ang mga angels, si God or si Jesus are actually considered aliens. Imagine may isang alien na nabuhay way back 2000 to save you and bumalik Siya sa outer space and babalik Siya in the future? Pero yun nga, ayaw nila paniwalaan yan. So "No" agad kasi wala daw scientific explanation.
  • walang sigurado sa mundo, pero kung minsan ang kailangan mo lang ay maniwala
  • The Future of Astrology

    “Not in the star, but in ourself, that we are underlying” ~ Julius caesar .

    Maybe western Astrology haven’t done the very good job convincing that what we do is usefull.
    Forget the skeptic and all the social scientific conspiracies lunch again us. Im not saying they are not real, at least for the most part.
    Im saying they shouldn’ t matter. Why? Beacuse people will use something if it work if it up thier bottom line.
    They suddenly become a less concerne about what skeptic think.
    So whose responsibility is it to show what Astrology can really do?
    I hope were not waiting for somebody else to do that for us.

    That’s why I’m staking my future on
    Astrologys Research Revolution.

    I can see the tremendous opportunities that await those who can demonstrate the realities of planetary influence, and can put that knowledge to good use solving problems and improving lives. Of course it wont happen overnight. It will require a long
    concerted effort, but after as little as 10
    years of this kind of work everyone will
    be having dramatically different conversa-
    tions about all of this.
  • walang sigurado sa mundo, pero kung minsan ang kailangan mo lang ay maniwala

    I strongly agree! Well, ang reason kasi kaya walang sigurado dahil ang tao o ang utak natin ay designed hindi para maintindihan ang lahat ng bagay. May limitasyon. Parang ang katawan natin. Limitado lang para mag explore sa pinaka malalalim na dagat. Limitado din na mag explore sa pinaka malalayong planeta. Hindi tayo basta basta mabubuhay sa mga lugar na iyon. Parang may "off limits" o unauthorized na tayo lumampas pa sa mga lugar na iyon. Ganun din sa isip natin, maraming nakatago na hindi na natin masisigurado o malalaman dahil hindi tayo perpekto. Kaya meron din "Diyos" o "God" sa dictionary kasi kahit yung mga taong nabuhay noon pa e naramdaman na nila na may mas nakaaalam o mas matalino na nag design o nag lalang sa atin kaya ganito lang tayo.

    Tayo ay mga nilalang na may utak na may limitadong kakayanan pero binigyan tayo ng karapatan na pumili. Kaya ang tanong, "anong pipiliin mo?"

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; Proverbs 3:5
  • AMEN aleluyah! I bealive in you
  • What do money and astrology have in common?
    The public has been misinformed about the true nature of both. Public concern is focused on money as a valuable commodity itself, when in reality money’s true function is as a means of exchanging things of value. The public is likewise “educated” to mistake sun sign astrology—those fortune-cookie blurbs in newspapers and magazines—for
    what astrology is, when in fact astrology is much more and MUCH MORE COMPLEX than that.
    Theoretical Conjuring and Speculation
    How money works is as esoteric as how astrology works. Both are the subjects of endless theoretical conjuring and speculation.
    Astrology offers logical explanations for intuitive hunches. The money system is counter-intuitive and counter-logical.
    Any astrologer can erect a chart for the creation of the Fed on December 23, 1913, at 6 pm, and see that the Fed-run money system’s days are numbered. An astrologer could have deduced this decades before the financial collapse of 2017, which was created by the Fed-run, debt-creating money system.
    By contrast, astrologers work in a realm where history repeats but does not duplicate. Uncertainty is ever present. For although astrologers can predict, based on past history, that a given planetary cycle will bring another time of travail, they cannot predict exactly what events will manifest to constitute this travail.


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