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Any theater peeps?

hi everyone!im just new here and im not sure if this is the right forum for this topic. I just wanna know, are there any theater people here on pex?and to the theater peeps: i wanna know too why is it that most of the theater shows here in manila are mostly musicals?So to be a legitimate actor do you really have to know how to sing and dance besides acting? i just noticed that very few theater companies feature non-musical plays.thanx :)

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  • YoshiYoshi PExer
    There are theater companies that produce non-musical plays. Aside from school theater companies (e.g. Dulaang UP, Tanghalang Ateneo), there are companies that do both foreign and Filipino plays, such as Repertory Philippines and Tanghalang Pilipino.

    There are companies that produce both musicals and non-musicals, such as Monique Wilson's New Voice Company. There are also companies who do only musicals.

    You might want to check out the CCP or the Rep plays in Shangri-La if you're interested in seeing non-musicals. There are actually a lot of productions around, it's just that the musicals are much more publicized.

    Calypso, who's a theater person, may help us here. ;)
  • NibsNibs PExer
    If you want to be a legitimate actor, you have to know all fields, like,,, dancing, singing and acting(the most important).
    They will see if you can do anything that they will assign to you, but it also depends on the situation, but mostly, when there is a musical, they only want you to act and sing, the dancing stuff sometimes they will leave it to those who are really dancers that are experienced on stage, it really depends, the theater company will tell you if they need you to just act or sing or dance, it's up to them, but the most important is the talent to sing and act, that's what most companies are looking for, for their productions. :):):)
  • NibsNibs PExer
    I experienced it once, it was cool :)
    And I have some friends that are into theater. That's why I know some. :)
  • I do musicals for Couples for Christ Family Ministries. I'm doing one right now entitled 'Baclaran the Musical' music by Louie Ocampo.
  • mintmint PExer
    hi g!
    I'm a theater enthusiast, and a theater actor as well. There are actually a lot of straight plays around. Straight plays are those 'non-musicals' ur referring to. It may be in comedy, drama, horror, suspense, etc. Repertory Philippines always have straight plays every season (they only have 1 - 2 musicals out of 4 plays presented every season). Tanghalang Pilipino (based in CCP), Dulaang UP, UP Rep, etc. are also good sources of straight plays. Come to think of it, there are actually more straight plays being produced than musicals. If u really want to stay in this business, u have to learn everything (sing, dance, act). At least learn how to 'character sing' when ur casted in a musical. It's good to 'invest' in voice, dance, and acting lessons when ur into theater.
    Well g, goodluck, and welcome to the wonderful world of theater.

  • gg PExer
    hey everyone, and thanx 4 ur replies! Its so good to hear that there are theater enthusiasts here at PEX.
    mint: nope, im not in the theater world, well atleast not yet. my interested just sorta started last year when i played a lead on a workshop i joined.i really enjoyed it specially the curtain calls!im sure every actor would agree that the curtain calls would make every ache and pain(such as cranky directors, B***chy SM's)worth it.i was planning on trying out for some plays but i was kinda discouraged cuz most of the companies that offers auditions now are for the musical and although my voice is okay, its not exceptly good and you know how competetive the theater world is. But its nice to know that there are lots of straight plays out there.maybe i'll try to audition again if im not that busy.

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  • mintmint PExer
    g: yup. curtain calls are certainly every actor's fulfillment. if u have time, do take voice lessons. it would definitely help. however, it doesn't really mean that one has to be that good a singer in order to be casted in musicals. sometimes, directors also look at physical attributes (looks) when casting for musicals. (i know a lot of actors who are 'not so good' singers who still get accepted in musicals)

    btw, i think i know where you had your workshop
  • gg PExer
    mint:you're right.looks do play a big part, cuz i know this girl who's so talented but the role was given to another girl because she's a bit short and chubby.oh, and how do you know where i had my workshop?
  • Wow naman, Yoshi, special mention pa ako... but hey, I don't consider myself a very legitimate 'theatre person' although I am very much inclined to theatre. I just don't have the desire to act as much anymore, especially now that i'm a mere TA 'alumna'...

    Anyway, g... you're pretty young pa, right? You're still going on to college? I think I noticed your nick in some thread about getting into the Ateneo or something. Well, anyhow, do try to check out the Tanghalang Ateneo plays this season. The first play in July is Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, which is a straight play. You could also apply! It'd be fun. No need to audition, and don't be intimidated by the weirdos there. They're quite harmless.

    Anyway, with regards to your query on why most shows in Manila are mainly musicals... Well, you see, it's because musicals are the more 'bongga' productions, thus, they spend more for publicity than your average straight play. Cases in point: Rama at Sita, Rent, Jesus Christ Superstar, Miss Saigon. But this doesn't discount the fact that in truth, there are even MORE STRAIGHT PLAYS THAN THERE ARE MUSICALS. Really.

    Just be on the lookout all the time. Check your Sunday Inquirer Magazine under THEATER. If you're interested in watching free plays, Bankard (in Makati) offers free entrance to students (bring your ID) in their production offerings. If you also decide to become an applicant in TA (Tanghalang Ateneo), you also get to watch their plays for free, and you have the privelege of actually helping out in the productions. There are countless of other plays available that don't do song and dance-- PETA stages straight plays, as well as Dulaang UP, UP Repertory, Dulaang Laboratoryo, Dramatis Personnae, World Theatre Project (although they haven't been as active), Actors' Actors, Repertory Philippines, Tanghalang Pilipino, Trumpets (they do mostly musicals now, though), and a whole lot of other theatre companies.

    Don't be discouraged to feel that 'to become a legitimate actor, you have to know how to sing and dance'. Nope. It's only because the musicals you hear about have been very aggressive in recruiting TV actors for publicity, in advertising their musicals (radio plugs, print ads, even TV ads!), in looking for sponsors, and in marketing (they actually book whole schools to fill the seats). So don't you worry... just be attentive and aware of theatre events and auditions if you're interested. :) Break a Leg!!
  • Bumping this up for the theater enthusiasts...
  • Hey, I like theater too! I don't get to watch a lot of them these days, though. :(

    Anyway, some of the memorable shows I've watched are:

    >; Walang Sugat (school thing)
    >; Bidasari (another school thing)
    >; A Tagalog version of Les Miserables (done by St. Scho theater guild)
    >; Ang Buhay Ay Pelikula (cool!)
    >; The Baker's Wife (or something like that; done by Repertory Philippines)

    I realized that I've watched a lot of them, actually! Just forgot the titles of the others...

    Anyway, I would just like to say that THIS IS THE PART OF PINOY ENTERTAINMENT THAT I AM MOST PROUD OF (besides the music scene, of course)! :)
  • Any updates on this?

    I really miss theater...specifically acting. Any suggestions on who should I contact for workshops, auditions, organization or something? Please let me know.

    THanks in advance. :)
  • hi guys,

    i used to see plays and musicals at the repertory theatre about 3 years ago. i stopped because of financial problem. i read that there are some theatre companies offering free or discount rate to student (yes, i am still a student) and since i lack knowledge about it, maybe you could give me details.

    tnx :)
  • i'm a theater person....fan and actor...

    angel02 - most workshops are conducted during the summer...but Trumpets has a year-round workshop...i don't think that they're still accepting enrollees but you could still inquire...:) if ever, just go during the summer...it's a trip!:D

    mint - how are you na?! miss na miss na kita! when are you coming back?? get in touch with me when you do ayt??:D

    g - i think that pinoys enjoy a good musical because we are naturally inclined to enjoy music...it's a big part of our lives...right? but if you want to watch straight plays, i'd suggest Repertory Philippines...just check out what mint said...and i think that Rep gives a discount if you show your student's ID...

    pwede mag-plug? check out Trumpets' "THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE" opening on August 2 at the Meralco Theater...:D hope to see you there!!!
  • I'm not much of a theater buff (mainly because i couldn't afford tickets when I was in college, and I have no time now that I'm working), but my roommies are quite into it, so may second-hand news rin akong natatanggap. You've probably heard of the casting call for "Insiang," which is almost (but not quite) done na yata. Mario O' Hara's going to be directing it for the stage (he penned the script for the bigscreen version). After some rounds of auditions, I think they're debuting some girl from PHSA yata to play the title role. They would have gotten Pen Medina for Ruel Vernal's role, pero I think he was too short. Oo nga pala, the point of this eklat: it's going to open soon, maybe during the latter part of this year, so THAT might be something to watch out for. Pero shempre, wala na namang significant details ito. Oh well.
  • *keyah**keyah* PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I'm in theater right now. I started my training on stage when I was 12. I've done some plays already. And here in college, I'm being active with theater again.

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    Hello people :wave:

    Hello chevman :wave:

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