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Pedro Penduko 2 is one of the best pinoy movies ever made!

Based on what i've seen and heard...the upcoming movie:

Episode II - Pedro Penduko: Return of the Comeback

is not like your typical filipino movie...it borders on the likes of high-quality movies in terms of filming...costume...storyline...and not to mention a very good sense of humor...simply put...it may very well be this year's best movie (was "Muro Ami" released this year?)

One thing's for sure...i'm definately gonna see it!



  • I agree.

    It seems that "Pedro Penduko II : The Return of the Comeback" is generating a loud buzz in the country, especially among the kids and young adults.

    But I think they moved the playdate two weeks from now because of the tense situation in movie theaters.

    But I really think it is a movie worth supporting.
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    yeah, based on the trailers, mukhang ok tong movie na to....
  • YoshiYoshi PExer
    You're kidding, right? :D

    But then again, napanood ko yung Magic Temple sa sine...makapanood nga ng Pedro Penduko...

    The production's actually quite expensive, but then again, Titanic was expensive but not that great...

    I'll watch before I decide. :)
  • Yoshi... magic temple? :D

    hmmm sige na nga titgnan ko kung papanuorin ko nga yan... maghahanap na lang ako ng kasama. mukha ngang maganda...

    xiaobaby nuod tayo! :D
  • Kasi hindi ko napanood yung Magic Temple,
    baka itong Pedro Penduko na lang ang
    papanoorin ko. :D

    Problema kasi yung mga special effects. Puro gaya-gaya; obvious na Th sila masyado. Resulta? Parang ewan.

    Sana nga totoo yang mga sinasabi mo, Dan Blaze. :)

  • i'm gonna see this movie...and finally there's another Filipino Movie that catches my attention, una ko pa lang napanood ang preview nito impress na ko...in terms of cinematography, costumes, production design and other stuff. Good thing there's another quality filipino film...so it must be worth watching. Panoorin nyo rin ang "Azucena" and "ANAK"

    ...nagpakorny nga lang para sakin sa Pedro Penduko eh yung "EPISODE 2"

    peacelove and godspeed
  • this is on my "to watch" movies list! :)
  • JakelJakel PExer
    sige try kong panoorin kung magansa nga...pero sayang na move yung playdate...
  • YOSHI: "Pedro Penduko II" as it seems...will be a far better film than "Magic Temple"

    TRISTAN: I'm pretty sure!
  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Napanood ko na po.

    Nakakatuwa pero parang may kulang. Maiksi ang storya. Medyo bitin ako pero natawa pa rin ako. lol.giflol.gif Enjoy!

    Kayo na lang ang humusga. Panoorin niyo. :)

    P.S. kakatawa talaga si janno! ;)
  • Road DoggRoad Dogg PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    From the trailers that I saw, I think Pedro Penduko 2 is one of the best movies in the history of Philippine movie industry. I hope I can watch it as soon as it's safe to go to malls again. ;)

    [This message has been edited by Road Dogg (edited 05-26-2000).]
  • UY!
    Showing na yung movie!
    Pero safe ba sa mga malls???
    Antay na lang ako...maybe sa 2nd or 3rd week na lang!

  • annann PExer
    saw the movie & laughed ... not an easy thing for a pinoy movie to make me laugh kasi usually tired na 'yung jokes ... went in expecting to yawn, went out with a smile ... not great in that i'll see it again & again but it had its moments kaya satisfying na rin :p
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    watches it a while ago....parang coming of age ni janno......he was totally hilarious, the most funny pinoy movie i have ever seen...although sometimes, parang pilit yung pagpapatawa niya, most of the time, lafftrip siya....

    tawang-tawa ako dun sa warrior na lola grabe!!! lol.gif

    pero medyo hindi satisfying yung script niya....lalo na yung tungkol sa identity nung tungkong palad ba yun....halatang gaya sa phantom menace!!!

    shempre, pinoy movie, maraming loopholes....effects were also pretty good for a pinoy movie.....overall, it's one funny movie that everyone should see....definitely an improvement for the filipino movie industry!!
  • One thing's for sure: the kid's will surely love this one.

    There are some funny moments...but not enough to make me expect more of it. There are 2 rip-offs form Mike Myers movies I've seen there. These are actually funny, if you didn't know they were rip-offs. Two scenes there are actually Jackie Chan-like. It's amusing, but then again, sort of another rip-off.

    And the storyline, not so good. Effects are minimal. The good side of it, though, can be seen in the production (props, set, costumes). The cameo appearances are highlights as well.

    I'm not a good judge of actors, but IMHO, the acting sucked. (After watching Anak, it does.)

    I don't wanna spoil it for you, but my advice is to go watch it and see for yourself.

  • I'm watching it this weekend. I had to catch Azucena first. :)
  • Oo nga! parang super kakatawa ang movie na PEDRO PENDUKO! yay! makapanood nga...sa trailer pa nga lang natawa na ako sa pag watch pa kaya ng movie na buong-buo na yun ahhhhh.....hayyy kaya lang takot ako manood sa malls eh! [OVER-ACTING] pero diba? gusto ko talagang panoorin baka mawala na.....

    i really liked the part sa trailer na sinabi ni janno: "HIYAAA...TAPOS HIWAAA LABAS DODO!" para kasi syang ewan doon..galing nya mag patawa.... lol.giflol.gifsilly.gif
  • okay siya for a local movie...it's worth watching...
  • i've watched the movie last week and i'm disappointed on the movie...ok ang production but the thing is hinde masyadong na emphasize ang story...kulang sa dialogue, mabagal ang flow...pero overall it is not bad.

    peacelove and godspeed!
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