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..anything U Want To Say To Rico Yan

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  • helo there!!
    share ur thoughts about the death of rico yan.

    me.. so sad talga!! huhuhu :bawling:
  • i cant help but cry when i watched the 'the buzz' yesterday. it was really sad to loose a very charming person like him but later on i realized that it was really was his time. as told by his companions he's been happy a night before the death took him. his priest friend even said that before rico left for palawan that when he got back from vacation he'll be pursuing a project for the youth which he had been doing long before. claudine even said that before rico left for palawan he made a promised that he'll/they'll fix everything. you see this guy did not die worthless he died with such joy, hope and love. he even seems prepare himself for this, he die in one of the beautiful places that we had, he left with so many memories to his colleagues, friends, family, & fans and according to the karen davila, when she saw rico's face in palawan lifeless he still look good and at peace. when i see his pictres flashing in tv or even in the broadsheet naiiyak pa rin ako.

    one thing i realized was rico's death was delivered good news to all of us and i think he achieved what he said before in PERSONA (as featured asrtist) that he want to be remembered as someone who have touched and inpired the life of the other people this really strike me.

    it was really his time and im sure he is happy now and contented i hope i could be like him. i now value the meaning of life, love and hope corny but true.
  • yanasmom
    yanasmom mabait na ina
    Dude, I'm one skeptical person especially with regards to showbiz personalities but you're one cool guy who has earned my respect.

    I know you're happy now. Farewell Bro!
  • 4ever_heaven
    4ever_heaven feel mo ba?

    i know you still wanted to do so many things in life. you still have so many dreams to pursue...so many wishes to fulfill...problems to solve... rico, i'm your biggest fan since you started showbizness. i admire your smiling eyes and your very cute dimples. i can't even believe that only through pictures, i can see your adorable smile. i will really miss you. deep inside my heart, even though we don't really know each other personally, i loved you. i love you rico and i hope you're happy up there with our Creator.

    if you're happy, your loved ones will be happy too.

    you've touched the lives of many.
  • Invictus
    Invictus Pastilan!

    Sobrang crush kita noong third year high school ako because of your Eggnogg commercial.

    Your worth far more than isang box.

    Rest in peace.
  • simurgh
    simurgh Eat sh*t and die!
    you're the ONLY la sallian person I respected, and you had to go and die on me! WHY?!!!!!!!

    just when your la sallian education finally kicked in bro.... you sputtered and died.. hay..

    well, i guess im back to 0 now on my "la sallian people whom i respected" list..

    rest in peace dude!
  • untitled
    untitled ( . Y . )
    kita na lang tayo dyan, Rico.

    sana magkakilala na tayo para makapagkwentuhan naman. antayin mo ko dyan sa taas ah.

    Rest in Peace Bro! :sunnysmile:
  • i watched the buzz yesterday and i felt so much pity for claudine esp. the part where she was embraced by her ate gretch.
    sobra iyak nya. lambot na lambot sya when she saw rico sa chapel.

    kakaiyak din lalo ung mtb special kanina. :bawling:

    i'll also miss rico a lot. kanina lang i realized the he's one of a kind coz i was thinking 2 n lang ang wattamen. and nobody could replace him. he's really funny, at the same time serious.
    i'll miss his very cute dimples.

    at sana namn, by next week, ipakita na ung 'saya ng sumer sa abs, ung mtv nila ng malaking saranggola' at least makikita ko pa rin sya. i'll miss his appearance on screen!! :bawling:
  • gilmore_gal13
    gilmore_gal13 selective memory

    i don't really understand why you had to go. you were like the best thing that ever happened to local entertainment... you're smart and talented and most of all, a good man.

    i've always looked up to you... you're one of the few guys in showbiz who isn't swell-headed or fake... you're one truly great guy and you will badly be missed.

    rico, i know wherever you are right now, you're happy. and don't worry about peeps forgetting you coz i know
    i definitely won't. (sniff)

    may you rest in peace, man. :angelwings:
  • Triglyceride
    Triglyceride keep cool my babies!
    :hopeless: He's one of my favorite celebrities. I mean, he's so focused with what he wants to do with his life. He just didn't spend all of his acting money, he invested them in the franchises he bought. He didn't waste his looks and talent..hay naku, good boy pa naman yun!!! :(

    It's so sad his life on this plane of existence has been cut short. My prayers for his family.
  • gusto kong kumanta ng "GONE TOO SOON"

    Like a comet
    Blazing 'cross the evening sky
    Gone too soon

    Like a rainbow
    Fading in the twinkling of an eye
    Gone too soon

    Shiny and sparkly
    And splendidly bright
    Here one day
    Gone one night

    Like the loss of sunlight
    On a cloudy afternoon
    Gone too soon

    Like a castle
    Built upon a sandy beach
    Gone too soon

    Like a perfect flower
    That is just beyond your reach
    Gone too soon

    Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight
    Here one day
    Gone one night

    Like a sunset
    Dying with the rising of the moon
    Gone too soon
    Gone too soon
  • rico, i can't help to cry....

    Tears in Heaven

    Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven?
    Would it be the same if I saw you in heaven?
    I must be strong and carry on,
    'Cause I know I don't belong
    here in heaven.

    Would you hold my hand if I saw you in heaven?
    Would you help me stand if I saw you in heaven?
    I'll find my way through night and day,
    'Cause I know I just can't stay
    here in heaven.

    Time can bring you down, time can bend your knees.
    Time can break your heart, have you begging please,
    begging please.

    Beyond the door there's peace I'm sure,
    And I know there'll be no more
    tears in heaven.

    Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven?
    Would it be the same if I saw you in heaven?
    I must be strong and carry on,
    'Cause I know I don't belong
    here in heaven.
  • rains_delight
    rains_delight Banned by Admin
    Rico was a gentleman. :weep:
  • Jeffry
    Jeffry Registered User
    God knows he's too good to live in this world that's why Our heavenly father has taken him away because he touched many lives. Maybe he has nothing more to prove maybe god himself is convinced that Rico has done his job and and he's welcomed to enter God's kingdom. We pray him peace wherever he is.:)
  • pranZ
    pranZ puranzu san
    tnx 4 d memories :)
  • thank you for sharing your life with us. thank you for the laughters and the tears. :mecry:

  • i want to share with all of you the sadness that i felt when i heard news of rico yan's death... i still cant believe that he is gone... the last time i watched him was holy wednesday...it really is saddening to see a young, accomplished man leave earth so early. maybe his mission here on earth is finished, that he is worthy to enter the gates of heaven...i cant believe i wont see him on HULABIRA anymore, or wince at his tries in singing or dancing... it really is a great loss to the Phillipine movie industry; someone as intelligent, diligent and kind, not to mention having a college degree, is rare today. i'm not a fan of his, but i will miss him...

    thanks dimples for everything...
  • rico...ngayon alam ko na kung bakit tinape ko lahat ng shows kung saan andun ka. all your guestings on all channel 2's talk shows, i've taped them all. i just had that weird feeling in me that i needed to tape all your appearances. my hubby even got jealous of you because i was more preoccupied with you than with him. he'd watch tv in the other room and i'd watch your tapes. i'd watch them over and over again and i never get tired of watching you. taka rin ako kung baket coz i've never done this in all my life. ngayon alam ko na, rico...salamat na lang sa mga
    alaala...you'll always be in my heart and always will...until the day the good Lord decides to take me as well...
  • Ang galing mo Rico!

    Ang bait mo Rico!

    You are an inspiration to the Youth.

    I hope many people will be inspired by your life story and follow your good examples.

    Kung ikaw ay natulog na nang mahimbing patungo sa dulo nang walang hanggan, ako naman ay ginising mo upang maging isang mabuting mamamayan.

    I hope that I can also touch other people's lives like the way you did.

    You are a legacy and a role model for the youth of today.

    You are a warrior yet a child deep within.
    A warrior ready to conquer his every dream but a child full of innocence and goodness deep inside.

    Rico Yan, the Aura of Goodness radiating from you is truly Amazing!

    Sana'y magpatuloy pa ito at mabuhay sa mga taong na-inspire at na-touch mo.

    Di ka nga nagising sa iyong bangungot, ngunit sa isang banda'y nagising mo at napukaw ang kamalayan naming lahat.

    Salamat Rico!

    Good Luck sayo kung nasaan ka man.
  • vertud21
    vertud21 Silent Luna
    i'm not the kind of person who is so mushy and things of that nature i even hate watching those kacornihan ng mga showbiz personality but these past few days since i learned that rico yan died i became emotional as much as i did when my father died maybe because i know the feeling of losing someone you really love and i'm not even a fan of him but somehow i was touched and pretty moved by his life. i also learned many things from him. i say that he's not really gone he's just in a place where he could guide us and/or become a line between us and our God. lets just be happy to him..... rico you'll defenitely be missed....
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