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Things you admire most in "Rico Yan".


Lalo tuloy ako nanghinayang when i read this article...

Rico Yan tries to keep his values intact By Veron Dionisio
source: http://www.suharto.com/suharto/html/ricoyan.html

LATELY, Rico Yan has had to cope with a lot of negative publicity. They say he comes to the set late, he's unprofessional, he complains too much whenever things don't go the way he wants them to, etc. At one point, he was allegedly admonished by ABS-CBN management for making the whole cast of "Mula Sa Puso" wait for him (and Claudine Barretto) during the pictorial for the movie's promotion. "It's like politics, people will say all sorts of things against you just to advance themselves," comments Rico, smiling wryly.

Reluctance Another issue is his apparent reluctance as an actor, the reason why he seldom gets film projects from his home studio, Star Cinema. "How can they say that when I've been working 100 percent?" asks Rico. ''Maybe the reluctance is coming from them. I think it stems from the fact that I have other options as a college graduate. You know, if worse comes to worst, hindi ako kakapit sa patalim. Is that what they're looking for in their actors? Then they should find it someplace else, because they're not gonna find it in me. If they pull me down and take me out of the equation, it's fine with me. But I won't compromise my principles." Most of the time, it's easier to blend with the landscape rather than create our own unique style. Less pressure, less conflict. People regard you with less suspicion. If you dance with the music and toe the line, your popularity soars high. People seem to like you because you seldom question the norms, you never rock the boat. You're in less trouble if you maintain the status quo. This is so true in show business. To survive in this business is to some compromise. Rico is well aware of this.

Principles Although there are times when he can't understand why the system works that way, Rico realizes that the system can't change for him. "Just please don't ask me to do something that's against my principles,'' he stresses. The young actor strongly believes in heterosexuality. He believes in sincerity and honesty. He believes he has a moral responsibility to society. Even playing the role of a drug addict doesn't appeal to him. No matter if the role would reward him with critical accolades. He reasons out: "Being the appointed spokesperson of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, I have to set an example for the youth. Even if it's a multimillion peso project, if it's against my principles, what will I do?" Show business is not exactly Rico's bread and butter. He has other options. "I don't even know why I'm here. I don't know how to sing, I can't dance. Show biz just sort of fell into my lap," says Rico. "The only thing I can think of is, God has put me here not for a self-serving purpose.'' But he does know what he's not in show biz for. "I'm not here to aspire for superstardom. I don't plan to win an award, I don't want to be recognized for my work. All I want is just to make a difference," says Rico emphatically.

Dysfunctional Just how does he plan to do that? "By keeping my ideals intact. By not dancing to the tune,'' affirms Rico. "Oftentimes, they say that in show business, you have to conform. But in truth, the ways and means in show business are dysfunctional. They're not right." Despite these views, Rico doesn't believe that show biz operates outside society. "Whatever circumstances we encounter in this business are just a magnified state of what the country is experiencing," he says. His friends and family serve as his reality check. And the self-confidence he has developed while growing up in a secure home has been his great weapon against temptations. "I know who I am-in and out of show biz. In a nutshell, show business is not my world, but this is my work. And I have to work inside this world," he says. Despite the controversies coming his way, "I know I can't be shaken or disturbed," grins Rico. "Because I know where I stand. And even if they take me out of this business, I will survive." April 17, 1999


  • just for the record...im not a fan of his, but his death made me realize so much...sayang sana noon ko pa sya nakilala...i mean, i would always see him on TV pero i never really watch him... :cry: pero he looks admirable...napapansin ko ren naman kahit papano yung acting at kakulitan nya...

    nacurious ako sa kanya ngayong wala na sya.... :sad:
    i feel soo bad...HE IS SUCH A GOOD GOOD MAN!!!

    yun lang po...

  • i admire him dahil he remained to be wholesome...he wasn't worried about kung mapagiwanan sya ng panahon...he remained to be a good role model...also he has good principles and morals...the way he talks just blows me away...parang ang dami nyang gustong sabihin at gawin...he also did not just depend on being actor...come to think of it e naka graduate sya ng college...he had done a lot of things...and the thing admire of him is he's like a whole package of what a girl wants...he has sense of humor, matalino, marunong makisama, mabait, at gwapo po at maraming iba pang mga magagandang katangian...
    to me he is such a great loss...i am a big fan and rite it's very difficult to accept..
  • I admire Rico coz even up to his death, he didn't say anything bad about Claudine who was flirting with Raymart Santiago behind his back.

    He was truly a gentleman.
  • He did finish his studies which is rare in showbiz circles these days.
  • I personally know Ricardo Carlos Castro Yan. He was my college friend and classmate. I first heard of the news through a text message to my mom. She told me after receiving it, and I just laughed at it. I started to think how would Rico feel and react when the news that he’s “rumored” to be dead is circulating through our mobile phones. My mom received two more text messages, relaying the same information. Again, I just laugh at it, thinking if indeed the news is true, I would receive such messages from my college buddies. After an hour or two, my mom, who’s watching TV, called me and showed me the news being flashed below the screen. I was kinda shocked, but honestly, not that much, probably because I received the news earlier but I just didn’t believe in it. In other words, I unconsciously passed the disbelief stage, and it is now time to believe in it and accept it. After I saw the news flash, I went out and walked outside under the full moon for about an hour. It is then when I received messages from my university colleagues either informing me or asking me for confirmation. Under the moonlight, I recalled and cherished all the good and bad times we had together. We’re not really that very close with each other (as in telling secrets to each other), but we belong to the same peer group. After reminiscing our good and bad times, it’s time to accept reality. I said my prayers to him, went inside, and moved on.

    The one moment with Rico that I will never forget was back in our Physical Education 4 class – Soccer to be exact. There was a time when I attempted to kick the ball with all of my might and force. I completely missed the ball and I dropped to the ground butt first. When I stood up, everyone was laughing at me, and I saw Rico, who was laughing the loudest, literally rolling on the field and holding his belly. He was really laughing his heart out. After that, for almost a week, every time he would see me, he would say “man, ang galing mong sumipa ng bola ah.” He also told our friends how great a soccer player I am. Anyway, even though I was the one being laughed and insulted at, for me this was my most memorable moment with Rico. Of course, I have other memorable moments with him, but this one made him really really happy.

    I really feel very sorry for what has just happened. He was a tragic loss, not only to the show business community, but for the entire nation as well. One thing that I’m very happy for my former college friend was he was a good role model and was able to maintain it that way. He could have been a sure winner if he ran for a position in politics, not because he’s in show business (a lot of showbiz candidates lost last year) but because of the good clean image that he has maintained and preserved through the years. That is why a lot of companies choose Rico to endorse their products and services. It’s also the reason why the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports (DECS) chose him as their youth spokesman. He’s also a very responsible and intelligent person. Compared to other showbiz guys after getting their fame and fortune, they would bash around, play with girls, stroll around with their hot cars, and making papogi. Rico was different. He knows his position in the society, and he knows how to take care of it. He was never a chickboy or babaero. Back in college, he was a one-woman man, even though he was one of the heartthrobs of the campus. Whether you like him or not, you care about local showbiz or not, or you watch his shows or not, one thing is for sure about Rico – he has this magic touch and influence that can’t be matched by anyone.

    I even remember when he had his first commercial, and was about to enter showbiz. Of course, you can’t avoid jesters such as “baduy” and stuff like that. But deep inside us, we completely supported Rico in his chosen endeavor. The thing that concerned me about Rico entering showbiz is that he might become one bashful young actor. He proved me wrong. We never really expected him to he “that” kind of an actor. Now that he’s gone, I don’t think anybody can come close and succeed him.

    The last time I saw him was back in September or October(?) at Tequila Joe’s (where he is a part owner) with Claudine Baretto, Congressman Miguel Zubiri (who is also a part owner), and some other friends that I don’t know. We saw him from afar and waved at him, then sat down in one of the seats on the other end of the room. He was even the one who approached our table and who started the conversation with us for about ten minutes. He was still the same Rico, who is nice and humble, despite of the fame and fortune that he has achieved. He also served us well in his bar, and gave us a bonus free drink.

    We were planning to have our college reunion sometime this April or May. We were already starting to get in touch with each other, and we’re just setting a date and venue that would be available to all of us. Rico’s untimely death shocked all of us, and we will definitely be going to his wake at La Salle Greenhills. We are now coordinating and mourning with each other, and I think our college reunion would be a little bit early and premature, but it’s not the reunion that we’ve expected nor planned.

    Rico, Corics, Ricardo, Yan-yan, Rico Mambo, and Rico Swave, wherever you are (I’m sure you’re up there), thank you for being a part of me. I will always remember you as my friend who became very successful in life at a very young age, and yet, was able to maintain his humility and modesty. You are a real role model, and I’m very much proud of you and what you have achieved in life. You have done and shown a lot of good deeds to all of us. I really hope you have touched and changed a lot of lives in your short showbiz career. May your dreams, vision, and projects (the Rico Yan Youth Foundation) go on to achieve your desired goals even without you around. Your mission in this planet might have been short-lived, but it was truly effective. May you rest in peace.

    C.B. (Care Bears) Forever!

  • He's educated and with breeding!

    (Pinsan pala niya si Em-en :teehee: )
  • Originally posted by c_lo2004
    i admire him dahil he remained to be wholesome...he wasn't worried about kung mapagiwanan sya ng panahon...he remained to be a good role model...also he has good principles and morals...the way he talks just blows me away...parang ang dami nyang gustong sabihin at gawin...

    same here! agree 100%
  • read TODAY newspaper's editorial ata or lifestyle section. it's a write up by father caluag, a jesuit friend of rico yan who would talk about the short time he's known rico. He said in one partof his essay "irico was no saint, but he was genuinely a good man... I cannot help but think of one image, a very ignatian or jesuit image, to describe my friend rico, as i had come to know hi. he was a young man of magnanimity.... he was the magna-animus, the great soul. ... I thank the Lord for my friend, Rico. I thank the Lord especially for helping Rico see, a few days before he died, that he was indeed a great man, a great soul." blah blah blah

    when i watch him sa TV, i can see naman that he looks descent and humble and all that... pero i didnt realize how much until Father caluag wrote this article.
  • im deeply touched by what richyuppie has written..rare are friends who can write eloquently about how he truly feels towards his pal..coming from an exclusive private school myself, i know how classmates react to showbiz and schoolmates who become artistas..but rico is different..he is inded a special person..ive witnessed how his career has flourished over the years and how humbled he stayed despite his success..i may not know him personally but im aware how good a person he is..we can see how people mourn for his death that means he has made a mark in peoples lives..i admire him a lot and i consider him my ideal man..hes the type of guy every woman would want to take home to her parents..and if i become a parent myself, he is also the type of guy i would hope and pray my daughter will marry..claudine is very lucky to be loved by and love rico even in just 4 years..ive always thought that the world is ruled by jerks and losers, but rico dispels that cynical belief of mine because hes indeed a brilliant young man..lets pray for him..we will all miss u rico..we know ur already in heaven with God :):)
  • i didn't read the whole thread....:hiya:

    one of the many things i admire most about rico yan is that he is such a good son and brother. as far as i know he paid for his younger sister's college tuition because he could and it was his way of thanking his parents...

    all he also gave her a car for graduation...:bow:

    he was a good son and a great kuya!
  • i'm gonna miss he's smartness... :(

  • he's cute and tlagang makikita mo sa kanya na edukado siyang tao..talino pa. :)

    bihira na ganung lalake sa mundo ngayon...sayang nawala pa ang isa... :(
  • vertigovertigo PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    sobrang petty ng encounter ko with rico pero share ko na rin
    nmagkasunod kami nagpaphotocopy sa miguel 3rd floor
    froshie ako noon and graduating yata siya. dat was the time na meron pang gimik. tahimik sya and mukhang humble. saka di nya feel na celebrity siya unlike champagne morales. (sorry, had to stress the difference) newei, yun lang. walang kwenta no =)

    pero sobrang i admire this man. galing ng moves nya sa buhay. yun lang. and i love watching him sa hula bira ng mtb. galing ksi eh!
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Aside from having class and breeding, Rico Yan had the brains to complete the whole package.... One-of-a-kind talaga... very, very rare indeed in the Philippine entertainment industry...
  • i'm not really a big fan of Rico but i do like him as an actor though. what i admire most in Rico is probably his INTELLIGENCE. i like the way he thinks and the way he speaks out his mind...

    i've watched THE BUZZ's special tribute to him and it made me realize that he was really such a great loss, not only to the movie industry, his family, and friends, but also to those people whose lives he had touch. he was a real gentleman and a person of such great dignity...

    i'll surely miss his wacky moves in mtb's hula bira... :(

    to his family and friends... MY CONDOLENCES...

  • He's an actor that can actually act, which is a lot more than I can say for a lot of these young actors today. Read: Dingdong Dantes & Carlos Agassi.
  • Richyuppie’s Tribute to Rico Yan Part II

    (Sorry peeps for not mentioning this in my previous post. At that time, I just want to remember the good times we had, because I was trying to control myself not shed a tear. I also don’t want to make it look like a novel, for you might not read it and ignore it because of its length. Anyway, I just like to add this one, which is very important for you to know. It’s very touching!:))

    Rico really cares for the kids, particularly, the street children. Even though before that he was not yet an actor and just an ordinary citizen (or should I say, “citizen Rico”), Rico would always make a point to give alms to beggars and street children. He would always make a point that he has spare coins in his pocket or his car to give to them. One night back in 1994(?), Rico, a friend, and I went out on a gimmick. On our friend’s car, a child beggar came to Rico’s window. He looked at the kid, put out his wallet, and gave the kid 10 bucks. I was kinda “surprised” with the amount that he gave. Then my friend suddenly jokingly uttered “Rics, big time ka na ah, 10 bucks na binibigay mo.” He replied “kawawa naman e, he looked like he hasn’t eaten today.” Then he added “you know, when I get rich, I’ll create a foundation for street children.” I was really touched on what he just had said. I realize how Rico, despite of his well-off upbringing, really cares for the poor.

    His Rico Yan Youth Foundation is no publicity stunt. It’s really one of his dreams to have one. May his dreams, vision, and projects go on to achieve his desired goals even without him around. Rico, your legacy will live on!

    C.B. (Care Bears) Forever!

  • low!
    i've heard bout the news and is so sad to know that he has a lot in store for the improvement of our country yet so limited time. ive been hearing a lot of good tings about him and i can't help but compaare my goals for this society. we share the same visions which is to change the mentality and the ongoing trends either in showbiz and in politics. i've already learned why things are happening as it is and all i gotta do is find a long term solution for it. his death has made me realized that i better get moving and start to make a difference even in the smallest way that i can. he served as an inspiration for a lot of youth. he could have served more people but the most important thing is that he has made a legacy within that short span of life. his legacy will be continued by the people who has been inspired and those who loves him dearly. i just hope that there's still someone out there who'll give hope and do something bout other people's sufferings especially the ones experienced by our country.
  • Una na... cute talaga siya. Ang ganda ng dimples and when he smiles... talaga naman nakaka-in love. Syempre pa, we all know na he's intelligent, responsible and he's got sense of humor and dignified. He's got business sense (I think), gentleman, cowboy. In short, he's one guy you'd like to bring home to mama.
  • I admire Rico for his wit, breeding, his dashing looks, and intelligence (a successful young entrepreneur ).
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