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MATCHING TYPE: And Yet Another Felicity Thread

Okay, here's the question: Who would you like in Felicity to end up together? Felicity and Ben? Felicity and Noel? Julie and Sean? Javier and Noel?



  • sean & julie

    even tho i like ben better, i really liked it when felicity was with noel... they were so sweet!

    as for javier... hahaha! i don't know... what happenned to his old boyfriend? sana they give him someone interesting who'll appear on the show
  • imho, the ideal pairings would be:

    felicity - ben
    elaina - noel
    julie - sean
  • CyCy PExer
    same with lipstickboy
  • basta, FELICITY & NOEL pa rin! :D

    though, malabong mangyari na 'to :(

    kahit cno na nga, basta hwag lang ma-cancel ang show :(
  • yeah, felicity & noel ulit sana... pero someone said she'd end up with that david guy daw... :(

    i'm really starting to like noel more now, he's so sweet, and ben's making all the wrong moves... i mean, what's with that older chick? yuck :p
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    sana si ben saka yung fling niya ngayon (yung baker lady)....

    tapos si pad-mate ni ben and julie.....

    then si noel and yung new fling din niya (yung kasama niya sa museum)....

    tapos yung freak na roommate ni felicity saka yung guy na latino.....

    si felicity sana walang partner....nakakairita sha eh.....ang daming arte sa buhay.... :D
  • I honestly dont think Felicity will end up with either Noel or Ben...even with that David guy around...they'll probably be a couple but it wont last for long...knowing Felicity..ehehehehe!

    As for Noel, I hope he ends up with Ruby (the girl he went with to the Museum)

    I think Julie and Sean would make a really cute couple..

    As for Ben, can i just have him??? hee-hee-hee!!!

    Si Elena....i hope she finds a guy soon...is she still going out with the professor?

    But do you know who I really want to see get a boyfriend? Megan!!!
  • I want Julie and Noel together...i think they've been the victims of the whole felicity and ben drama, maybe they should find happiness together...
  • bunny: I think Megan is the character in the show with the most boyfriends (and I mean more than 1 at a time)! :)
  • i dunno why but i don't want ruby for noel. i find david cute for felicity but not long-term; i guess in the end, it's felicity and noel who live happily ever after (they're both so overanalytical anyway :)

    julie and ben are cute but i dunno when ben will be ready for commitment... sean and julie would also be cute but at the same time... sean? committing? and julie's a commitment kinda girl...

    megan? with a bf? i hope she gets the weird guy with the refrigerator...
  • purploony: hahaha! yeah, megan and the refrigerator guy! that would be wild!
  • NAKO!!! kadiri yung bf ni felicity ngayon..YACK :eek: this season, Ben is like so in love with felicity pero felicity is going out with this ugly ( :p:) and annoying pre-med head of the health center guy.... hopefully, somebody could knock some sense into aling feling (my friends and i call her that lol.gif ).

    ay, kapangalan ko pala si felicity in spanish..bwahahaha :D
  • I think Noel would be better for Felicity. He has more direction in life. Smart, good looking, very nice, and he REALLY likes Felicity a LOT! Definitely a lot more than Ben's interest on Felicity. But, right now isn't the perfect time for Felicity and Noel to start going out again. Ruby is very very nice and sweet. Felicity would seem like a total ***** if she decides to steal Noel away from Ruby. I guess, right now, she should just date around. Actually, it doesn't really matter who among the two she ends up with. Ben and Noel ate both ok...just as long as she doesn't end up with DAVID! YUCK!
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