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Buffy and Angel are Back on 23!

Two of the coolest cult TV series ever are back on Studio 23. The historic Season 5 Buffy The Vampire Slayer - which many critics claim to be the best episode run of the show so far - premieres on Studio 23 this Monday, April 1 at 9 PM. The second season premiere of the spinoff Angel follows on Tuesday, April 2, also at 9 PM.

What to watch out for in the premiere eps:
1. BtVS episode 5.1, Buffy vs. Dracula - Buffy fights Dracula, sets out on a quest to find the true meaning of her vocation. This not-to-be-missed ep also introduces a brand-new character in the last 3 minutes of the episode, so be sure to stay tuned.
2. AtS episode 2.1, Judgement - Angel finds new digs in the first part of the two-part season opener. That, and he visits a friend (a startling surprise cameo).

If you love these shows as much as I do, join me and the rest of the Pinoy fans in some cool discussion on Pinoyslayer , the first Filipino mailing list for Buffy and Angel fans. We will also debut our all-new Pinoyslayer webpage at http://www.pinoyslayers.allhere.com in time for the Studio 23 debut. See you there!


  • Cool. I was tired of waiting for a new season of Buffy to show up on Rpn9...
  • I'm planning to also start a thread about the season 5 premiere of Buffy and you did already which is OK.

    I can't believe we're finally here! Months ago, when a fellow pinoyslayer mentioned the start of Buffy, it seems like forever!

    I just hate it when my friends, after endless talks that they should start watching it, still have no plans to because of the title.
  • Hey Marky Mark! Yeah, doing a little pimping for the site and the group. Are you planning to delurk now that the new season is here? BTW, hope you've submitted your profile na - we're planning to include it in a members-only area on the site. It promises to be v v cute!
  • I don't think I will be delurking! I'm not good at posting stuffs, I just like to read! Anyway, maybe I would send stuffs once in a while, depending on the topic.

    It's exactly 8 hours, 42 Minutes and 2 seconds before the premiere later at 8pm!
  • Since Buffy is one of my favorite shows,I'm really excited!
  • kala ko ako lang excited sa new season ng buffy.

    amyslayer: i think you're referring to Dawn, Buffy's sister
  • Buffy's on at 9pm! NOOOOOOOOOOO!
    kasabay siya ng FARSCAPE!

    Tell me it's not true! :(

    missThang69: I think amyslayer was trying not to give spoilers.
  • Bhodi Li: Very perceptive of you. :)

    Wow, I'm not the only person freaking out over the fact that it's on the same time as Farscape. At least we don't get to miss Andromeda. Well, at least unless Studio 23 runs long (again)(sigh). But if it does, I guess we should be happy because it has advertisers.

    6 hours, 12 minutes to go.
  • The best thing about the shift is that studio 23 gets better reception than rpn 9. i hope studio 23's marketing does a better job than rpn 9 so the sponsors don't dry up. does studio 23 want to ask die-hard buffy fans what promos they will be willing to text themselves numb for? after all, if chan. 31 is offering tickets to the tonight show, perhaps studio 23 can offer free trips for two to the mutant enemy studio, walk-on parts in future buffy eps, and fencing lessons with obi wan? just a thought.

    accessing the light saber at
  • cHarL!e's AngELcHarL!e's AngEL PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    laugh trip si Xander last night as usual.. "yes master!" :rotflmao:
  • ...bator!

    Nyahaha. Fabulous season 5 pilot. Could have used a little more Spike (my biases, although he shoulda shaken Drac down for that £11), a LOT less Riley (die Riley die), but Xander the spider-eating man-***** was hysterical. And yes, strange and off-putting. Although I wasn't too fond of the lame puns (Buffy:"I'm not trans-furry." Forgot to laugh there, slayer.)

    Ursula_lear! You're here!
  • And no digital clock to weird us out too ;)

    By the way, I hope Studio 23 doesn't start with the pop-up ads in the corners of the screens while the show is airing. I'll forgive the taglish ads before I forgive that. :D

    Hello to amyslayer, markcas, ursula_lear (people I actually know), and to other Buffy and Angel viewers who may find their way into this thread!

  • Um, isn't BTVS on at 8:00 pm, and Farscape at 9:00 pm?
  • <tacklehugs Redmary>

    Hey, you! I thought you were leaving for a meeting?

    <un vida vivida con miedo e como una vida media>
    <You are strange and offputting>
  • Yes, Saitou, you are correct. Which means that my preliminary data was WRONG. Sorry for the confusion.

    <un vida vivida con miedo e como una vida media>
    <You are strange and offputting>
  • Do anyone knows where I can download the WB episode trailers for Buffy Season 5?
  • Xander and Anya are so cute. :) I want more Spike but the later epis and next season make up for this...But what is up with Studio 23?? Buffy started so late na...
  • I just saw the 2nd season premiere of Angel!
    one of the funniest shows i've seen this year. The scene with Angel singing Mandy was priceless!:D
  • i_love_nicolei_love_nicole PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    grabe... that scene was hilarious.... as in di ako matigil sa kakatawa!!!!
  • <<keels over from amyslayer's tacklehug>>

    See at lunch, girl!

    markcas: head on over to www.vidiot.com, he's got a wealth of high-quality WB trailers from seasons 5 and 6. (and Angel trailers too!)

    Bhodi Li and i_love_nicole: Agreed! Funny the lengths David Boreanaz is willing to go to embarrass... himself!

    Lady_W: Anya is one of my favorite characters already, if that's even possible!

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