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PBCOM Philippine Bank of Communications : Deposits

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The Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCOM) started operations on September 4, 1939 at the Trade and Commerce Building on Juan Luna Street, Binondo, Manila. A branch of the Bank of Communications headquartered in Taiwan, it was one of the first non-American foreign commercial banks to operate in the Philippines.

PBCOM ceased operations during the Japanese occupation, as did most banks during that period. When it resumed operations after World War II, the Bank reinstated its pre-war accounts despite the absence of any legal obligation to do so.

In 1946, the Bank joined the Manila Clearing House Association to expedite business for its clientele, and, in response to the nationwide demand for increased banking service, opened a branch in Cebu the following year.

PBCOM came under Filipino ownership when Ralph Nubla and company purchased majority of the Bank’s outstanding capital stock on June 21, 1974. In February 1988, PBCOM was listed in the Makati and Manila Stocks Exchanges. In December 1995, in order to finance its Information Technology and Branch Expansion Program, the Bank offered 1 million of its common shares to the public for the first time.

In 2000, PBCOM began to take bolder steps towards becoming a modern and competitive commercial bank. Major shareholders displayed their commitment to the Bank by pouring P2.6 billion in fresh equity, making PBCOM one of the biggest capitalized commercial banks. That year, PBCOM also acquired Consumer Savings Bank, a 19-branch thrift bank with a strong presence in retail market. In 2001, PBCOM transferred its Head Office from Binondo to the PBCOM Tower, then the country’s tallest building, located in the heart of Makati.

In 2011, ISM Communications Corporation signed on as a Strategic Third Party investor to PBCOM.

Eric Recto was elected as the Bank’s Chairman on May 8, 2012.

In September 2014, the entry of Mr. Lucio Co as the Bank’s strategic investor put PBCOM in a unique position for growth. The Bank is focused on building its capabilities in order to leverage the more than 3,000 suppliers and 300,000 loyal customers of Puregold Price Club Inc. and Cosco Capital Inc.

With Chairman Eric O. Recto and President & CEO Patricia May T. Siy at the helm, PBCOM embarks on the next phase of its growth and development as it strives to deliver world-class customer service, expand its distribution network to bring banking services, and introduce new products and services. The Bank is poised to expand its suite of financial solutions, which ranges from Deposits and Investment Services, to Cash Management Solutions, as well as Commercial and Personal Loans.


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    Hey PBCOM depositors. What's the buzz?
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    PBCOM is one of the oldest bank in the Philippines. I am not really sure why is Lucio Co not expanding the bank network? Puregold and S&R are like mushrooms. Risky ba ang PBCOM?
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    Serving your banking needs since 1939.

    For more than 78 years, PBCOM continues to keep our customers at the heart of everything we do. We strive to know you better, and to adopt your needs. As we continue to grow, we want to help you reach your dreams

    In a place where you seem small, we want to make you bigger.

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    Cover art

    Philippine Bank of Communications

    Add to Wishlist
    Screenshot ImageScreenshot ImageScreenshot ImageScreenshot ImageScreenshot ImageScreenshot ImageScreenshot ImageScreenshot Image

    PBCOM Mobile Banking is a mobile application that allows you to experience convenient, fast, and secure banking right at your fingertips.

    It is designed so you can easily perform online banking transactions such as:

    * Funds transfer to PBCOM accounts or to other banks
    * Bills payment to a wide range of merchants
    * Reload of prepaid mobile number and other accounts
    * Reorder checkbook
    * Order a stop payment

    Anytime, anywhere.

    Thru PBCOM mobile banking, you can create scheduled or recurring transactions. The app will remember it for you so you won't miss any due dates.

    For added convenience, you can view the balances of your enrolled accounts online. Exchange rates and investment rates are also available even without logging in.

    PBCOM mobile banking also features the multi-factor authentication process to give you a more secure banking experience.

    1. One time password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number after logging in.
    2. Use of secondary validation such as challenge questions.
    3. Fingerprint scanning for one time login. No need to remember your username and password.

    Register now and experience online banking at its prime! No need to go to the branch. No need to wait in line. Our customer service will be available to assist you on the activation of your registration.
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    They have a 1,000 pesos Savings account. :)

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    Discontinued na ung credit card sakanila right? 
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    Daati kasi may nakita akong website na Standard Chartered co-issued a PBCom Credit Card kaso hinde ko na mahanap today.  Wala rin akong mahanap na PBCOm credit card forun dito sa PEX.  Siguro kaunti lang naissuehan dati?
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    Ah. Dati may mga agents na nagpoprocess ng cc app for PBCom pero dahil hindi ko na makita ung cc sa website I assumed na nadiscontinued na.
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    Yes discontinued. Mahilig kasi mag issue si Standard Chartered dati ng Co branded cards. AFaIK may inissue silang Sunlife at Manulife Credit cards dati. Kasabayan ni Sunlife Credit card yung PBCom Standard Chartered credit card if I can remember it correctly around 2003 to 2012 ata.
    Yung Manulife Standard Chartered Credit card huli na yun around 2015 bago nila mabenta yung business sa Eastwest Bank.

    Parang UCPB Credit card na issued naman daw ng Citibank. Discontinued narin Kaso walang forum na nagawa dito about them dito sa PEX. 

    Yung lumang PBCom Website may credit card section dati around 2009 ata yun. Then kapag naclick yun lalabas yung PBCom credit card issued by Standard Chartered Bank. At may pa EMV na rin sila dati bago mauso EMV dito sa pinas.

    Sa femalenetwork or pinoymoneytalk ko ata nabasa yun mga co branded bank cards.

    Baka hinde mabenta yung cards nila kaya close of business na nila.

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    This2018 will PBCom reissue their credit card business and reclaim the strong bank crown?

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    I think it is the right time pbcom to issue consumer lending via PBCom credit cards.
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    Any promos PBcom? PureGold or S&R promos?
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    2017 PBCOM President's Report

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    Your Dream Bike is just a loan away.

    Interest Rate: 
    1.3% Monthly Add-on Rate (28.4% Effective Interest Rate)
    Loan Term: 12, 18 and 24 months 
    Minimum Loan Amount: P40,000 
    Maximum Loan Amount: P800,000 

    Free Bicycle Accessories for loan amounts P150,000 and up
    Free 1 year service fee on tune-ups for loan amounts below P150,000

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    Achieve your life’s necessities, big or small with PBCOM Personal Loan cash solution.

    • Fast approval and disbursement
    • Personalized service
    • Competitive interest rates
    • Flexible payment terms and payment arrangements


    • Tuition Fee or School Expenses
    • Wedding or Other Special Events
    • Home Improvement
    • Car Repair
    • Appliance or Furniture Purchase
    • Business
    • Travel and/or Vacation Expenses
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    edited August 2018


    • Minimum deposit requirement is P1,000.
    • Tenor ranges from 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 to 360 days.
    • The bigger your deposit, the higher your interest!
    • Get a certificate of time deposit as proof of account ownership.


    • Minimum deposit requirement is P50,000.
    • Tenor ranges from 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 to 360 days.
    • The bigger your deposit, the higher your interest!
    • Get a passbook as proof of account ownership.
    • Interest is credited to your passbook account upon maturity.


    Enjoy higher interest and let your Dollar deposits grow.

    Our Dollar Time Deposits allow you to enjoy maximized interest rates on your US Dollar deposits.

    We provide an exceptional way to allow your US Dollar funds to grow faster.

    Gain access to higher interest to maximize your earnings.


    • Minimum deposit requirement is only Euro 1,000.
    • Tenor ranges from 30, 60 and 90 days.
    • The bigger your deposit, the higher your interest!
    • Get certificate of time deposit as proof of account ownership.
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    PBCOM issued its first international credit card, a MasterCard issued in joint partnership with Standard Chartered Bank, in 2002. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippine_Bank_of_Communications

    out of curiosity. napunta ba ng  Eastwest Bank ang mga  may hawak ng PBCOM Credit cards dati? nasaan na kaya sila?
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    Puregold network seen to boost PBCOM's expansion plans

    ABS-CBN News

    Posted at Sep 24 2018 01:26 PM

    MANILA – Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCom) on Monday said it was looking at Puregold’s network of branches for growth and expansion.

    Puregold group founder Lucio Co now holds the majority stake at PBCOM, the country’s 20th largest bank in terms of assets.

    With 1 million members and over 300 Puregold and SNR branches, PBCOM can take advantage of the whole ecosystem, Patricia May Siy president of PBCOM told ANC.

    “The bank actually looked into the ecosystem of Puregold as part of its overall strategy. The whole growth story revolve around optimizing the synergy between this ecosystem,” Siy said.

    The bank is set to open one full scale branch and another 3 smaller outlets located inside Puregold branches, Siy said. PBCOM operates 89 branches as of posting.


    Dapat matagal nyo ng ginawa to PBCom. yung credit cards ha. labas nyo na rin.

    yun nga lang mostly MetroBank ang nasa PureGold and S&R. so paano na?

    Friendship over na kay Metrobank??
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    PBCOM offers LTNCD

    September 21, 2018

    THE Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCOM) has announced the start of its offering period to issue Long Term Negotiable Certificate of Time Deposits (LTNCD) in an effort to further boost its strategic initiatives and meet its growth prospects moving forward. This will be the maiden issuance for the Lucio Co-led Bank, which marked almost eight decades in the banking business earlier this month. Mr. Co has been a strategic partner of the Bank since 2014. The funds will be used for general corporate funding with an emphasis on long-term lending.

    PBCOM is targeting to raise about P2 billion, from this exercise although it has Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas approval to issue up to P5 billion. The offer period for the initial tranche will run from September 17 until September 28. The LTNCDs will feature a term of five years and six months with an indicative rate of 5.375 percent to 5.625 percent and payable quarterly.

    The rate will be finalized at the end of the offering period and will be exempt from the 20 percent withholding tax to individual investors if held for more than five years. Minimum investment size is P50,000, followed by increments of P10,000.

    ING Bank N.V. (Manila Branch) and the Development Bank of the Philippines have been appointed to act as joint lead arrangers, joint book runners and selling agents for the transaction. PBCOM will also act as a selling agent.

    The instrument will be listed in the Philippine Dealing and Exchange Corp. platform.

    So this LTNCD is for branch expansion?

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