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What R Things You'd Keep Doin No Matter What Where When

Hobbies activities anything that you'd always be doIn no matter what no matter when and no matter where your circumstances in life. What makes you
Pls exclude surfing the net Facebook and watching YouTube videos or posting in pex.
Exclude religious activities as I'm a solid atheist and I only have contempt for religious activities


  • BinayphilstarBinayphilstar PEx Rookie ⭐
    Let me start: Riding my Brompton
    downloading series and movies.
    Pc master race I have a 1080 gpu
    Aquarium hobby
    Toy collection
    Riding women collecting girls
    Reading science and philosophical articles - wc convinced me to to totally be an atheist ...I was an agnostic but that all changed now I'm now smarter

    Sorry for bad English
  • daisukeniwataridaisukeniwatari PEx Rookie ⭐
    At the gym
    In the bathroom
    While riding a PUV
    While walking on the street
    Before I go to sleep
    When I heard a familiar song
    While working
    While playing games
    While reviewing when I was a student
    While waiting for someone or something
    Whenever I'm bored
    When I'm depressed
    When I'm heartbroken (Very effective, you'll feel every bit of words haha)
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