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Worth it ba mag double major?

Gusto kong kumuha ng double major sa De La Salle University, specifically BSA-AE o pinagsabay na BS Accounting at BS Applied Economics in the span of 4 years. Medyo gipit din kami kaya iniisip ko kung alin sa dalawa ang kukunin ko kaso nalilito pa ako.

Sa tingin niyo worth it ba na pagsabayin sila? Gusto kong pumunta sa Law School in the future at sa tingin ko na mabibigyan ako ng edge kapag pinagsabay ko ang dalawa. Hindi pa ako aware sa schedules kasi hindi pa sila nagrerelease pero people are warning me of the workload. Kaya iniisip ko kung ipupush ko pa ba ito.

All helpful opinions appreciated. Thank you po.


  • I find double degrees amusing. My friends who enrolled in these double degree courses never had any advantage when they started working. Just another product by most schools to keep students paying tuition for additional years.
  • vicmesarvicmesar Member PEx Guru 🎖️🎖️
    In Zen Buddhism, you have knowledge when you READ it....

    you have understanding, when you PRACTICE it...

    Explore the world ASAP (work/job) to have a deeper understanding of what you read (knowledge) and, more importantly, of YOUR LIFE...
  • Regarding the workload it is manageable (I have friends who are AE-BSA majors) but it really all boils down to how well you're able to manage your time. Some people have really mastered this, and in addition to their regular workload (balancing both economics & accounting subjects), they're still able to dedicate time and effort into extracurricular activities. EconOrg and JPIA are some of the best established professional orgs in DLSU. You have to consider that BSA is one of the toughest programs at DLSU. Some people who shift out of Econ-BSA find Econ-FIN (Management of Financial Institutions) more manageable. But really, it is up to you and your studying habit and time management skills. It is hard, but it is definitely manageable.

    As for my advice, I would ask you to seriously think about whether or not you want this program. I entered DLSU as a LIA-COM student (double degree; simultaneously majoring in a liberal arts and a commerce program), but I ended up dropping my COM (BSA as well), because I found the program too demanding. I passed the three basic Accounting courses (ACTBAS1 & 2, ACTPACO) all on my first take, but failed the qualifying examination. I decided to just drop my COM altogether instead of waiting another 2 terms to retake the quali's, which in effect would delay my stay in DLSU.

    I also had the same mindset of "maybe this will give me an edge in the future" but I now realize I would have been better off pursuing master's than spending more years on getting two bachelor degrees. However, this is only my experience and I cannot speak on behalf of other double degree students.
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