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LG G5 vs LG G6. Which is better and Why?

During the Mobile World Congress this year, LG smartphone made a comeback move when they released their new LG G6 into the market. The phone of course has somehow a striking resemblance to the good old G5 that received quite a good market reception. However, this new model had added a hotter new look, a bigger display screen and a few more specs that will undoubtedly enable it to compete with the market’s “big boys”. Below, we have a LG G5 vs LG G6 comparison to evaluate how the LG G5 compares with the new LG G6.
Design: LG G5 vs LG G6
The LG G5 has a cool design with an almost plastic frame-clear top and a removable back cover. It has a USB type C port, weighs about 159g and measures (174 X 74 X 8) mm in dimensions. The phone, of course, has a removable back plastic cover and fingerprint sensor to finish its outlook. Now the G6 has a somehow differently modeled design that makes it look metallic as opposed to the plastic look of the G5. It has a very thin bezel at the top and the bottom of the phone. In addition, it also has slightly curved edges and weighs a staggering 163g. The G6 measures (149 X 72 X 8) mm. This, I must say is a slightly thinner design than the former. In addition, the G6 is now classified under the IP68 waterproof phone. This waterproof feature came with some added cost in its design, and now G6 has got no removable back cover.

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