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MArtin-Live w/the Philharmonic Orchestra

Hello! I saw the tail end of that show last night. DANG! Had I known that Martin's concert would be aired I wouldn't have watched Ever After sa Star Movies. Ever After puwede i-replay, this one, hindi. SAYANG! I loved the last part of the concert, his last senti-filipino song (which almost made me cry), and yung 2nd to the last song niya (the one before he belted out "You are my Song"). Wow.

When I get money, I'll buy din his CD. Well worth it. My sis and I nga got to talk about the concert. Talagang among all the Filipino performers, yung concerts lang ni Martin, Gary and Regine (maybe lang si Regine) yung willing kami mag-shell out ng bigbucks.

It was really one of a kind. I'm looking forward to the HBO concert thingie.


  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I was able to catch the whole Martin with the PPO concert. He's a great singer, and his voice is so much better now compared to when he was starting---probably not so much the range, but more on soulfulness and being able to put feelings into his song interpretations. And, whoa, what a surprise, his stage design and his clothes were kept to a minimum. Most local concerts (like Regine's) go way overboard with stage decors and clothes that the singer sometimes looks overwhelmed by them. Martin's concert was great (and ugh, was that my sister watching the concert? LOL)--it was all about Martin and his songs, and his guests didn't try to steal the limelight from him (which, of course, is how it should be). I wish he interpreted more slow tunes to take full advantage of the orchestra, but since he explained naman at the start that he's singing just his favorite songs, he can be forgiven. :) Great concert!
  • rhytzrhytz PExer
    I watched Martin Live-with the Philharmonic Orchestra last night!

    Nagsisisi ako sana i've watch the concert live.Anyways, i bought the cd. Good choice of songs!

    Martin's revival of WILDFLOWER is great!

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