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Van Hai car rental service

Van Hai Investment and Development Company is one of the leading units in the field of cheap car rental, prestige. We provide monthly car rental services, wedding cars, coaches, business vehicles, conferences, events, ... professional services to serve all needs of customers, home and abroad.
- Customer Care Department: Van Hai has a team of professional care staff, always consult the customer in a caring, fun and enthusiastic to listen and understand all needs and bring satisfaction. Most for customers.
- The driving team: To ensure the absolute satisfaction and trust of customers when using 4-seater car rental service in Van Hai, we are proud of the team of civilized driver polite courtesy Friendly, friendly and friendly, foreign language skills, experience, communication traffic always ensure high accuracy of time shuttle guests
- Performance criteria: With the criterion of safety for customers is the motto development, Van Hai always ensure the regular maintenance and car maintenance, according to international standards. Especially always check the technique carefully before each trip.
- Inquiries: All details, as well as inquiries in the process of using 4-seater car rental service in Van Hai, price negotiation, procedures, or in the journey to go have trouble. Whether small or big make you dissatisfied.Please contact Van Hai immediately to be resolved quickly and effectively.


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