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Time lapse photography

SHOOT Time Lapse Photography Rotator 360 Degree Slider Tripod For DSLR, Gopro Cameras and SmartPhones

When you're taking photos, the camera screen is not enough to contain all the people, how will you do?
When you want to shoot the sunrise and sunset but you cannot catch them in time, how will you do?
Only one SHOOT time lapse photography rotator is enough!
Set the time and the shooting angle, the time lapse mount will work automatically. And you could do any other things you want. It is so small that you can take it with you anytime and anywhere. Ideal for shooting panorama, it can let you treasure up those unforgettable moments.

Main features:
- 360 degree in any angle adjustment, automatic rotation
- Adopt metal material, precise and firm, can bear the maximum weight of 750g
- Small and portable, put it in your bag or pocket to take photos or videos anytime and anywhere
- With general 1/4 screw thread, can be equipped with our flexible sponge octopus tripod, easier for you to make videos
- Compatible with GoPro, DSLR, small camera and any other smart phones
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