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I recently watched the movie named “Starry Starry Night” which evoked my memory of visiting the blue house of the movie, so I finished the travel itinerary first, including accommodation booking then invited my sister to join me. My sister was the driver and the travel was for two days as follow:
Cedar Wooden Plank Trail→A Ma’s grass cake→Fenchihu Lunchbox→FenChiHu Old Town→the blue house of the movie→sunrise of Mt.Ali[/color]


We took a forest shower on first day. It made me feel really relax and all the stress was gone when I walk through the forest. Till the lunch time, we had “A Ma’s grass cake” first. Its exterior was made from the mugwort and it tasted soft and sticky. The lunch box was delicious no less than grass cake! We had the lunch box of fenchihu hotel because we booked the room there, and its lunch box is famous as well. Another reason why we chose this hotel was that it’s really convenience to get there. In addition, fenchihu has his own tour guide to all the travelers who book his room. It’s really considerable and I bet you will know fenchihu much more. What’s pity was that we decided to follow our travel itinerary. We didn’t take part in the guided tour of fenchihu hotel. I will participate it next time.
And the details of tour is here~




《information of fenchihu hotel》
LINE ID:fenchihu_hotel
make a reservation:https://www.ezhotel.com.tw/fenchihu/index.php?langtype=1
ADD:No.178-1, Fenqihu, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County 604, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Promotional Event
If you book the room on normal day,
You will get free lunch boxes which depends on the room you booked.
1. This offer is not applicable to groups, travel agencies, car (driver)
2. Once the booking is completed. You might change the date to non-discount period and this offer would be canceled.
3. the hotel reserves the right of modification and termination of this promotional event.


After we finished the lunch. My sister and I decided to stroll on the old street, we could burn calories at the same time. The old street is under the train station. In the street you could find various of things, such as donuts, ice jelly, clogs, etc. All the things there were interesting and all the food there were delicious. Then we walked along the path and found the blue house of the movie “Starry Starry night”. It was really beautiful and the work-bench was vivid. The scenes of the movie flash before us and I hope that I could move to the place like there when I am an old person. But I found it a little bit thrilling after sunset because no person there, only my sister and I left, we back to the hotel as soon as possible. We went to bed early coz we needed to get up early and saw the sunrise of Mt.Ali. I’ve always wanted to see it with my own eyes and I was really exiting. The place we chose to watch the sunrise was Tataka. You can watch the sunrise at Zhushan Sun-Watching Platform and Ogasawara Sun-Watching Platform as well. I have to say that the sunrise of Mt.Ali is the most impressive picture. I had never saw such beautiful scenery before. You really have to see it with your own eyes!! It was really a nice trip that I won’t forget it.
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