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Barbados - a good place to visit and stay?

Hi all,

While searching for the Barbados luxury resorts, I came across one had the following details:

-It is a beach resort
-Swimming facilities which are accessible by a staircase or a glass-front beach elevator.
It is said that it is the only one of its kind in the eastern Caribbean.
-Beach hut
-Provides Boogie boards.

Has anyone visited this resort?
I would like to get your experienced shared.
It will help me to make a right choice.
Waiting for your reply.

It will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance


  • Barbados is really a nice region and the luxury resorts of this region could be a source to make your travel time exciting for you. I must say go ahead and surely it will gonna fun time because I personally experience to go there enjoy all of the fun things to do there.

    Will go for canadian bus tours in few days.
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