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Arizona Dutchman and Goldfeild Ghost Town

I got a little crazy and started a web page with some short stories that I wrote a while back. I was fortunate to get a great domain arizonadutchman.com. I have been to Goldfield Ghost Town several times with my family it is just North from Apache Junction. A owner of one of the stores their told me that the Gold mine was found a few years after the Dutchman died and was mined by a company out of Colorado. He said that just north, east of the town was the mine it had been covered up with a concrete slab that had a Adobe hut and a small Trailer on it. Sure enough he was right I saw it just as he said. But have we been lied to all along about the mine and the maps, weavers needle. Think about all those who died in the Superstition Mountains looking for the mine I can attest to how harsh that area really is, it is brutal and unforgiving. The lure of Gold and its value brings man to his limits to get it, Gold its a metal that will last forever under the harshest environments can not be destroyed it is eternal. They also say the gold holds a curse that brings the owner of the mine to kill to keep it a secret Jacob Waltz (The Lost Dutchman) killed 9 people to keep his secret.
What would you do if it was yours? :evil_lol:
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