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What's your favorite movie or TV line?

What were the lines that made you remember a movie? :)


  • Here's my list...

    "...no ***** won a war by dying for his country. He wins wars by letting the other ***** die for HIS country" - "Patton"

    "...there is no try, only do" - Yoda from
    "The Empire Strikes Back"

    "...OH, behave!" - "Austin Powers"

    "...fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering" - "Episode I"

    "...I can only show you the door, but it's up to you to open it" - "The Matrix"

  • "They can take away our land. They can take away our lives. But they cannot take away our FREEDOM!" (Or something like that.)


  • "what makes u happy?" - an affair to remember

    "of course it's a one-night stand! it lasted all of three months!" (or something like that, as don said) - primal fear
  • pinheadpinhead PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    "ahh...tears...such a waste of good suffering"

    from who else but pinhead (hellraiser 1 and 2)
  • frankly my dear, i don't give a damn
  • all lines of Darth Vader.
  • Oh, yeah! Darth Vader....

    "No, I AM your father..."

    "Now go, my shon...leave meeee...."

    "If on our side, he will be a most powerful ally..."

    "Sister...so you have a twin sister..."
  • "...i am just a girl, standing in front of boy, asking him to love her" -NOTTING HILL

    "...this is it, this is it" -TITANIC

    "...do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth!?" -RUSH HOUR

  • From 8mm:

    "When you dance with the devil, the devil don't change. The devil changes you."

    Spooky stuff, ain't it?

    [This message has been edited by rome (edited 10-05-1999).]
  • "Kimmie said when you love someone, you say it right there, out loud or else...the moment just passes you by" -My Best Friend's Wedding

    "You complete me" -Jerry Maguire

    i agree w/ zyxthyn abt the notting hill line =)
  • I agree with the NOTTING HILL line! It was so sweet :)

    "Wala pa 'kong minahal at mamahalin ps tulad ng pagmamahal na binigay ko sayo..."
    - Sana Maulit Muli
  • LQ714 / louisvuittonchiq (what a nick!)

    yup! i love that line very much...its so touching...nakakakilig ;)
  • 'you complete me' ...tindi talaga e.
  • have you ever danced with the devil in a pale moonlight ??? -JOKER

    hmm... howabout "kapag puno na nag salop, dapat nang kalusin" hehehe
  • chitae ganda lalake :)
  • gosh, there are so many.
    i'll try to rememeber as i go along.

    "I am a firm believer in the philosophy of a ruling class. Especially since I rule."
    - Randal (Clerks)
  • "Mahal na nga kita eh! Maging sino ka man."

    *Sharon and Robin* movie

    Hhahahahahah =)
  • "he's chasing her, you're chasing him... so who's chasing you - no one! get it?!"

    -- my best friend's wedding
  • "There's this one time, at band camp, I stuck a flute up my p***y."
    "Say my name, b**ch!"

    -Michelle(?), in American Pie

    Why the best??? The line was perfectly delivered, right character, right timing, basta perfect talaga!
  • The Rock says that the coolest line would have to be..."Bond, James Bond." The simplicity of it and the sheer coolness of it transcends the decades. Also "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!" from Gone With The Wind. All those Star Wars lines kick serious *****, but also the lines of Mr. Spock from Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few... or the one" and "I have been and always shall be your friend."

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