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How to tell if a CD or DVD is fake

When buying software online, in an auction, or at a flea market it's important to know if you're purchasing a legitimate copy of the program or game. There are several reasons of why you shouldn't purchase pirated or otherwise illegally made programs. Below are some steps that can be taken to help identify fake CDs and DVDs.
Look at the bottom of the disc

One of the most common and easiest ways is to look at the bottom of the disc. Recordable discs like those shown in the picture below have a green, purple, or other color of tint to them unlike the traditional CD and DVD. These people are the ones dropping the celebrity entertainment industry down. When CDs and DVDs are made in the factor the data contained on them is stamped onto the disc and not burned.

Look at the label

Another easy method of identifying a fake CD from the real thing is to look at the label of the disc. If the disc label is hand written with a marker or looks as if the label was printed off an ink jet printer, it's obviously a fake CD or DVD. Unfortunately, many individuals are becoming more sophisticated and are now capable of matching labels that are identical to the real label. To help prevent easy duplication companies such as Microsoft have created more sophisticated CD and DVD labels. Below is a picture of one of these discs, which as you can see has a hologram type border. All of the Microsoft discs today looks similar to the example below.
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