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Ateneo vs UP. What's the best school for theoretical p6

i already know that UP tops Ateneo academically speaking, but how about the schools' other aspects?

1. Which school has the most professors that have studied/have the most connections abroad?

2. Which school emphasizes teacher-student relationship more?

3. Which school offers more study/work abroad programs relating to theoretical physics?


  • johnjoseph13johnjoseph13 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Duh! Of course, UP Diliman! It is the BEST SCHOOL of PHYSICS in the country!
    The measure of being the BEST is through its research output and in that aspect UPD is miles ahead. In fact, DLSU>>ADMU in physics. Just saying!

    What's the purpose of studying abroad if you cannot produce quality papers and results?

    Of course, for Filipinos with colonial mentality, this is their view: abroad>>>local.
  • ZuluZulu PExer
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