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Should I stay or should I switch?


I'm a Grade 11 student. I'm currently in my first week at Aquinas University of Legazpi. I'm now thinking of going back to my former school, Sorsogon National High School.

At first, there were three choices for me for senior high: UST, AUL, and SNHS.

Initially, I never considered going to Manila until my girlfriend came along. Being a second-generation Thomasian (her dad graduated in UST and her sister studies there), it was only fitting of her to choose UST to study senior high. She was also well-off as her family owned a business. She never forced me to follow her, but it was my own choice to take an interest in UST. Eventually, I fell in love with the campus when I visited (last visit was when I was a kid, getting treatment for a disease. As I said, never really cared about the school before). I loved the campus and it's rich history.

Eventually, I ended up taking the USTET and I got ranked really high (upper 2%) of the STEM class. She took the Health Allied strand and also passed. Everything was smooth sailing, until one day, when I was about to pass the requirements needed for enrollment, my father changed his mind. He said that if I was to go and study in Manila, he wouldn't contribute any money for my endeavor and that my mother would be responsible if anything bad happens to me. It was okay for my mom, but my dad, thinking that his threats would work, got really serious and said no, much to me and my mom's dismay. I come from a middle-class family (dad's an electrical engineer and my mom's an officer at a bank) and my parents can afford to send me to UST, it's just that my dad is an EXTREMELY overprotective person (call him paranoid, very very paranoid) and he doesn't treat me as a teenager with a mind of my own, that's why he didn't like the idea of me going far away.

Okay, so I was left with two choices. AUL and SNHS. I wanted to try out AUL as I wanted to taste the life of a private enrollee (last time I studied in a private school was in preschool). I chose AUL as I wanted to prepare for college and experience challenges in my life (other than academics).

Now, after my first week there, I'm having second thoughts as to why I chose AUL.

I got sorted into one of the lower sections as I was a transferee. The star section was exclusive to Aquinas completers. I was the salutatorian of the special section in my school (SNHS). As such, I find the experience quite... odd. I am not used to boys acting obnoxiously even when the teacher is around, screaming jokes, interrupting the teacher when speaking, no excuses when walking at the front, etc. I'm not trying to portray a negative image about them in any way, they already accepted me and are extremely friendly (they already have a nickname for me), I'm just not used to having classmates with that kind of behavior and also the lack of competition. I remember lower section students from SNHS when I think of them. Who knows, I might get used to it. Maybe I'm just being a ***** like I am.

If I do choose to go back to SNHS, I would get accepted back to STEM 1 and be with my former competitive classmates. However, I have two weeks worth of schoolwork to catch up and according to my former classmates, they already have a shitload of stuff to do. What's worse is that the pace of teaching in my former school makes me believe that I will never fully recover the two weeks that I lost. Failing in my former school is more embarrassing than failing in AUL, as people there are used to me being in the rankings (not being boastful or anything). However, my parents would be much more angry at me if I fail at AUL as I had already told them that my classmates aren't competitive.

What should I do? Should I man up and continue AUL, or should I fall back to SNHS?

We asked UST and they said they don't accept transferees anymore. My dad is regretting his decision to not let me go there, as he sees how visibly frustrated and depressed I am in my situation.

I appreciate all your help :)
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