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"Breakfast" (the morning show)

I know that a lot of people are very fond of Alas Singko y Medya, and that other show...there have been a lot of morning shows cropping out on pinoy tv...but what is your favorite??
Have you heard of ABS-CBN News Channel's "Breakfast"? You know why I watch this show? Well, it is informative and fun and you should check out the guys' (the hosts) camaraderie..it's almost like "Friends"...
Please let me know what you guys think...


  • ebtgebtg PExer
    I really, really like Breakfast. I think it caters more to my taste as compared to ASYM and Unang Hirit. It's delivered in English and the topics they discuss are much more interesting than the other two morning shows.

    Plus, I think Mitzi (Mitchie?) looks a lot prettier than Cristine Bersola and Miriam Quiambao. Who dares to disagree when I say this: JC Gonzales is much more pleasing than Arnold Clavio and Julius Babao?
  • broombroom PExer
    i also watch breakfast :D aliw ako sa mga hosts nila! parang they're super close tlaga and funny pa...angel's cool and jc's way cute :D
  • I don't get to watch it because I hate Sky Cable but Pinoyexchange.com has been featured on the Breakfast show already. It was around Christmas last year and Chiqui and myself guested on the show to talk about PEx.

    All of 5 of them are very nice and have much more chemistry than the other shows.

  • I watch breakfast but not that regularly. Masyado kasing "uppish" ang dating. Pero cute silang lahat except for Billy Aniceto (tama ba?) He looks kinda old. and geeky para isama sa apat na stylish and young. lol.gif
  • Your comments on the show and hosts, anyone??
  • Frankly speaking i've only watched the show once but i loved every minute of it. Problem is, i can't watch it every morning coz i use HOME CABLE. However, i'm not ready to switch to SKY CABLE yet coz i love STAR MOVIES to the MAX!! I wish SKY CABLE had STAR MOVIES too.
  • Great show. Interesting topics, good hosts. Definitely, not boring. Lia, Angel, Mitzi, JC and Billy: "Keep up the Good Work!"
  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Its great to see new faces on TV. I've watched the show only once (just to watch Kaboom) but the group has potential. There's still room for improvement.
  • Now this is my morning show! I love seeing Angel Jacob in the mornings. Very beautiful. They seem a bit stiff sometimes, but they sure beat the other morning shows when it comes to coolness and freshness, IMHO.

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  • cmars2cmars2 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    It's a great show. Sayang wala na sila Mitzi Borromeo and the Andanar girl. Mas maganda yung dating hosts eh. :spinhalo:
  • the show is interesting...especially the hosts,very good talking heads...spontaneous.However, its too early--esp. now that its at 6am. i like jc gonzales and ria t.---
    sayang! wala na si mitzi borromeo. I was shocked angel jacob does acting in sa dulo...;)
  • great start every morning. i never woke that early before, but now, i'm forced so that i could watch the four guys. they're not the best hosts (jc kinda talks fast and he states things na parang bitin, angel is cute but not that smart methinks, ria talks faster than jc and bam, well, he's fine na din).

    when they're doing an interview, they don't seem to know how to do a follow-up question. nakakatawa.

    but what's good about this show is that they're all pleasant-looking, it's light, fun and very positive. way better than the depressing news we get to see everyday.

    what i like best are the singers/musicians they guest in the show. quite entertaining.
  • It's a good alternative to Unang Hirit and ASYM.
  • Cute-cute ni Angel Jacob!
  • what about the other hosts? i haven't been able to watch but who do you guys consider the best one?
  • i like this show!!! napanood ko yung time na guest nila ang itchyworms.... he he he.... nakipag-jamming sila with the band habang nag-koclosing credits na... :D
  • is pia archangel a host of the show? havnt seen her yet when i get to watch the breakfast show
  • pia handles the headlines, traffic, and weather news. so she's always standing. only the four hosts are in the sofa section of the set.
  • if only for jc, i love watching breakfast! pero sige na nga, as a whole, the show's format is perfect. absolutely fun to watch in the mornings. :D yun nga lang, ang aga kasi ng show eh. hirap gumising.
  • I think the hosts are lightweight interviewers. They are more times than not in awe of the person they are interviewing and since they're young, they look like they need more experience in getting more credibility. It's hard to take them seriously.

    All of them look very unapproachable. Only JC actually seems friendly. I don't know if they are, but they look "high class" at hindi "ma reach".

    I also think the show is a little slow paced. It's mainly all interviews and guests. There's really no creative segments and the like.

    Mas "sosyal". It's a good alternative from ASYM and UH though.
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