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another "Felicity" discussion: Ben or Noel?

neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
hehee la lang....mas ok si ben, kakainis kasi si noel eh...lalo na kanina... yung confrontation sa restaurant...sabi ni ben kay noel: "so what are you gonna do? u gonna kick my ***** using your computer?" haahhahaaa pahiya si noel....


  • oh my! kay ben lang talaga! he's so cuuuttteee!!!!wahhhh!!!! pero, duda ako sa feelings niya kay felicity... ;)
  • i used to really like ben's character pero right now duda na ren ako sa kanya after watching last night's episode. dati ayaw na ayaw niya kay felicity tapos suddenly gusto na niya siya.
    meanwhile, naawa talaga ko kay noel bcoz i feel that he still really loves felicity. =)
  • BEN!
    can i say both?
  • heehee! it's so funny cuz i always liked ben better cuz DUH he is sooo gorgeoous... but then noel! ...i agree with clarisse, kakaawa talaga that he's so bitter and you know it's cuz he's so hurt. aww... and i love his look now, he somehow looks cuter... maybe it's the agonized expression... the "i-cant-believe-she-chose-him-when-i'm-the-one-that-loves-her" look. yaaaaaaaaagh! sweet... ;p
  • Mas cute si Ben ngayon!!! Dati hindi ako masyadong nacucutan sa kanya pero after watching Felicity last night....*sigh*... he is soooo cute! The way the sides of his eyes crinkle whenever he smiles... *sigh*....

    Although I also like Noel...personality-wise. :)
  • BEN!!!
    kaya lang, he seems so terrified of being involved in a serious relationship and all.
  • /me looks at Ben...
    /me looks at Noel...

    /me rolls eyes...

    /me drools...

    can't i just have both?
  • i hate to disappoint you guys but Noel will turn out to be a jerk :D hehehehe
  • trinity: i agree...

    BEN!!! he's soooo cute :)
  • For those of you who are rooting for Ben, you'd be happy to know that towards the end of Season 2, he'll realize that he's really in love with Felicity..oops spoiler! :)

    I'd pick Ben..Scott Speedman's soooo cute talaga..i heard he's doing a movie with Sharon Stone ..
  • bwahahaha nagbalikan sila ni ben!! LOL
  • jackjack PExer
    kay noel ang boto ko.
  • dagnydagny PExer
    Mas-type ko si Noel, but I think it will take FOREVER before he and Felicity get together. I mean, it's so obvious to the world that they're meant for each other. I don't know why the producers of the show got a girl as panget as Ruby to be his present love interest ... sa bagay it's not like the photographer guy of Felicity (I forgot his name for the moment) was guwapo either but at least he was artistic.
  • nakow! BEN na no! sobrang naging cutie siya nung nag shave and nagpagupit siya!!!!! haaay!

    broom hay alam ko kung sino isasagot mo! lol.gif
  • ben ben ben ben ben ben ben ben ben ben ben
    ang cute niya kapag nag-smile. noel is a little bit eccentric. and ben is like the bad boy.
  • YoshiYoshi PExer
    *slightly off-topic*

    Just in case you haven't read the other thread, it's been decided that Felicity will be renewed for another season.

    And the drama continues. :)
  • dagnydagny PExer
    I like Noel more ... Ben is panget.
  • roguerogue PExer
    BEN!!! well, he is a hunk but what i do not like about him is that he is afraid of COMMITMENT.
    NOEL!!! he is sincere but he lacks charisma unlike ben.
  • [email protected] lol.gif "panget!" haha ang lutong.
    ewan...parang mas cute si ben...
  • At the height of my Noel-fanaticism I checked out www.noelcrane.com (remember the first season Felicity goes to NOel's room and he's making a website?) turns out there's areal site. Check it out, old site na yon, hope it's still there.
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