malalaking mga paa?!?!?!

they say that if a guy has a big foot, it means...... :mconfused:

what if a girl has a big foot?!?!?!

pls. answer, im dying to know!!!!!!!!1:cool:


  • akuseakuse Lord of da Badings PExer
    then maybe the girl has a big thingy too? hehehe :D
  • bjnuzabjnuza Member PExer
    aaahhhh oo yung sabi ng iba na pag malaki ang paa kung anong sukat ng paa eh less 1/2 plus 1 nung paa nya ang sukat na tutuuuuuut niya.....

    well well well di totoo yun noh ......hhhhhmmmmppppp!:p

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