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My Favorite Ally McBeal Character Is................



    i LIKE LING and Ally because they don't pretend.
  • gasolinegasoline Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    LING as in she makes me laugh all the tym, have u guys watched that episode wherein napagkamalan na nya sarili nya na gay because napapanaginipan nya c ally? la lang, and un x-mas episode nah hinalikan nya un guy partner nya... (noh nga bah name nung guy?) as in grabeh sha mag kiss natulala ako , hehe. :D

  • insomniacinsomniac Member PExer
    I just love Ling :). I know she's supposed to be a b*tch. But she's a funny b*tch. Her wit and sarcasm and bluntness and the "bwisit" look she gives when she's exasperated with something just makes me laugh so hard. I think Lucy Liu pulls off the role so well.I remember when she was saying something in Chinese sa court and crying at the same time but was actually saying nonsense and half insults :lol:.. etc.etc. And it helps that magaling siya magdala ng clothes.

    The "funny little man" John Cage is also one of my favorites, but not at first cos he was so weird and weird-looking(sorry superficial ba?). But I guess he's the type of character who grows on you. His little eccentricities .. nakakatawa lang talaga. :D Especially when he's in court. And I guess I like the fact that he's not only funny but a great lawyer to boot.
  • wowowwowow Member PExer
    ling!!! i love her for being so conceited!!! ahahaha!!! :lol::lol::lol:
  • simplyme8simplyme8 Great! PExer
    Ally mcbeal is my favorite tv show .. I like john he makes me laugh everytime he do his crazy dancing and the epeke-epeke thing.

    Ally of course for her what do u call that in english.... hmm.. pangitain basta yon...

  • bLaCkbLaCk Member PExer
    ling and nelle!!!!
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Ling. Ooh la la talaga. And she's really funny, and she doesn't even try to be.
  • leiraleira Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    Ling for everything that has been mentioned here. And Ally for her romantic idealism and dreamworlds. :)
  • MarcieMarcie Bookworm PExer
    Originally posted by CaRaMBa
    Ling. Ooh la la talaga. And she's really funny, and she doesn't even try to be.

    Totally agree with you Caramba! I like watching Ling because of how Lucy Liu effortlessly brings her character to life. I love her sarcasm, biting wit, and yes, even her b*tchiness. Sometimes, I think Ally is just too much!
  • DarciDarci celebrate we will PExer
    si ling, gusto ko yung part na si haley joel osment yung guest and nung namatay sya, mataray pa si ling pero paglabas ng hospital, tumulo na yung luha,

    si nelle, i wish i can be like her, lalo na yung shiny, long blond hair nya. .

    si jon, magaling and funny

    news: robert downey jr is on ally mcbeal ewan ko lang kung main cast na sya.
  • si john, favorite moment ko 'yung bigla na lang siyang nag-swing sa bathroom tapos tinamaan si Ally, out of nowhere talaga. tapos 'yung may horse doll siya tapos pinaglalaruan niya, parang bata. si fish ok rin kasi naalala ko 'yung nahanap nila 'yung alagang palaka ni john, nag-drama pa si fish kay john, "alive, alive i tell you..."

    si ling, ok kapag tumingin ng masama kay fish tapos may mariring ka sa background na lions's roar... hehehe
  • TifosiTifosi 7 Zeit F1 Weltmeister PExer
    My favorite Ally McBeal character would be Ling.
    Man,she's HOT.
    Well apart from that, that's why I like her is the toughness that she exudes. Palaban siya. She shows that she's no pushover
  • thatgirlthatgirl She's that girl. PExer
    Ally and Ling ... both girls with spunk!
  • i love ling...
    i also loved that episode where they sued God.
    that just gave away ling's soft spot.
    twas such a tearjerker!

    ling rules!
  • laineybabylaineybaby Dream Come True!!! PExer
    i love ling! she rocks! she's all b*tchy, but she's really so cool, too!

    by the way, robert downey, jr. is now a mainstay at ally mcbeal as her boyfriend. he's also a lawyer, but for another firm.
  • freespiritfreespirit Member PExer
    LING! :flamedvl:

    she's such a real person. fave ko her signature growl....hahaha...sobrang funny and on the dot!
  • *keyah**keyah* On My Side Still PExer
    I took this quiz telling which one among Ally, Ling, or Elaine I am.

    I'm Ling.

  • NoisyCricketNoisyCricket Filipino! PExer


    :bawl: :bawling: :bigcry:
  • ozmenozmen yOunG grAssHoPPer PExer
    i like elaine

    because of her combination of eternal optimism and inner despair

    you really feel for her character :(


    (tie) richard fish and john cage

    richard has all the best lines! (well, okay, ling too)

    john helps us all identify with our inner geek! :lol:

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