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One month bump on the shin still hasn't healed :(!

Hi Doc Ira :)

Hoping to get some advice regarding this...

I guess my thread titles says it all. Basically what happened was that I tripped on the last step of our stairs.. which resulted in a very nasty bump and a large area on my shin that was skinned and scratched.

Thing is the skinned area is all healed though it is still slightly darker, but not that noticeable. :). It's been a month na.. but there's still a bump, as in may bukol pa talaga :(.

Is this normal? Guess am kinda worried that it's not. Am gonna start rubbing Hirudoid on it nga eh . What else can I do to remove the bump? Thanks.


  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    If it's a particularly nasty bump as you said, having it still after a month isn't anything to be worried about, as long as you don't have other spontaneously occuring pasa on your body. It will generally disappear in a couple of months or so. Rubbing Hirudoid twice daily may help.
  • Hey.. thanks for the advice. It's all better now. :)
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