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Transcend jetflash 850s: Small but capable

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New technology innovations emerge every year. This year, we have seen new product offerings from different brands. The DIY PC, Laptops, and Mobile Phones industries have released a slew of new items that will surely reel in a lot of buyers. Along with the introduction of new products, is the inclusion and implementation of their innovations in their respective fields.
In line with this, most of the new Smartphones, Laptops, and even Motherboards have now included the new Type-C port, which also complies with the new USB 3.1 technology. Just like the previous USB port type and USB 3.0 technology, the Type-C and USB 3.1 will surely be the standards for the coming years.

So if you’re sporting a new motherboard, a new laptop or the latest fancy smartphone and you want to take advantage of the said port and all the benefits that come with it, you’ll be needing a device that’s compliant with the Type-C and USB 3.1. So we give you our featured device for the month, the Transcend JetFlash 850S. It is one of Transcends’ USB Type-C Flash drive offering which complies with the new USB 3.1 protocol.

The Transcend JetFlash 850S comes in a simplistic packaging that is easy to open without destroying the whole package. The back of the package has these dotted lines which make it easy to be peeled when you are to open it, this will can also serve as a storage for the JetFlash 850S when you’re not using it.

Looking at it:

Looking at the JetFlash 850S closely and comparing it side by side with the Flash drives that we have in our drawer, one will see that the JetFlash 850S has more pins and a tad more slimmer than its brother.


This particular Flash drive from Transcend has an aluminum finished shell, making it elegant enough to brag about. With the size of the Type-C connector, Transcend was able to make the body of the JetFlash 850S thinner and smaller than the previous Flash drives of the Type-A and Type-B generation. However its incompatibility with the prevalent Type-A port makes it a little undesirable for those who are still shackled with the previous Type-A ports, which we can all agree that we are all still using — be it, on our PC or laptop.


Since we don’t have a laptop that has a USB Type-C, we opted to test it with our Huawei P9 which comes with USB Type-C. And we do believe that most of the recently released smartphones are now native with the said Type-C port.

We tried its file transfer speed with a 1.71GB file. We copied it to and from our smartphone. The Transcend JetFlash 850S was able to replicate the file from our smartphone for just one minute and forty five seconds. Replicating the file from the JetFlash 850S to our smartphones also gave a near similar result but just added ten more seconds to it. We weren’t able to try it out on a laptop or PC, but we’ll update this post once we get our hands on a laptop and a PC that has built-in USB Type-C port.


The Type-C port is now commonly seen on new laptops, motherboards, and most of all on smartphones. It will soon be the standard USB port. With this said, for now, the JetFlash 850S will be more appealing to those who have new phones, laptops, and PCs. A must-have for people who have new smartphones but are not contented with its storage capacity. This is the simplest and quickest fix to new smartphone storage dilemma.
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