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Discuss your bets and predictions on who will be the next Miss Universe. 👑

miss universe 2000

guys, visit the site and then click
the interactive button and then take a
look at the official pics of the candidates
and tell me who do u think will
win miss u 2k?


  • I dont see any pictures of the delegates yet. I might be in a different web addy but is this the one? http://missuniverse.com/home.html
  • I also can't find any pictures except for 3 candidates. How do I get to see the pictures? Are there any of Nina Algao?

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  • I dont see any pictures of the delegates in the official website of the Miss Universe. Its all Mpule Kewlagobe's pictures.


    Anyway, check this other site which includes profiles of candidates:
  • If you're looking for pics at the Miss Universe website, click on "Interact" (found at the top right of the page). Then click on "Photo Gallery".

    Hope this helps you! :)
  • sorry, unclear instructions
    pero yun punta kayo sa miss universe website
    then click interact, tapos photo gallery, tingnan nyo lahat ng pctures dun, especially
    yung pinakalast link
    sorry again
  • gusto ko manalo ang candidate ng philippines :)
  • slejslej PExer
    god, i really love her!
    the charm, the poise, everything
    i have never felt this strong for any
    Miss Philippines except for Nina
    Go Nina Ricci!
    Good Luck
    God Bless!
  • 1. To see the pics of all the candidates, go to this link:


    2. Click on the word "PRESS."

    3. Click on the word "SEARCH" which is superimposed on the yellowgreen bar.

    4. There you can customize the view. You can select the pictures taken on a specific date or you can also select the pictures of the girls according to the country they represent.

    I hope this helps all of you.
  • Can't see anything good with that website, unfortunately...how can we assess the beauties if they won't even open the profiles and pics to us. tsktsk...oh well.. :rolleyes:
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    when's it gonna be held be??? i don't think we have a chance to win....pero who knows?? yan din akala ko last year :D
  • ascotascot PExer
    What is she wearing in the 1st and 4th pics? She is beautiful though, very Filipina-looking. I really think we have a strong chance of making it ( to the Top 10 at least ).
    I got the chance of visiting the Miss U website and read her questionaire. She answers very well.
  • My thoughts exactly. I was thinking, what is that monstrosity? Luckily, it isn't her evening gown (I'd give negative points if that were what she wore). And who designed that national costume? She looks like a Vietnamese lamp!
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    When I saw the first pic, my first thought was, "Sheesh, she looks like a cabbage!" What an ugly gown.
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    The first gown's u-g-l-y, no matter how you look at it. It does look like a cabbage. The fourth picture's not so bad, though, if you view it in terms of it being a national costume rather than a gown--I'm sure there are a lot more uglier costumes in the pageant than what she's wearing. lol.gif
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    go PHILIPPINES~!! :amidala:
  • Take a look at this: :eek: :eek:

  • and this :eek:
  • Hmm...I think it will be better if Nina could be donned on something of lighter like white or blue or brighter like red or silver color coz she looked darker in gold. yummy.gif
    Miss India looks really good in that silvery white. :D
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