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Prepare ot be blown away , explore fenchihu in taiwan


Set 1,405 metres above sea level in Chiayi County, Taiwan, Fenchihu marks the halfway point of the world-famous Alishan Forest Railways on the way to the top of Alishan (Mt. Ali).

The Fenchihu old town was renowned for the lively Fenchihu Old Street, mouthwatering Fenchihu lunchbox, and distinctive square bamboos (chimonobambusa quadrangularis).

With an extraordinary landscape surrounded by mountains on three sides: east, west and north and a low-lying hollowed out area in the south, Fenchihu is known by a few names include “Bengi”- a traditional Taiwanese basket used for carrying dirt, leaves and trash, and “Bengi Lake” or “Bengihu” for being surrounded by sea of clouds looking like a lake.

Today, visitors may find the town’s former glory in the Train Garage, where a few old train engines and locomotives can be found, as well as explore the unspoiled range of lush plant-life and mouthwatering Fenchihu specialties that are always enjoyable for an unforgettable Taiwan travel.

And it doesn't matter if you miss Firefly season, cuz fen Lake is actually seen fireflies all year round, and rise to the Lake the main Firefly as black-winged fireflies in the summer, they are the most numerous species, usually perched on low and medium altitude mountains.

Towered on the vivid Fenchihu Old Street, this hotel has 54 delicately designed rooms, mouthwatering lunchbox, as well as a tea shop and a clog centre to offer all guests a delightful accommodation environment.

The dining experience at the hotel allow guests to experience the very best of local mountain delicacies made by local ingredients such as cabbages, traditional tofu and many others.

The most important is that a number of complimentary guided tours include Fenchihu Old Street cultural tour, healthy forest rail tour, exciting seasonal fireflies tour, as well as herbal and cypress bath are provided to assure all guests an enriched Fenchihu travel.


Reward Firefly notes:

1. reward Firefly because it was getting dark, please bring a flashlight, when using multilayer coated red or blue cellophane and avoid direct exposure of fireflies, make them dizzy and crash Oh!

2. reward when Hotaru, avoid catching fireflies, one for fear of excessive force, caused the death of Firefly and there is also the fear of smell catch fireflies, fireflies at this important period of mating and reproduction.

Whether you are looking for the trip or leisure vacation, this hotel offers perfect service and comfortable environment, let your journey and rich diversity and rewarding experience!

Address | No.178-1, Fenqihu.Zhuqi Township, Chiayi Country 604, Taiwan(R.O.C)
Phone | 886- 5-2561888
Official website | http://www.en.fenchihu.com.tw/
Fan page | https://www.facebook.com/fenchihu
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