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  • son23katson23kat PExer
    did they just email you after five days?

    yup. I applied online on a Wednesday. Got an email on a Monday. The card was ready for pickup on the next Wednesday.
  • AppletejAppletej Member PExer
    hello son23kat:wave:

    Q: whats the requirement for the EON Card?
    Thank you:)
  • chappy86chappy86 you have a choice! PExer
    bring two identification cards with signature.

    you can apply online...
  • knightinarmorknightinarmor Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    it's quite disappointing. got one the other day and it takes a long time to get it activated....

    anyone having similar problems?
  • chappy86chappy86 you have a choice! PExer
    got mine last tuesday.

    ill deposit a certain amount but it will be my account after 24 hours.

    you can use your card after 7 days.

    that's what the told me...

    here's a blog explaining on how to use the online banking & paypal, etc.
  • camisarojacamisaroja There's no "us" in "me" PExer
    I have an eon card. Ok naman sya kahit napaka konti ng mga Unionbank ATMS. Mahal din ang rate nila lalao na pag paypal mo gagamitin.

    Dati nung 40.32 ang selling rate ng unionbank ginamit ko sa paypal mga 41.35 per usd ang binawas sa cyber acct ko.
  • camisarojacamisaroja There's no "us" in "me" PExer
    it's quite disappointing. got one the other day and it takes a long time to get it activated....

    anyone having similar problems?

    mine took 2 weeks to be fully functional.

    3 weeks to be paypal verified. sila lang kasi ata yung nag cater sa mga paypal transactions ewan ko about sa ibang banks.
  • alex010101alex010101 the walrus PExer
    I got mine days ago. Sabi it'll take seven banking days for activation. I just hope that when the teller said its seven banking days, it's really SEVEN banking days.
  • bubulandbubuland Member PExer
    has anyone here used eon card to buy airline tickets online?
  • patriciyapatriciya Member PExer
    They say this card will be accepted basta may Visa. Tried buying a book in Powerbooks online and it worked. I'm just wondering why it won't work when I try to purchase tickets in Cebu Pacific. HELP!!!:grrr:
  • metropolitanmetropolitan the truth hurts, does it? PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    baka naman maxed out na ang card mo? ano ba ang exact error message?
  • patriciyapatriciya Member PExer
    declined lang nakalagay :(
  • metropolitanmetropolitan the truth hurts, does it? PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    why don't you call unionbank? they can check your card's activities.
  • aNdyV.aNdyV. Kantar Worldpanel - FQC PEx Rookie ⭐
    Some establishments don't have Visa ELECTRON Terminals...

    I for one, was declined when I used my Unionbank E-Wallet ATM card when I purchased at National Bookstore, according to the cashier they don't have yet a POS for Visa Electron.. :grrr:
  • Whoa! Nag apply ako, sabi 3 weeks before ma claim ang card dahil sa Cebu daw pinapadala yung applications. Grabe... then after that I'll have to wait several business days before I can actually use the card with paypal? Such a pain... :(
  • kaechosankaechosan Member PExer
    chappy86 wrote: »
    no to piracy kasi ako. hehe

    Hindi ko alam kung I can describe you to be noble kasi no to piracy ka pero yes to *****. :bop:

  • pwede po ba mag apply ang students for this card?
  • jay08jay08 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i'm not sure kung pede kase you have to show 2 IDs. well you can use naman your passport and license e. nakakuha kase ako nung 2007 when i was still a student. it's a debit card naman e and it serves as a savings account an rin. you can't use it naman not unless lagyan mo ng pera ang account mo. and whatever the amount is sa account mo yun lang ang pede mong gamitin sa pagpurchase online..even airline tickets, or sa amazon and ebay. nagamit ko na sya with to purchase such online.
  • gentle_toucheegentle_touchee Member PExer
    yeah me too. i was able to buy airline tickets na po with this 2 years ago pa nga ang natatandaan ko na first time with cebupac.
  • gentle_toucheegentle_touchee Member PExer
    i'm talking about the EON :)

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