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do you believe that Media influences people?

Media is all around us and i want to know what your opinions are about it.


  • Of course media influences people! Just look at this forum and how busy it is! :)

    Is it good? Is it bad? Who knows? It all depends on who's watching.

    Personally, I think there's too much sex and violence for the little kids. But what can you do? You can't *not* make them watch tv naman. You can't be there all the time to screen the shows they're watching. I guess it's just up to the people around these kids to educate them properly, to ground them in their values. Otherwise, it'd be a pretty nasty world out there... <;sigh>;
  • of course.. it does..
    a lot of the values most of the ppl of today have they learned from the boob tube. some got it from batibot, sesame street.. a fave movie.. u tell me. a lot..

    but as clefairy said, there is too much violence nowadays. most of it masquerading in the form of art. do you really need to show actual sex in a movie to tell the story? I do not think so. It can be done as effectively without it. same with violence. when someone shoots someone, you dont actually have to show his brains flying all over the place to show that he died..

  • I've watched a lot of movies like: BoyzNtheHood, Above the Rim, MenaceIISociety,and all I can say to those who said that media has influence:

    **** no! The **** ing Media has no **** ing influence on my mother **** ing mind! In no **** ing was man. What the **** do you jack offs thinking? What do you **** ing want? You want a fight you mother **** ing *****? No **** ing way man!**** you, your **** ing brother, your **** ing sister, your **** ing neighbors, your **** ing neighbors' **** ing dog and your **** ing neighbors' **** ing dog's **** ing fleas!!!PEACE.

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